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  1. I get the adequate lighting and non-legal requirement points etc etc. It just looks unsightly. I don't exavely have OCD about it but I think most people would assume I have a broken or faulty light. I did! I can't imagine it saves much weight either. Pointless and daft if you ask me.
  2. Just picked up a replacement for my RX400h. A brand new NX300h. I noticed when I got home that only one reverse light was working. Called dealer. They said it was... a feature. ARE YOU FRICKIN' kidding me Lexus!!!! :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: I hate this to be my first post but why is Lexus going backwards??? My RX400h had two reverse lights and (I think) two fog lights. This seems to have only one of each. When I see a car with only one reverse light I always think its broken. I always thought it was a legal requirement too...like having two brake lights. Cars have had two reverse lights since the 1960's.. Why oh why the retrograde step? I just don't get it? Feeling let down and angry...sob...