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  1. Can anyone tell mWiie if there is a maintenance manual for my IS 200. I've looked everywhere including emanualonline with no success
  2. Hi, how can I check the level and colour of my automatic gearbox on my is 200 ? Also is there any workshop manuals available ?
  3. Thanks, I did disconnect the negative lead for a good hour and had seen on the forum that the ECU will reset itself and learn my driving style. It does seem to go up through the gears quicker than before.
  4. Thanks Scudney. Love the car, must admit had a leg accident last year and so have not been going on any decent length runs mainly down to shops. This will not help I know.
  5. Thanks, no not heavy footed Consumption is so high am thinking of getting rid of it
  6. Have a 2001 IS200 Automatic, 49K miles only. Fuel consumption is horrendous, could re-mapping improve on consumption ? Not getting 18 mpg. Any advice guys ? Patrick
  7. I mean new units, one of mine badly corroded and the other not too good either. Thanks for reply - Patrick
  8. Has anybody bought new fogs for the above if so where and how much. ? I bought a second hand one on e bay waste of time and money worse condition than the one on my is200
  9. Followed you thread Chris two weeks ago ref re-programming.. 2 second hand keys with remotes on e bay £42.00 2 new blades cut and delivered within 2 days £24.00 Married them together followed the re-programming guide you suggested works fine TOTAL COST £66.00 Brilliant thanks once again
  10. Many thanks Steve, I had already contacted by phone Lexus in Bolton but without part numbers he could not help me out and trying to describe this 'space' was rather difficult. Trouble is it's an 80 mile round trip to get there and back, but now I know what I'm after it will make the job a lot easier - thanks again. Patrick
  11. Is there something missing from my Is200 ? Both sides have a gap -passenger side looks like some kind of adhesive markings. Should there be some kind of seal/plug. Please see photos. If there should perhaps a photo of yours would help me out thanks.
  12. Hi everybody, I don't know if my IS200 2001, is missing something from near the hinges under the bonnet ? It looks like there might have been or should have some kind of seal instead of gaping holes, there are sign of some kind of adhesive visible on the passengers side. This is on both drivers side and passengers see attached photos. When I test drove this great car at first they had kitchen roll paper stuffed in there ! If some kind member could put me straight and a photo of their Lexus I could probably get or fabricate something - THANKS