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  1. In most cases a visual deterant will suffice. But if a tealeaf really wants the car he's stealing then he'll steal it whatever. Lexus cars are not immune from theft. A friend of a neighbour of mine had theirs stolen tho which model isn't known.
  2. Steve are you going to be buying new or used? If new then fair enough but if used then all posts are relevant to your thread. As for "testing " roads perhaps what your really after is a proper 4x4 of which neither RX GS or CRV are.
  3. Well said Herbie. Not all cars of the same model and trim are the same when they become preowned. Squeaks and rattles bug me but as Herbie stated I listen to Rock music and loud too. So it's a lottery as to what car you get. To get a "robust" car you'll have to test 10's if not 100''s before you find the one you'd be happy with.
  4. Firstly I can't believe what you're experiencing but in a way I can. I've had 2 is300h's both 64 plate and both premium premier. The 1st one was that awful in all recpects that I got rid after 5 weeks. The 2nd one however was superb. My driving style is let's say fast. The roads up here in the North are shyte but that car never missed a beat. Never creaked or groaned. Not all is's were/are built the same I think. From my experience of having 2 identical cars yet being like chalk and cheese. I've also had a 62 plate f sport RX450h which again I drove ahem normal. Excellent build quality and no squeaks bangs crashes or groans. It's a different beast to the is300h but definitely recommended.
  5. Wow what a can of worms I've opened lol. Speed/acceleration is quite subjective. A rate of knots in one car will differ quite a bit in a totally different car doing the same rate of knots. I'm not putting down the RX. I actually love the car but like I said I think since mine was the f sport it would be noisier than say a premium. Yes much much quieter than my current car but since I play my music loud road noise etc isn't a problem. Thanks for your good wishes guys.
  6. Good post Nigerl . My RX was the f sport which I had for about 9 months. Yes a quick car but when 'raced' it would scream. Now maybe my car had a problem of sorts but nether the less not as quick as my current car. Yes it's noisier but since I have my music loud it's irrelevant. I'd have the RX over any land rover any day.
  7. Rich I very much liked the RX but needs must as they say. Yes Vlady I'm back to the smelly sludgy diesels lol. What I've got tho is a damn good low miler. Out pulls the RX on any revs and is more economical. Oh Rich. I've constantly been on 2 Ford forums and they are excellent. Yes there are idiots but they're everywhere mores the pity.
  8. Thanks guys. Hope all are well. Thought I'd try and post a pic of my car.
  9. With a saddened heart and mainly because of financial a financial situation I've had to say farewell to my RX450h today. I didn't want any more car finance so now I'm better off a few hundred quid a month. So I'd like to thank all here who I've encountered chats with. To those I may have helped and to those who have helped me you are a good crowd. I'll keep popping by to see how things are. I've gone back to Ford. Yes I'm a lover of Ford's and I'm back with my 3rd Titanium X Sport model which I know well. Blimey it's got more kit than my RX did. Adaptive cruise is astonishing absolutely brilliant. A superb safety feature. Anyway don't shout at me lol. Take care all and enjoy your fabulous cars.
  10. Go on the Castrol website. Input your car details and up will pop recommended oils for your car.
  11. Yup cold buffet day today. Ditto to Happy Boxing Day.
  12. Merry Christmas everyone. Hope all has gone well and you're not too stuffed lol.
  13. Yes Rich I've got the app and got my car registered on it. It shows 2 services. 2 services were done by an independent garage and didn't stamp the book I have. The app will only state Lexus done services.
  14. Thanks for the comments guys. My service book has its 1st service at 5k miles from Lexus Liverpool. So I assume they sold the car from new tho I'm waiting for confirmation from them. The book however is missing PDI info. Mileage, stamp etc. Lexus Wolverhampton then did a service at 38k But instead of stamping the book they hand wrote it. I'm not a happy bunny with Wolverhampton branch nor any Vantage group dealer. I'll look into GDPR and get back to that Saint Albans garage.
  15. I know I've mentioned that my car was bought with only a part dealer service. No proof of any other services either. Today however with the government MOT checker website I inputted the log book number and it showed where the car was MOT'd. So I looked up the garage that did it's first 2 MOT's and phoned them to see if they serviced the car also. Yes was the reply. So I asked for written proof but they declined because of the privacy laws but I was told my car was serviced at 24 and 28k miles. I do wonder however about sending written proof of services actually falls under the privacy laws. I'm sure it doesn't but am I right?