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  1. shipz, i think i'm going down the s/s route. I don't want it to sound like something its not though. I nice refined rumble would do me. with what i've been on here i think you may have to cut a deeper notch from the right hand side too due to the downward angle of the current bumper/tailpipe set up. have a look at some of the other posts here for more info. Frankie
  2. shipz, I'm averaging 40 miles per day from dundee to perth and back. I posted some photos in one of my posts of the various readouts form the gauges. I'll find them and point you to the post. I'm still consistently getting 530-540 from a tank. As i've said in my other posts, i've no evidence other than what I observe and the post pictures. I'll track them down and get back to you. Like I said, I am absolutely delighted with the car and cant really fault it in any way other then the sharp crack that comes from the heater. frankie
  3. shipz, no worries dood, if you're not fast your last! Read the other post in answer to mine. I hope it goes on ok. keep us informed for future reference. what else did you have to buy or order to complete the job and how much did it all cost? By the way, the seller quoted me £78.00 to deliver to dundee. Frankie
  4. hello, me again... I've been looking at an exhaust system off an is 250. Found it on ebay. seller states that its off a car with 8k miles on it and is made of mild steel, i assume thats standard for the is 250. Can some one tell me if £80.00 is a good offer? well taking postage into account it would be nearer £150 as its coming from Jersey. Let me know as quick as you can so I can arrange delivery. I'm aware that i would need to alter the rear bumper too any idea how i can do this accurately. Finally, what would such a thing cost new? PS its from the cat back. Ta Frankie
  5. Hi Stuart, The first two fuel ups have been from just a mm or so above the R indicator to full tank and I've had 530 miles from both. The last one I fuelled up from a quarter tank. The range indicator showed exaclty 100 mi,es left in the tan, but the trip computer was sitting on499.4 miles. No kidding. I know this is all anecdotal, but its what the numbers are telling me. When I got the car on 29th sept the ave mpg was 32.4. 2000 miles later and its up to 37.8 per gallon. I'm travelling around 200 miles per week to work, from dundee to perth and can use 6th and cruise on occassion. I'll take a couple of pics of the readings and post them when I get home tonight and put them up over the weekend. I know there have been some horror stories about the 220D on here, but I've had nothing but good things to say about mine. I love the car and even though i've gone from an s class mercedes to the lexus 220d, i don't have any complaints. I love the car, but as always, do your own research as the things I say are only anecdotal. By the way, I've also installed a chip on the car, so whether this is making a difference or not is open to discussion. Good luck with your choice!
  6. cheers for that newbie, i got a reply to an email i sent to a company in glenrothes, fife, about 30 miles away. They've asked me to take the car in to let them have a look and they'll give me a price, down to the last penny. I'll wait till the end of the month and make an appointment and see what they have to say. I also asked about a stainless steel exhaust manifold, but they neither carry nor fabricate them. You don't know anyone that does this type of work do you? Frankie
  7. Hi all, Does anyone know of a stainless steel exhaust manufacturer and fitter in the East of Scotland that can manufacture and fit on a 220D? I'm struggling to find one reasonably close to Dundee. I would do a s/s free flow straight swap, but would prefer the twin back box set up of the IS 250. Also, the fitter would need to be able to notch the back bumper to an acceptable standard. Can anyone help with this or has anyone had one fitted to the 220D? Ta Frankie
