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  1. Nothing wet under the bonnet Steve as far as I know, its a lexus 400 LS but if the battery causes me problems on its return that will be my next investigation...cheers
  2. I replaced the battery but it keep draining or so I thought, I have a battery charger so a fully charged battery use to turn it over but of recent months it would only catch now & again, & last week I couldnt even jump start it, ive had my starter motor replaced & the car will be delivered back to me thursday, so with a new battery & starter motor im sure going to find out if it is a discharge from the battery, meaning there were two faults & were unrelated...Ive had part of the exhaust replaced & the back computor on the exhast replaced?? to get it through it's mot, last yr I had a new spring & the fog light fixed, she runs like a dream when I can start her lol....will keep you all posted once I get her back ...thank you for your support & suggestions are welcome
  3. Hi I'm new to this site but have been on it many times over the years just reading posts ... I own a 1997 ls 400, I think I have a starter motor prolem but very suspicious as my battery keeps discharging not sure if it's related been told by a lexus worker that it's extremly rare for a starter motor to go on a ls 400 any ideas peeps
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