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  1. You're very brave! The autonomous nature of it all was already disturbing enough on a highway. I wouldn't risk trying it in town where there's so much going on. But back on the mpg topic, I'll reset the counter and do another short motorway test this weekend. See if I get the same numbers and report back.
  2. Well I didn't. The car was doing the driving for the most part. I will never buy another car without adaptive cruise! I love how it works in a traffic jam as well. :)
  3. Just to share my experience. Picked up my NX F sport last Thursday and made a quick trip from London to York and back over Easter. With the cruise on at 70mph, plus about 30 mins of stop start traffic, I was getting a consistent 43.2mpg all the way and back. The engine is definitely not broken in and I'm running standard unleaded. The tyre pressure was at 33psi.
  4. Welcome to the Lexus forums DannyL :)

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