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  1. Wow ! I was daydreaming the other day about a Lexus grafted onto a caravan. Too much time on my hands methinks.
  2. I'm in that situation at the moment, went to the gym with a 'T' shirt on, and now when I want to leave it's tankin it down 😬 Looks like I'll have to have another coffee. 😀
  3. My Bentley Arnage has that feature, 😃 Only kidding ! I'd rather have the Lexus.
  4. Didn't take details, should have done. Am I allowed to name the company on this forum ?
  5. Having ruined my last LS430 by fitting coilovers, today I find a local business that not only supplies Air Suspension but also fits it 😃😭 And they can powder coat your wheels and respray the car at the same time ! Oh boy, wish I'd known this two weeks ago.
  6. Have had the speaker tested and it's working fine, now I need to find out how to extricate the radio from the dash to check the speaker is actually plugged in. 🤔
  7. Thanks for that, tried it this morning and the amp is still driving the door speakers, so all okay I think. I need to confirm the impedance of the original ML speaker.
  8. It was advertised on line and I did a swap for my 2004 167.000 mile car The new one is 2003 95.000 mile car. Don't know about the transmission cooler, why would I need one ?
  9. Found this in the rear arm rest but can't figure out where it may fit, it's 50mm long, from radius and 45mm at it's widest, not guaranteed to be from an LS430 🤔
  10. I've taken out the "Not working" sub woofer (the easy way) only to find that it's not an original. I'll take it to the speaker specialist for a check over, just hoping it hasn't damaged the amplifier.
  11. Thanks for the tip Mark. A simple press of a button sorted that out.