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  1. Just some of my thoughts. I have owned my F-Sport since new since March 2015 so it is 3 years now. I still like the car even though I’m thinking about the change, but have no enough money to buy anything better. The car feels different, at least for me, this is due to the hybrid system but you have to learn how to enojoy it. It is really great to be able to go on electric only when like me you are spending lots of time in traffic. The car is comfortable. If you can get it with the upgraded audio system then do, the standard one is poor. The menus and the main display feels like from 1980s, it will be probably the same is with the upgraded audio, a bit dissapointing. The standard seats in F-Sport are fine, you dont need leather. Get it in ultrasonic blue, looks awesome. Tyre noise is bad:/ Fuel consumption, if you want to drive normally then the F-Sport will burn by average 7 litres per 100km, it will be changing between 6.5-8 l/100km. Burns more in winter. Just don’t fool yourself you will go lower on fuel consumption. I haven’t got any breakdowns so far. Did 49k on the factory tyres. Got goodyear eagle asymetrics 3 hoping they will be quieter but they are not. Tyre noise is bad. You dont hear engine unless you press acceleration hard, then you get it for a while until you reach your desire speed. Then just tyre noise. Acceleration is not as good as you would expect. There is a lag and it does not feel good as you would like it. It is better in Sport mode but still not that would please you. Sometimes you are missing the engine sound and the instant response. Handling is great. The car could have 2 timest as powerfull drivetrain and would still behave perfectly. Feels extremaly flat in corners or in roundabouts. It is impossible to drifft in corners or roundabouts, feels a bit dissapointing. It doesn’t meant the car is slow. Flooring acceleration on green light works nice and the car starts up quickly. You can travel at speeds like 180km/h and the car feels very stable. The airconditioning stinks on hot days in the summer, this is another dissapointing thing. If I was changing the car now and have similar amout to spend, I dont know, there is a good chance I would buy a new IS 300h however recently I liked Kia Stinger, but the proper peteol version have so high co2 that I would have to pay fortune for motortax, at least here in Ireland. Can answer your questions if you have any.
  2. Hi Fin, Don't know why, but it looks like the S-Design and possibly Executive versions use about 1L less. Is it because of bigger wheels on F Sport?... Not sure. I had a test drive on S-Design and after 200km I averaged 5.8L which is about 50mpg. Now I'm getting 6.7L on my F Sport. F Sport instead has more gadgets, looks better, due to the grill and the bigger wheels..., and I really like the seats, like how they look, how comfy they are and they are electrically adjustable and heated. Kaz.
  3. Hi Kieran, Can I ask how much did you pay for your first service and where did you do it, at Macroom Motors? Kaz.
  4. 5.7 ? How did you do that. The 6.5L seems to be doable based on my current 6.7, but I just can't imagine how I could get 1L out of it. Was your consumption higher at the beginning ? My initial contact with Lexus was through Macroom motors and it was brilliant. They also provided me with 24h test drive of S-Design version. Very friendly staff. Then when I was finally ready to order they moved Lexus to Cork. I think you can still buy Lexus through the Macroom branch and actually, if I was buying again I would go that option, even though the car would be ordered by the Cork branch anyway. This is maybe only my experience, but facing the people in Macroom and Cork is a completely different story. After my first contact with Lexus Cork I really wanted to go to some other dealer, but this would mean buying from Dublin or Galway, too far away. The reason was that I asked for a test drive as the one I had was 2 or 3 months ago and I just wanted to finally make my mind. The answer was NO. Dealer asked how much do I want to drive the car, he pointed that I already had it for 24h and that the driveability hasn't changed since I last drove it. It was really like slap in a face. Oh, and dealer also kindly explained to me that I have really no choice but only buy here as even if I go to Macroom the order will go through Cork branch anyway. I then remembered the time when I was returning the car after the 24h test drive and they didn't even try to push me to make a decision. I just dropped the key and they said to give them a shout if I need anything or test drive the car again. I'm disappointed with my experience with Lexus Cork, but I understand that this may not apply to all customers. Never been provided with a test drive by them. Kaz.
  5. Hi Kieran, I live on the other side of the Cork City, close to Midleton, but was exploring West Cork areas number of times. I like the Drombeg Store Circle, close to Glandore. Have you seen many of IS 300h on the roads there ? In my area and also in Cork City it is very rare. What is your average fuel consumption? Is it like mine 6.8 - 7.0? It actually dropped today to 6.7 :) Kaz.
  6. :) Yes, I agree, it is good for holidays when you work abroad, but it is difficult to work and live there comfortably. I'm a software engineer, but working in my country I doubt I could afford brand new IS 300h ever, maybe later when I'm much older. Here in Ireland after 8 years I have a house (with mortgage obviously) and now can afford a luxury car. Talking about holidays, I'm going to Gdansk this year. it is going to be my first holiday in Poland and not just visiting family. I grew up just between Krakow and Tatra mountains. I know Krakow, Zakopane and the actual mountains quite well. Never been to Gdansk yet, but heard is it worth to go there. Kaz.
  7. Hi Brendan, It looks like there is two other IS 300h owners from Cork on the Forum. I'm not native Irish. I came from Poland some time ago and it looks like I'm staying here for good. Like the country. Thanks for the instruction. Kaz.
  8. Hello Everyone, I have been following the forum for the last year, but this is my first post. I was driving KIA ceed for the last couple of years and wanted to change to something more luxurious. Initially I looked at bmw/audi/mercedes, but quite quickly I have narrowed my choice down to Volvo S60 or Lexus IS 300h. I think S60 is a great car, but after I test driven Lexus for 24h I just couldn't stop thinking about it. It just feels so different to other cars and also there is hardly any on the roads in Ireland at the moment which gives you a feeling that your car is in some way exceptional. So in December 2014 I finally placed my order for F Sport version in Ultrasonic Blue. Collected the car week ago. Put on a clock over 500km and I'm happy, smiling all the time. Maybe the fuel consumption could be lower, but it may go down once I start driving it normally and stop testing all the dive modes. At the moment I'm averaging between 6.8 - 7.0 L/100km. I remember the Executive version I test drove for 200km averaged 5.8-6.0 L/100km, it was in the summer though. When I was collecting the car my dealer said it is the only F Sport Ultrasonic Blue he sold so far and that he is pretty sure it is the only one in Ireland at the moment! :D I saw S-Design and Executive versions in Cork area 3 or 4 times during the last year, but it was maybe 2 different cars. Have never seen any F Sport version on the road yet. My dealer said he sold 3 so far. Are there any IS 300h owners from Cork/Ireland on the Forum ? Best wishes and happy driving your Lexus :) Kaz.
  9. Welcome to the Lexus forums kazmac :)

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