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  1. Hi, I can see the disclaimer "Not all dealers guarantee discounts", but I am very disappointed that Lexus Cambridge didn't want to apply the 10% Lexus owner club discount when I changed my tyres to winter tyres today (cost £560). I got the quote by email, and I mentioned the lexus owner club discount when I brought the car in, to which they replied "I'll see what I can do". I didn't feel necessary to make them write down a new quote including the 10% discount... And at the end they just said the tyres were expensive for them to buy, so no discount. Do you think there's any way to push this forward? (given that I have now paid...) Thanks
  2. Thanks for your replies. Maybe one side of my windscreen was more on the sunny side than the other... I tried to park in the opposite direction (at work) for a few days, but didn't get any steam at all this week!
  3. Hi all, I just noticed that the front windscreen defogging is defogging the passenger side of the windscreen a lot faster than the driver side (and actually, the windscren airflow in general seems directed much more towards the passenger side - after 15 minutes of air con, my driver corners still had steam whereas the passenger side had been cleared after a few minutes). I looks like the air flow hasn't been adjusted for UK right-hand side drivers. I'll ask my Lexus garage, but does anyone know any trick to fix this? Cheers