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  1. I had something similar and it was one of the sensors that needed replacing.
  2. I recently replaced the boot seal but now need to get the spare wheel well dry, does anyone know if the carpet in the well comes out or do I need to get a hair dryer to it? I have also noticed that when I open the boot when its wet that a couple of drips run into the boot off the hinges, is that normal?
  3. Thanks I'll have a look, it would be good to get it out to dry properly
  4. I'm driving without a spare until it dries out and it did cross my mind the other day what I'd do if I couldn't miss one of our many potholes and got a puncture. 😀
  5. I can't see where it's attached to take it out to let it dry, I've lifted it up from the metal base with a piece of wood to help air circulate and will leave the boot lid open if ever the sun comes out again
  6. Mine will be 20 on the 24th January, and is just under 150,000, they do look good when clean
  7. Personally, I'm happy for the price of good 400's to be "overpriced" and I hope they sell. I'd like to think that if ever I sold mine, I'd get more for it than what I paid for it considering how much I have spent on her. Happy Christmas everyone
  8. The front y section of my exhaust is now leaking after 19 years, it sounds great but I should really get it fixed. As I will probably have to go to Glasgow or Edinburgh to get it repaired, can any one recommend a good exhaust repairer in either city? There's a Powerflow in Glasgow I may try.
  9. The sound of silence! I'd forgotten how quiet the LS should be. Pipe Dynamics have done a great job and I would recommend them for anyone living north of Watford Gap. Here's a few photos to show what they did. The hole was in the Y section but as I was there I asked them to replace from the down pipe flanges to the silencer after the Y section. I'm on the Isle of Luing Steve, half hour drive south of Oban, a wee isle not many have heard of, I own a small static caravan holiday park there.
  10. I'm booked in to Pipe Dynamics for tomorrow. Having to spend 2 nights away is bit of a nuisance (our ferry will probably be cancelled due to Storm Caroline so I'm staying on the mainland) but hopefully it won't stop me getting from West to East Scotland in the morning. The things we do for our cars! Will post pics when back.
  11. Thanks Pete, I'll give them a call and get booked in.
  12. Thanks I saw that thread. I've never been to Leven and its the same distance as Glasgow so may give them a call, I would prefer to use a company that others have used and been happy with, thanks.
  13. Mk4 LS400

    Mines the same year and colour as yours and I must admit I didn't know it had Amber side indicators 😀. The only mod I've made was to replace the all leather gear shift with the wood/leather one.
  14. May to September but don't let them put you off. So long as there is a slight breeze you'll be fine.
  15. If it works, will you do mine for me please?
  16. Mine gets a weekly trip into Oban so you may be lucky
  17. They do look good in green when clean.
  18. On a similar note, I've got a dead daddy longlegs in one of mine, no idea how it got there
  19. I replaced the front brake discs 11,000 miles ago with genuine toyota ones and after yesterdays service, the garage has said there is only 1mm left on them before they need replacing as they are at 27mm and the minimum is 26mm. I have no idea how thick they were when new but it looks like they won't be on much longer! Any guesses as to how many miles I can get for 1mm?
  20. Thanks I've just seen those figs elsewhere as well. The calipers are fine, so the discs are less than 50% worn as the actual figure is 27.2mm. I had pads fitted at the same time and they still have 9mm left on them so it looks like I've been worrying over nothing, thanks for all your help.
  21. I'm not a heavy braker by any means and there's no problem with the calipers. I don't use the car that often and maybe living on the salty west coast has had a detrimental effect.
  22. Great colour choice, it's the same as mine! There's a set of 5 alloys on eBay with starting bid of £75.00, could be a bargain for you.
  23. Out of curiosity, I haven't driven my 400 for about 3 weeks and it was left unlocked so apart from the clock what else is running in the back ground to drain the battery?
  24. Good garage

    So is this forum run as a business venture or is it here to help fellow Lexus owners? I belong to other forums and must admit that some of the rules on this one are of a very big brother mentality when it comes to selling and advertising.