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  1. I have the same issue with mine. In my case it is down to the fifth injector sticking open and feeding to much fuel through creating the white unburned smoke.
  2. Afternoon all First post and a long old story. Had some really bad white smoke issues from my 56 plate is220 so took it in to Lexus Edgware for a full check up. They came back with a quote for £5k of work including EGR replacement, new DPF and new fifth injector. It was safe to say on a car this old I declined there kind offer and took it to a good friend of mine who could only find a fault for the egr which when replaced left the car with much more power and better pick up all round. I still however have huge plumes of white smoke at times in many different conditions which I am guessing is down to the Fifth injector passing to much fuel through as it smells of diesel so the presumption is that it is unburned fuel. Before I'm asked I have no other signs of HG issues and it really does stink of diesel. My question is has anyone ever replaced the Fifth injector on here and how big of a job is it as I am aware of it's awkward location? Will it need to be programmed to the ECU and can I get away with picking up a second hand newer one as Lexus quoted around £1200 for it to be brought and fitted and on a car this old its not worth that cost to me. I actually really love my car as it's a motorway muncher for me I just want to lose the annoyance I have of continuously stressing an feeling embarrassed at the clouds of white smoke behind me!
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