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  1. So they are parking sensors which don't involve rear camera? Also does anyone know if the SR model has electric seats, the add says it has them but I though all SR's had manual seats and not electric. Well from what I have found so far, but then again these IS 250's seem to have a million different configurations lol
  2. Hi All, I have a question, I have seen 2 IS250 SR both look to be the exact same spec one is a 2007 the other a 2008. The 2007 has the sensors on the rear and the front bumper but the 2008 doesn't seem to have them. But they both have sat nav and rear camera, so am I missing something?
  3. Thanks Linas very helpful info, I think im ready to make a move on this IS now then :)
  4. My mistake it has cloth seats, do these have the hot and cold seating options or is that just the SE-L ?
  5. What sort of mileage should I be concerned about with the IS250? I have an IS200 sport on a 02 plate that,s done 113K now and is still going strong. Largest expense was changing the front calipers, but after owning it for almost 5 years that's not bad going :) I have seen a 2008 IS250 SR that has every toy going Mark Levinson full leather satnav etc but its done 125k :( but no recall notice which nice. Most of the others I have found still has the recall in place.
  6. or this one? Something iffy with the mileage on this one. Looks ok upto its 2017 MOT then the last one comes up as not recorded but when I do a full check it comes up as 283 miles? Could be that the dash ODO was out so they couldn't record it .
  7. Hi just seen this for sale and it states it belonged to someone on here. I am very interested. Can the previous owner if they are on here still give me more info please
  8. DazR


    Only one that looks odd is this 02/03/2007 51040 MOT 01/04/2007 49447 Service Service done after the MOT yet has less miles. 1593 miles difference in 30 days Best way to check is through the DVLA long as you have the V5C number you can do it through their website.
  9. Was with Adrian Flux last year and coming up for renewal next month. I know I will not be using them again as A-plan has not only beat there quote they have halved it. So even with there so called 15% discount you save nothing as they have very high broker fees, and even more on top for going monthly.
  10. DazR

    Belt Change Question

    Thanks for that Clifton I did suspect it was getting close ish to a change.
  11. Hi All, Thinking of getting a IS200 sport that has done 130k but the belt was changed at 85k will it need replacing again soon?
  12. Looks like water pump gasket sealant probably first time pressurisation has dropped it onto the belt and spun it out like that. As stated before clean it off then start it up and see if it happens again, if not happy days, if it does the seal is not sat right. Worst case the water pump is not operating correctly.
  13. DazR

    New Pics Of My Is200

    Had the same problem on mine, was ground out and replaced with a fibreglass mix then re sprayed. Looked brilliant when it was finished but I was shocked at the amount of rust behind it, the bubble was the size of a penny when they ground it out it was about the size of fist.