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  1. Thanks guys I've had a look through both forums and I'm swaying towards the supercharger option at the moment before I look at an engine swap ... The problem with buying a new car at the mo is I've put a few quid into this is200 and don't want to pass it on too quickly ... Can anybody tell me why a supercharger cradle is more expensive than the actual supercharger?
  2. Improved Handling (Suspension)

    I'm also in dorset ... I would only ask £50 for the springs
  3. Improved Handling (Suspension)

    I'm not 100% sure to be honest with you and it depends where you are based on delivery
  4. I don't want a different car and as I haven't long brought it I won't be selling it ... £2500 is what a garage is charging including fitting so there must be a cheaper way of doing it .... That's why I want to DIY as I'm guessing the labour on that kit isn't cheap. All I'm after is a parts list of bits needed so I can go from there
  5. Improved Handling (Suspension)

    How about the springs from the is200 sport? They are only 15mm lower than standard and I had hardly any body roll ... I have a set spare as I've just lowered my is sport by 35mm if your inerested
  6. I'm wanting to put a turbo in my is200 sport but not liking the £2500 price tag ... I'm looking and sourcing all the parts separate as I can get a lot of bits cheaper at trade price and a very good friend (very good mechanic) that' is willing to help with the work ... Can anybody list the kind of things I will need to make this happen so I'm not shopping blind?
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