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  1. Hello, I have a LS430 which has recently deveoped a squeal when I do a right hand turn - can you help? Many thanks.
  2. Hello Goldtop, Thanks for the post. Like you, definitely no intention to run this car down to the ground!! Next spend - an almost invisible rusting along a 4cm line just above and slightly under the driver door side trim, and a small patch near my rear to treat next. Oh, yes - the alloys are a bit 'kerbed', so will get them refurbished. That should be it for a while...touch wood. I maintained a lovely old school Saab 9000 for many years, and am hoping this will have greater longevity (very likely).
  3. It is now 10 months since the purchase of my first Lexus - a LS430. I have decided to use my bonus on the car, with 4 new Goodyear EfficientGrip tyres ( just over £500), timing belt + tensioners, water pump, rear disc + pads, full fat service including new sparks, Mobil1 oil + all filters + engine flush, coolant, aircon re-gas (just over £1300). Is it worth it? After all, the car cost me £3500 - so all this money on a 13 year old car!? All I can say is yes it is. It was quiet before, but now competes with the Bose noise cancellation headphones - the garage owner said that it feels and looks like a car that's only done 20k has done 167k. All the new changes have transformed the feel and drive to another level. Just back from a cricket tour, and my fellow passengers wouldn't stop talking about it. So, my love affair with it carries on - what a car. It has greatness stamped all over it.
  4. Thanks Steve 2006 - will try to get this from the MOT garage. I guess my loaded question is: can the emissions test cause a saturation of a sensor that tiggers the warninig signal? Just too coincidental for me, that there was no engine warning sign directly before the MOT. Another thing I would value an opinion on is should I be driving the car too much? The MOT emissions data looked very good,
  5. Hello, My lovely LS430 (2001) passed the MOT - a relief...but then on starting the car, the engine management warning light came on. I asked the garage what could have caused this, as it was not on before the MOT test? The owner asked me to come back for a diagnostic (free), which I did. The mechnic connected the kit, and after struggling a bit, pressed a few buttons, and the warning light disappeared. On returning home, and starting up the engine, guess what, the warning light reappeared. I did go to Reading Lexus, and was told that just the diagnostic was £82. The car seems to run fine, but don't want to damage the engine. Any thoughts on this?
  6. I let myself down during the Christmas break. Travelling to a family event, a boy racer in his Mini Cooper came tailgating me on the A404(M) on the stretch leading to the M4. And, against my better nature I floored the accelerator, and watched the Mini rapidly become even more mini, behind me. I apologised to the LS430, reminded by the words of Peter Parker, "with great power comes great responsibility". It is now early January 2014....and three months on since I bought the X reg LS430. So, I have had a bit of time to make a preliminary assessment on what I think of the car. I honestly cannot stress enough how much that cliche "it's a lot of car for the money" applies to the LS430. After all the admiring looks and comments, the most common question asked is "I bet it's thirsty on fuel?" Well, yes - it's a 4.3L petrol machine....but make this sacrifice you will be richly rewarded. So far, so brilliant.
  7. Hello, I have been hearing a low frequency gargle sound on idle/start-up which then disappears after 10 seconds. The engine sounds quiet as you would expect when driving. Sometimes comes back when the car has stopped, but then disappears on driving. Any ideas what this could be?
  8. Very sorry to hear that - I've just bought a LS430, deepest dark green (almost black) and love the car. And I told my wife, that I fear it's just a matter of time when the Neanderthals deface it. If they do, then it would be best for them (and me) not to witness it....
  9. Dear Diary, Saturday 16th November, facing a long, and potentially fraught journey to East Essex from Reading - to a place known as Blackwell, near Canvey Island. My 15 year old son is taking part in a National Kung Fu Championship, and so I am travelling at 6am, waking at 5am. My son hates long trips by car as he suffers from travel sickness. Expecting the worst, I have super soap cleaners and leather polish ready in anticipation of sick on the fine leather seats.....!! I shouldn't have worried - the smoothest, most effortless drive ever - he did not complain once. After 12 hours of competition (plus him winning a couple of medals), and tiredness - the journey back was just the degree of comfort I needed, and my son fell into a deep sleep (unusual for him). I listened to Fleetwood Mac, Matthew's Southern Comfort, and Ennio Morricone (see the thread on "What Are You Listening To on Your Lexus Sound System) on the way back. What a car!!!
  10. Frankie, Don't forget we're also both keen on the theme of this thread....Music. Today, in the car it's been Paul Weller's Live BBC recordings. Anyway, how do you know I'm bald? Maybe we should start another thread: Is there a link with being bald and owning a Lexus?
  11. Frankie, There is a lot of uncertainty about this comet, and also whether it will survive its close encounter with the Sun. A spotting telescope or a pair of bino's should be fine. It may become a naked eye object in December. See the link below, and look out for press releases. Otherwise, for planets, galaxies etc, I use the 20cm (or 8") Orion Optics reflector.
  12. Lots of great music listened by the Lexus Owners Gang - not a surprise to me. Driving through some beautiful Oxfordshire countryside late at night, The Moody Blue's Nights in White Satin came on. Turned the volume up.....that song and my LS430 were truely made for each other.
  13. Nice setup, what speakers do you run with them. My mate used to have one of those record players in his Ford Consul lowline convertible. I was so jealous. He was never the greatest looking guy on the block even a little podgy but the girls used to fall into his car. I was so so jealous. Bluesman, Only a pair of old Mission M73i's - but I like the sound that comes out of them. The Naim (Nait 3) amp is amazing with only 30W output - but it is real Watts rather than peak, so loud enough, if you wanted that. I use the Goldring 1042 cartridge with my Linn turntable, which is fantastic for jazz, blues, rock and pretty much anything else. I'd love to see the Ford Consul with the turntable.
  14. In late 1950's there were attempts to install record turtables in cars - not very successfully (see below)!! I like to think that the smoothest driving cars like the Lexus LS range would stand a chance....ok, crazy fantasy!! I would then install my Linn and Naim system in.
  15. Frankie - I will do, and and play it with the advent of Comet ISON at the end of the month. Early dawn astronomy and Gogol Bordello playing in the background...