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  1. There's been quite a bit said on this forum re transmission oil change. Somewhat gentle arguments for and against. There are those who have the time and tools and space etc to do this drain and fill not just once but 3 or 4 times. Then there are those who don't have the time etc etc etc. Like I said earlier it's worth searching this forum for the threads related to this as one of them states a garage that does the Full drain with the proper vacuum equipment. How much is the Toyota garage quoting you Derek? A suggestion. Depending on how many miles a year you do then get the j
  2. Hi Derek. Your Lexus dealer Will do a transmission fluid service but you have to ask for it. You may have to almost argue the point. Stockport Lexus did my is250 and I think it cost 180 all in. Only about 2.5 litres was exchanged. However there is a thread on here about that oil change where its stated that there's a place in Chorley I think that will totally drain and refill at a good price. Personally I'm going to have the gear oil changed again on next service along with rear diff oil change.
  3. Have to correct myself (I was thinking of something else at the time). The cost of the paint correction was actually £150. Still a ruddy excellent price.
  4. Lovely car Denis. I strongly suggest find a car body shop to de swirl and polish your car. Doing it yourself unless you have a DA will be so time consuming and you could do more damage than good. I took my is250 to a body shop I know as my car had thousands of scratches and swirls. £80 later over 90% gone and gleaming. Look in the 2nd gen is250 section and look for a thread titled 13yr old paint. That's my car.
  5. Hi Alan and welcome to the best Lexus forum. Go on the Lexus website and look there for a dealer near you. I'll take it you didn't get your car from a Lexus dealer? Whilst your on the Lexus website register your car. Look up My Lexus. What kind of service history does your car have? Did your car come with a Hybrid Health Check? This is part of a dealer service and gives a year warranty for the batteries. Did you do any research on the NX before you got it? Any questions you have about your car look within the NX section of this forum. You'll learn lots.
  6. Very much like the look and colour of those wheels. Really make the car look fab 👍
  7. Glad you posted those pics of your car because of that lip below the bumper. My car is missing that I think coz I've got a number of what look like mounting lugs under the bumper. Think I'll look for that lip to put on mine. Makes the car look even better. Your colour wheels look a lot like mine. Looks really good.
  8. Hello Mark and welcome to the best Lexus forum there is. Which IS model do you have?
  9. I'd say so Derek as he's used the word headlight.
  10. Thats a beautiful looking wheel and colour Steve. I'd love them on my car. I'm super careful now where kerbs are concerned. A few months ago I kerbed badly front kerb side. Very annoying with myself. Luckily there's a rather excellent wheel refurbishment place a 10 min walk away. 60 quid a wheel to strip/fix/powder coat. I'm sure i posted a pic or 2 back then but those rim protectors are a good idea. But I'd say of all those I've seen on cars I'd have to say only about 25% of them looked good. The rest either looked badly fitted or wrong colour or just plane cheap looking.
  11. Well today even though cold but dry I finally got to clean the MAF sensor and the throttle body (as best I could). Following numerous videos I disconnected the battery then removed the MAF sensor (that's an easy clean). After removing the duct pipe from airbox to throttle body I disconnected the multi plug to it. Took the 4 bolts out but there are 2 pipes connected to it and they look a massive pain to disconnect so I left them but in doing so it made manoeuvring the body very limited. Anyway copious amounts of spray cleaner and use of microfiber cloths I cleaned both faces of the body. Very s
  12. Thats a standard colour I believe. And yes be very kerb wary.
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