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  1. Yes the BT3 is very similar to the GTA car kit thats seen on YouTube videos. I bought the Yatour system and will be trying it out soon one free Saturday. Removal of the radio/nav unit on the 2nd gen IS required patience because the trim around the radio unit is so easily damaged.
  2. Good idea Texas and common sense too. Eh up Colin. Have you noticed I'm back?
  3. Wow Matty that price to me is very very reasonable. I'd appreciate if you ask that guy/garage if he can recommend a transmission specialist in the Manchester area or even Rochdale.
  4. Yes I'd like to know that. I didn't know diff oil needed to be changed every 25k. Easy enough job me thinks.
  5. I'd be interested in hearing how much your flush and refill will cost and how it affects gear shifts and what differences you notice.
  6. Hi Meedo. How have you got on with introducing Bluetooth to play music? Rich. The Grom BT3 unit. Im assuming you had to get a Y splitter cable to plug into the CD socket at the back of the radio unit?
  7. Like what you've done to your car Lucas. That's what McD's car parks are for lol. Whats the reasoning behind changing the oil filler cap? I intend changing the air filter for a gauze type. Love the exhaust.
  8. Hi Jay. Just read your thread. Oh yes. Wheel nuts. Always torque correctly and check again after 100 miles. Blimey I remember when I worked in a huge warehouse that the fork trucks were always making that noise. Loose wheel nuts. Glad all is well now.
  9. Oh forgot to mention. Fuel economy? That mondeo was a 2.2 litre diesel 200bhp so its economy wasn't proper diesel accessible lol.
  10. Hi Zuke. I've not worked at Getrag. I'm in Rochdale now well 2.5 yrs. When you do your trans fluid job may I suggest you put a 250ml bottle of ZX1. Ive been using that for 30 yrs + and before I took my 250 home I put a bottle in the engine oil. Ill probably do a trans fluid job on mine and will definitely put it in mine.
  11. Eh up Vlady no ill not miss the mondeo. Perhaps the interior space and boot but I much prefer the interior of the 250 and the boot is surprisingly big.
  12. I've no idea about sunroofs on 2nd gen is's and thanks yes its a great looking car.
  13. Hi guys and thanks. I've googled fir maps and seen on ebay TNS600 TNS700 which I'm unsure what they are. Also what ive seen is that all the discs I've seen are suitable only for gen.3 and 5. Now are these OK as my car is a gen 2. Pics of car below and last one I think shows the nav headunit.
  14. Well after being away from the Lexus fold for the past 18 months I'm back. My 4th Lexus. This time im in a 07 is250 SE-L which I swapped my diesel mondeo for. The Ford had to go because the diesel market is dying at an alarming rate. To put it in perspective. 6 weeks ago the mondeo was valued at 6.5k. In the past fortnight I've been offered between 4 and 4.5k. Well my 250 was up at 5.5k and a straight swap was made because the vendor saw my car and knew its potential. Anyway I've been looking mainly at RX400h or RX350 but the ones I saw were poor. My 250 yes is a 07 plate but a one owner from new and 78k with full Lexus history. It had to have Nav and ML. Its amazing how many is250's there are out there for sale but very very few with Nav and ML. I struck lucky. Mines Bkack with Ivory leather. Love how it runs. Ive been thinking of the 250 for a number of years but got either hybrids or Fords. I've a couple of questions. 1st is is their a recommended updated Nav disc? If so which is the better and suitable one? 2nd is the drivers seat electrics work but the seat memory doesn't. Passengers side works so I'm wondering if its a faulty bank of switches. Any ideas? I was going to put a Bluetooth adapter box in this 250 but I was very surprised to see it has an aux socket. The ML is outstanding. Just as good as the 14 plate is300h premier premium (that's how lexus dealer described it) I had a few years back. I know about the sticking brake caliper saga with these cars. Mine had new calipers fitted in 2016 20k miles ago. Pads look like new front and rear. I am however going to remove the calipers and de rust them and treat with a rust prevention liquid then paint them gloss black. Ive got Liv-Moly grease for the pins etc. So to anyone who remembers me Hiya and to those that done well you'll be seeing a lot of me. It feels great to be back. Do I miss that superb mondeo? No. Thanks for reading and I hope to get responses and answers soon. The Nav disc really really needs replacing with an up to date one.
  15. £97 sounds good to me considering that filter only needs changing at 100k me intervals or 50k miles if you're keen. Plus have you seen the size of it?