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  1. Actually painting sensors is very common and has no detrimental effect on them. Possibly tho having 2 coats of paint may affect them but I suspect the coat the repairer put on the sensors hasn't taken to them. Take them off and use a 2 or 3000 grit paper to take that layer of paint off.
  2. I found the quotes I got when I phoned my local Toyota dealer. Full service for the IS300h £330. Intermediate service £180. I do remember tho that who I spoke to asked the service manager who themselves sought advice and permission from Lexus.
  3. Try your local Toyota dealer. I know they will service a lexus and to top spec but you'd have to go to lexus for the hybrid health check. Oh Toyota charge half what lexus do. I enquired when I had my IS300h.
  4. I saw a RX300 today and what made me smile is that it had 2 either washing machines or tumble dryers fully in their packaging in its boot. Blimey a luxury van lol.
  5. There's an organisation called EMMA who are like an umbrella organisation looking good after the UK's car hifi stuff. Go on their website and check out car hifi dealers in London of which the major ones are there. There's one Big problem running another sub alongside the ML one. It'll sound even worse. Something to do with frequency cancellation and a minute time difference between the two signals which makes it sound awful. Do you know where the ML amp is in your car? If so then simply disconnect the sub and install a different sub of your choice (the Alpine I mentioned is unbeatable and worth 5 times its price)
  6. Unfortunately I don't have a link to any mods for lexus audio. From your thread I looked into removing the sub. It's quite a job from what I've seen and I was gobsmacked to learn it's one speaker in a Plastic L shaped box. No wonder the sub sounds wooly. I have an Alpine SWE 815 powered boxed sub. It's only 8" speaker and 100w but believe me it packs one helluva punch. It shook the glass in a previous Monday I had it in. Google an upgrade to lexus audio and you'll find about the sub in the ML system. I think there's one or two on ebay.
  7. Shame Lexus didn't put a duplex system on the f sport variant of the RX and more of a shame they hid the exhaust end on the hybrid.
  8. Hi Fatts. I've just come across your thread. OK it's been a year but have you sorted getting better sub bass? If so how did you do it? I know for the 3rd gen IS300H with ML there is an upgrade c/o our American friends.
  9. I wouldn't use any kind of silicone or sticky tape coz the sunlight will knack it up. Best either buy new from the link above or as above also a small drill bit and self tappers. I speak from experience with the same problem on a MG ZT I had some years back.
  10. Before a car hifi dealer closed down (due to retirement ) they had a visit from either JBL or Clarion I can't remember but they were showing off a new low voltage and wattage system developed for the new breed of electric/hybrid cars because of the lack of sufficient 12v supply. I think the system ran 20w at what ohm I don't know but apparently the sound was really good and sound level as loud as any true 100w. Anyway I'd guess in the RX300 the speakers would be possibly 8" or 6" running with possibly 3 or 4" and tweeter. Door panel off and access speaker and look at label as stated earlier.
  11. That's what I thought John until I spoke with a couple of car hifi installers who suggested otherwise. Maybe because they were reluctant to work on a hybrid car. But as I suggested. By taking a door trim off and physically looking at a speaker can you tell. But I do think that speakers in hybrid/electric cars are so much more efficient so they work better from amps that are lower power rated (in their input I mean, more in more out etc etc)
  12. Best thing to do it take the door trim off and take the speaker out then look at its label and replace with similar spec. I'm assumingyour car is a hybrid as I don't know the model. If it is hybrid then you're goosed. If not then there will be replacements available. What is your car similar to?
  13. Hi Steve. The differences between the 2 is300h cars were numerous. Ride, comfort and the mark levinson system was hite (with a S) . 1st car lasted 5 weeks. 2nd superb car lasted about a year but changed it to my current RX450h f sport with Mark Levinson. I'd have liked the premium but the f sport looks so much better. It's ride is very good with no issues.
  14. If I were you Steve I'd go test drive a different RX premier. Why? Because my thoughts are that unfortunately you have one of the very few rogue cars. I've had 2 exact same is300h and both were like chalk and cheese. Go test drive another and give it a good test drive. I think you'll find the car you test will be totally different to yours. Make sure tho it's the same year and model.
  15. Mr Vlad

    Tried an NX Today

    OK Ed I see your point. A lol to your wife too.