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  1. Thank you both colinbarber and alfalfa and any one else who contributes to this discussion,I have got some very good information from you both and will speak to my local mechanic and see what he says thank you both for your help. Sent from my SM-T510 using Tapatalk
  2. Hello everyone my first post and I have a 2009 is250 auto 55,000 miles and am very,very pleased with it,no problems and I wondered if a preventative gearbox oil change was a good idea. I called lexus twickenham a couple if years ago and they said it was sealed and they would not do it,and so I wondered where people were getting the auto gearbox fluid changed?And if it was a simple procedure? Thanks in advance to all on this forum. Sent from my SM-T510 using Tapatalk
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