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  1. It's difficult to watch, moves so fast! Front suspension is prone to wear, shocks, ball joints and bushes. Thanks Colin. Don't think the fuel is too bad. Drove it home from Leeds, cruise set at 80 and still got 26.5mpg. Got 29 with the 300 so not much difference considering. Will keep a watch on the front end.
  2. Just changed my '95 GS300 for a shiny black '02 GS430 with 25K on the clock. Only had it 5 days but already think this is the Daddy! Anything I should watch for?
  3. Anyone know how to access the bulb(?) which illuminates the temperature indicator on the climate control of the Mk1 GS300?
  4. Anyone know how to access the bulb (?) that illuminates the temperature regulator/indicator in the climate control of my '95 GS300?
  5. The CD changer in the boot on my '95 GS300 has decided to stop playing and won't eject. Anyone know where I can aquire one?
  6. Does anyone out there have a CD unit (the one in the boot) for sale or knows who will repair them? The one in my '95 GS300 has decided it doesn't want to play or eject anymore.
  7. Hmmm. Possible. Will try and keep a note of what's on the feet when it happens. Ta.
  8. Been using the same shampoo for years (less and less now) so don't think it's that but thanks
  9. Can anybody out there tell me why I have started getting quite severe static shocks if I touch the window frame while closing the driver's door? If anybody has an answer, how do I stop it? The obvious one is don't touch the frame but it's just habbit so what else? '95 GS300, Leather, 75k
  10. Just renewed mine for the second time - £399 for 12 months- for my '95 GS300 from Warranty Holdings.
  11. Don't reckon the dipped beam on my '95 GS300 is the best I've had on a car so can anyone recommend better bulbs?When I change my car I usually change the bulbs to 80W dipped and 100W high but since the bulbs are separate on the Lexus this can't be done.
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