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  1. Updated latest version G 3 weeks ago but this was happening on the previous version. I've now got 2 screens of messages i can't delete.
  2. Hi there, Does anyone know how to delete old text messages on premium nav. I have no problem receiving text messages but I cannot find any way to delete them. I use a Samsung S3mini and I have cleared out all outstanding calls, I have unpaired and re paired the phone and I still have all original received texts. Any clues?
  3. Thanks guys, I've found it but it's not what I thought, it's "average mpg after reset" but I had to do a reset , (press the volume on/off button) to get the additional options. All appears to be working as expected. Long drive tomorrow, we'll see how it goes, cheers.
  4. Hello All I am a Newbie 2014 IS300H SE Premier Sat Nav, owner. Great, car smooth and quiet and the sat nav works!. (see below) Previous car was a 2013 Toyota Prius T5 Spirit which was great technology but a crap car!!. Driving the Prius around town and short trips, fab economy but the first long road trip see to my youngest daughter was fraught with problems. The road and tyre noise was unbearable at any speed over 60 65 mpg so much so it made my wife feel ill and all the racket gave me a headache. The A12 is a particularly atrocious bit of road at the best of times apart from the traffic, so hence the Lexus! Ta Dah. Don’t get me get started on the Toyota TouchandGo satnav, the trip from Ipswich to Lewisham using the hand held Garmin was easy enough A12, M25, A20 the Toyota TouchandGo was unbelievable, told me to all way way around Ipswich then onto to the A12 and then turn left off the A12 crossover to Coggelesham over to the M11 down the M11 though the Blackwall tunnel round the South Circular what!. The Lexus on the other hand was direct and to the point A12, M25 A20 no problem. I’m still getting used to the car and the more I find, the more I like. One question for the Lexus officiandos out there, How to I get the “Current MPG” to display on the small multi display between speedo and power meter?. I know I can view this on the central info/Sat Nav screen using the mouse but it would nice to have it on the multi display screen next to the speedo. All i can seem to get is "Average Speed/Time/Distance" Cheers
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