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  1. Roof box on an is300h

    Cheers for your reply Chris. Been Googling and Thule came up. Quite a few bars n boxes for the is300h which suprised me.
  2. Has anyone fitted or known of a fitting of a roof box to the is300h? I'm considering getting one because the boot is too small to fit what's needed for a family holiday where a child's buggy will be taken. So if anyone has experienced this then please do let me know what you had and how the car coped with one. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Ganzoom. The trucks I've driven are not similar to Toyota's hybrid system in any way. My conclusions come from experience. One company I worked for changed to premium fuel after I proved by getting 80 miles more to the tank. At that time it was cheaper to change (3 years ago ) That link you posted is American. Their fuel is a bit different to ours I believe and the AAA have been proved wrong a few times over the years. Don't ask me how it'sjust what's in my memory banks. Like I've stated very clearly. It's down to the individual. There are millions of us who like to use premium fuels. End of.
  4. Comedian. You state you have dyno charts for bikes. My heart is in motorbikes. I can't comment on your dyno charts because bike engines are so much different But better than car engines. On a TV programme called Fifth Gear they did rolling road tests on the same car to compare standard and premium fuel. Premium fuel came out best. As for the Atkinson engine fitted to our is300h's all I state is My experience which comes from well over 100's of thousand miles of car travel. My car runs better. Sweeter and more economical. Someone mentioned that a 1/3 tank of premium has no effect on 2/3 of standard. Sorry pal my experience tells me different. Oh I'm a truck driver having done near 1 1/2 million miles in my time. I know what I know from a shed load of experience. Happy driving.
  5. Rayaans there are not too many variables to asertain the better running and economy in using super unleaded. Colin. I don't use it all the time because it's not needed. There is always a quantity of the good stuff left in the tank to boost the normal stuff. I've been using the good stuff for years in both petrol and diesel and my cars have always run better for it. Oh and my previous cars have either been the top of the range or the sport derivative. As has been stated the difference in price between the two isn't worth bothering with. Looking after ones pride and joy is worth bothering with. And as I've stated its an individual's choice.
  6. There are those who say it''s a waste etc to use a high octain fuel. They have their opinion but they are so wrong. My experience tells me I get an extra 3-5 mpg. My car runs better. I use the stuff every 3rd fill up. The extra expense is worth it. However it is up to the individual.
  7. Deposit

    That's a really interesting point you raised. I tend to agree with it. But on the other hand I can't' see a company accepting a deposit illegally either. There must be some sort of clause within the agreement. Nice one Richard anyway. Keep us abreast with your order.
  8. I'm very surprised at your comments on your cars headlights. I have to definitely disagree. The dual xenon headlights on the gen 3 IS are excellent in dip and main beam. The cars you see with glaring headlights are illegal in that wrong bulbs in wrong headlights are being used. That is conversion to higher bright light from headlights. Wrong reflectors and lenses. I suggest take your car to a MOT station and get the levels checked of the headlights. On my car the lights are superb.
  9. Is300h considering

    As above. Using the snow mode is excellent and makes it near impossible to spin the wheels. I recommend you test drive a few of the model you're looking at. Get a feel for how they drive.
  10. New Lexus UX revealed

    Lexus states it's on a new platform but it don't half look like the Toyota CHR which makes me think they're basically the same car as the new NX and the new Rav 4 are. I'll be keeping an eye on it me thinks.
  11. Save your money and stick with Bluetooth. In my ML system there is no difference in quality between using a lead and Bluetooth.
  12. You drive a hybrid not an EV car. Use the engine to get to speed (less than 40) then use the batteries to continue. EV can be used alone but only in stop start traffic really. Best of both worlds our cars.
  13. Drivers seat wear

    Mmmmm those f sport seats look good and symmetric. My premium seats are not symmetrical. The bolster that is nearest the door has a wider panel which allows it to deform comfortably when getting in and out of the car. My car is a 64 plate with 24k miles. I suppose time will tell if wear appears.
  14. Oh. Kindly explain then how the clock in my premier premium feels very cold to the touch if it were made of plastic? Mines metal.
  15. Auto wipers and snow

    Just turn the auto function off when you park up for the night.