  8. I heard that Jeremy Clarkson has a huge p enis such a shame its on the end of his neck.
  9. hotwheels, If you want to stick on a bigger turbo in order to get 230-240 bhp, you should seriously consider upgrading you engine cooling system and a much bigger intercooler as the one on the 220d is very small and is hidden from view basically. I would also look at a new head gasket before doing anything. Alvo is right about the timing. You will be able to get the hp you're looking for but to do it right would cost you a small fortune and if you don't do it right you're looking at a 5k minimum bill for an engine rebuild. I'd forget it matey, you'll be leaving yourself open to a lot of heartache. If you don't mind me asking, if you wanted that sort of power, why did you go for the 220d in the first place? There are plenty alternatives out there. Frankie
  10. hi gaz, just a brief update. The car was showing 499.6 with 100 left in the tank this evening. I had to top up with £20.00 as I'm going to Aberfeldy tomorrow afternoon as part of work. I would have had more than enough to cover tomorrow's mileage, but I've run it down to the line on the last two fill ups, so I don't want to keep doing that in case it starts to draw up all the gunk from the bottom of the tank. It'll probably be ok, but I don't want to upset the car! You have my word of honour that the figures i've posted here are the correct figures as per the read outs from the dash. I find it hard to believe that I am getting 600 miles from this last tank, I find it simply incredible. It may be hard to believe, but I have nothing to gain by telling porkies, in fact I am leaving myself open to ridicule posting these figures, but every one is correct. I did put the chip on the car a fortnight ago tonight, but I don't think that's what's doing it as it is much quicker off the mark and the acceleration has improved drastically. Although all cars of the same marque are built to the same standards, no two cars will ever be the same as there is always small variations in components and a car built on a Friday at 4pm may not be as well put together as one built on a Wednesday at 11 am! Some of the cars will just perform better than others and I'm beginning to think that I've just been lucky and got a really good one that runs as sweet as a nut. For anyone reading this, I am open to suggestions as regards explaining why my mpg is so high in comparison with the vast majority of the other contributors. Frankie
  11. sorry, forgot to talk about the prefect...oops! Its the noisiest, stinkiest and most uncomfortable car I have ever driven and if you can get it to go from 0-60 in a week, you must've had the sport version... Still, I wouldn't change it for the world. It is a fabulous little car and it was at the start of the period where motoring really became something that was becoming just within the reach of the masses and as such its a piece of history and it was a very advanced car for the time as it actually had indicators and not the ones that popped out from the side and thereby running the risk of decapitating tall cyclists when turning. I won't talk about the anaemic poo coloured paint. Some readers may still be eating! Frankie
  12. ah, but i've not decided which half you'll get.... will it be the bony half with the eyeballs, skull and brain or the tasty end with the erm...intestinal tract, genitalia and other reproductive organs, anus and swim bladder.... I'm not doing very well at promoting this prize am I? Frankie
  13. Hi Janet, I see from your on screen details that you have an 02 car. I've always went for older cars myself primarily because I like older cars. Nah, its usually because i'm broke! :( Its because I like cars that look a bit special or a bit different. That was one of the reasons for my previous car being an S Class Mercedes; you don't see many of them around and I liked that. I've had quite a few distinctive cars, alfa romeo 156 veloce, bmw 328 convertible even a 1987 e300 Mercedes. In short,I'm not a fan of metal boxes on wheels. I like the thought of people asking what it was that just drove past them! Before I decided to buy the IS 220, I looked at all sorts of pictures, figures, availability of parts, servicing etc, but I also looked around for several weeks beforehand travelling between home in Dundee to work in Perth as well as travelling around Perthshire as part of my job and in all that time and in all those miles I didn't see a single IS 220, not one. There were countless bmw's and c class mercedes around, but I honestly didn't see one lexus. That was my decision made even though the others give better stock figures for economy, paying the extra in fuel is more than worth it to me especially when you consider I was getting 20 mpg from the s class mercedes 320. I know people ask themselves what just went past them, even though I don't hear them! When I got it at first every single one of my colleagues asked me what it was. I liked that and I took great pleasure in telling them it was a lexus. Happy man. Frankie
  14. Hey doods! After counting fivers in both Normski's and Bluesman's wee brown envelopes, otherwise known as a recount, I have decided that the prize should be shared. Although Normski was first to correctly identify the car as a prefect, it was Bluesman who gave the most details. So, as I am on a par with Solomon in the wisdom stakes, I have decided to split the fish down the middle and give you both half each. No. no. no, don't thank me. Its the fairest way to do it. I had no idea the 1172 engine was essentially ford's generic engine as it was also used in the Anglia too. The wee car's name is wee car. Original or what?? As I said, wee car is completely original and has not been modified in any way and that's the reason that its been placed well in the rankings. It is a beautiful little car and Willie (paw in law) keeps it in tip top condition. He was a car dealer in Dundee for thirty odd years so he's been able to dedicate the time and care it needs to keep it running as smooth as it does, he deserves a lot of credit for that. One thing that really surprised me was how easy it is to get original replacement parts for it. I've sourced indicator lenses, full exhaust system, brake master cylinder and others with no difficulty whatsoever. He even has the original receipt for £628 and several shillings and pennies. Wifey and I were able to get him an original ford parts price list and owners manual for his Christmas last year. They didn't cost much, but I would've gladly paid 20 times more than I did just to see the look on his face when he opened the presents and saw what they were. Sorry for rambling on, I thought it would make a change from everyone telling everyone else what's gone wrong with their car this week! Take it easy guys and Janet Frankie