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  1. Mr Vlad

    Techstream on IS300h

    Maybe try a different obd lead. I've read this is the way to go. Have you Googled techstream? There's a good YouTube video how to use it etc etc.
  2. The Ghost system is a very good one but it has been overcome a few times. Read in the Ford forums those who have the RS Focus.
  3. Multimac or not is a personal choice at the end of the day. I've not looked into them personally as I've no need. However personally speaking it looks ruddy awful and looks like it'd be a pain to fit and take out. To tether it down securely would either take two people one at each end or numerous trips to either side whilst pulling the straps bit by bit till done. I can see that thing being installed wrongly by some.
  4. Blimey another super S Max. Somehow that could be the answer.
  5. Hi m8. I sometimes get the same thing in my 450h. What I do is to press the switch to turn it off. Then I try again and all is well. Don't know if you've tried this but it could help.
  6. Book your service about 2-3 weeks in advance. State you require a courtesy car. Also state you can't arrive before midday and that you'll pick your car up the next day. I did that at every service when I had Ford's and was never let down. You're the customer after all.
  7. Ah Rich. The Vignale one I'm tempted by is the evil diesel one lol. But your engine is one I love. Had it in my beloved and missed mk4.5 more do titanium x sport. What a car and mucked up swapping it for my previous is300h lol.
  8. Thanks Rich. Over the weekend I spent a bit of time looking into it and drew the same as you. And oh my oh my what a perfect family vehicle you have. To those who don't know it's a S Max just as the car I've mentioned. What I found strange however was that a child over 3 years old can sit in the middle and use the adult strap????? Totally stupid me thinks. But if 3 child seats can fit then perhaps put the middle one in 1st then place child in it then do either side. Maybe that would work. Nice car you have Rich. I've considered one and am kinda tempted by the new 240 horse 8 speed auto vignale
  9. I only quoted 3 isofix points as the S Max has them. The middle seat even tho it has the 3 point seat belts can not be used for a baby seat. Ask at shops that sell them. Also car dealers. Also the police. I looked into it a few years back but i believe that rule is still in place. I may be wrong but do ask the shops that sell child seats.
  10. To my knowledge you are not allowed to put a child seat in the middle of the bench seat. It is not a dedicated seat as such. If you need 3 child seats then you need a car such as the Ford S Max which has 3 individual seats and 3 isofix points. Yes you may have seen 3 child seats in rear of cars but they are breaking the law unfortunately.
  11. Mr Vlad

    Hello from Tyne and Wear! 😂

    Hi Dan and welcome to the forum. Really nice looking car you have As for T & W option on the UK locations. What do you mean? Are you asking about local Lexus dealers?
  12. Mr Vlad

    Drowning and slight vibration

    Elsewhere on this forum someone else has posted about droning noises. Changing tyres to a branded type cured the problem. Are your tyres the same on each axle? Are they a cheap Chinese brand or a trusted brand i.e Pirelli etc?
  13. Mr Vlad

    display e-mails

    Hi. I had a similar problem with my is300h when I had one. Neither text messages or emails would show. Took the car back to Lexus and after an update all was well. However maybe the inbox is full. I'm sure I read somewhere that the car has limited email storage. Have you tried doing a system reset of the infotainment system? It's easy and self explanatory on the units screen. Go to settings to find it.
  14. Mr Vlad

    Potential new 2012 on GS owner here

    As above.
  15. Mr Vlad

    Drowning and slight vibration

    Try jacking the car up and check the wheel bearings by rocking the wheel whilst holding it at 12 and 6 on a clock. If you feel a knocking then that shows a duff bearing andthe cause of the droning you hear.