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  1. Selling my supercharged is250 lowered H&R springs strut brace hks exhaust 300bhp 0-60 in the low 5s check autotrader
  2. Lev

    Supercharger - Is250

    The seals leaked a bit. Easily sorted with new seals. I was lucky, found the arma charger on ebay new. They don't make them anymore as far as i am aware. Hks is your best bet or if you find a car for sale with one on. My mate said the arma one was made for the car and very good. He said a remap on the new ecu for the charger could increase the power further. Not sure i want to stretch the engine more. It is so quick and fluid, i am happy at the moment- isf is the only upgrade for me
  3. Lev

    Supercharger - Is250

    Hi So far the kit and car are amazing. Always exciting whatever the occasion. i havent had any ecu work. But i know it can have even more power with an ecu remap. I am sure my friend would fit you one. I was lucky and found a new one cheap. Hks ones need importing from America i am afraid and are expensive. my car is auto and it has paddle shift too.
  4. Lev

    Supercharger - Is250

    Hi, no lights coming on, there were issues with the fuel injectors and their seals during the installation, easliy sorted though. having an expert lexus mechanic who knows the engine inside out helped. Truely amazing beast now.
  5. Lev

    Supercharger - Is250

    i wanted to import a is350. too risky. charging it is much cheaper, i have an arma one, but there is a HKS one on ebay. and the power is more than an is350 now. when i can i will lower it, put a defuser and a strut brace - the wife might kill me though (again)
  6. Lev

    Supercharger - Is250

    not under the bonnet as my friend put all the engine covers back on, i will take a couple off and take some. the noise from the exhaust is deep like a bass guitar and the whistle of the charger complements it.
  7. Lev

    Supercharger - Is250

    I have it regularly detailed too!
  8. Lev

    Supercharger - Is250

    Hi folks I have recently added a HKS exhaust and had an ARMA supercharger to my IS250 F Sport 2010 plate (mint condition 28000 miles on the clock). My friend who is a head Lexus mechanic installed it. I got it cost me £2500 fully fitted (found on ebay). I haven't had it tested but it should be close to 330bhp and around 5.2 0-60. It's amazing, the sound and speed are extremely addictive. I do want to eventually get the ISF - the screaming V8 and speed an obvious attraction.