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  1. LS430 Facelift Wanted

    I sold my immaculate 53k 06 GS430 in 2016 and I miss it to this day, so the regular very positive updates from the current owner don't help. I could afford an LS460 and that was my intended route but I've got this urge for a facelift LS430, so please message me if you are selling or thinking of selling over the next few months. My requirements: Facelift 6 speed model Premium Pack Comprehensive service history Preferably under 80k miles Good/excellent condition I'm too young for Gold metallic and I'm not so keen on Black as it's a pain to keep clean (and I like my cars clean) but all other colours are fine. Cheers
  2. Hello Recently purchased an 06 GS430 and thought I had better say hello. It's currently on a SORN until I sell some of my other cars, so I won't be doing much until it's on the road but I have just received a Yatour digital music changer with USB, SO, ipod cable and Bluetooth streaming. Will no doubt be asking advice along the way.
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