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  1. Prob stick with injen intake. Anybody has changed their stock mufflers with aftermarket ones like N1 or something. Looked under the car today and realised that the pipes should be extended for the muffler to reach the bumper cutout for muffler. Stock mufflers r massive and pipe comes in on right side of it and comes out on left just out the bumper. Defo have to change the stock ones, looks pretty bad, any idea why, is it normal to be that black? Seen the other is250 stock mufflers, looking way better. Heres the photo
  2. What do you guys think about this air intake
  3. Thanks everybody! Got some from China x 10 for 2 euros. Going to the dealer next week, will ask them to check that oil problem. Local aftermarket parts shop offered me SRS stainless back box. Gives nicer sound and looks nice. My ones looks so bad, black as tar. Price for one is 60-90 e depends what size. Anybody has is done?
  4. Well no new yet, checking it every few days, doesnt seem to be going low. Will be doing lots of miles next week, will see then. Where could I buy some engine cover clips for my is? Any links?
  5. Well checked it on cold engine, no blue smoke only bit of white smoke. Then checked it after 30 miles, there was no smoke at all, or just that much I couldnt see.
  6. Here is the story.. Last week was coming back from friends on motorway and got message on dashboard saying low oil level. Got back home, let engine cool down and checked. It was below the bottom mark. Filled it with about 1.6 - 1.7 liters of 5w30 oil. Checked again and it was in middle level, between the upper and lower dots. Did about 400km during the week and checked it again. It was lower then week ago. Lets say that space between two dots has 6 levels. After filling it was in middle, level 3. Now its at level 2. Stupid explaining but hopefully u will understand. Didnt notice any oil spots on my parking area, looked under, couldnt see any, it has the covers tho. I think is burning oil. Exhaust smoke looks kinda white... Engine doesnt sound strange or smthn, statrs good, revs doesnt go up and down for no reason. It uses about 10 liters of petrol for 100km mixed driving. I checked coolant tanks cap, no white things on it lookin like mayonnaise, neither on that caps rubber pipe. Whats next guys? P.S. few years ago I had 1.4 golf mk4. It was burning oil, my friend mechanic fixed it. Change some oil rings and stuff. Is this the same thing? Thank you
  7. Do you have any photos of is2500 lowered by 20mm 30 or 35 on 18 inch wheels? Thinking about that myself, dont wanna go too low.
  8. Hey anybody has their interior lights changed? Could u give me a list of all bulbs? I have seen that thread with installation guide and list, but its named pretty weird. Not like 501 and so on. Would those 20mm lowering springs change the look? Dont wanna get it too low
  9. Just found it lol credit card opened. Thought its a glasses holder with 300$ worth shades stuck in it haha. Thanks anyway
  10. Hey! Got the paint at my local parts shop. Caliper paint it is called. Couldnt find anything else in my town. Anybody of u has a lowered is 250 on 18 inch wheels? Cleaned calipers with steel brush, brake cleaning spray and then painted it. 3-4 times each That thing in photo, glasses holder? I cant open it, feels like it stuck. Wanna get LED lighting installed, cant get to the screws. Here's photos
  11. Painted calipers today, here's some photos
  12. Well when I was looking for is, thought about the diesel only. It took me few weeks to read most of the threads about problems with those D-Cat engines. Almost everyone says stick with the petrol. So I did. But ur one has small mileage, wouldnt b too bad till u reach 100k i'd say.
  13. Its 1080 e for a year. Doesnt matter is it manual ir automatic, same price. Local shop offered me coilovers. Anyone here who has 18 inches on and 20 or 30 mm lowering springs? Would love to see the examples.