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  1. Well I've just seen today that the is300h I exchanged for my RX in June has Finally got a new owner. I can't believe it took about 6 months for that car to go. Leeds couldn't sell it so they moved it to Coventry. They couldn't sell it so off it went to Wolverhampton who've had it a fair few weeks. They only made a few hundred quid on that car which I'm happy with.
  2. Nothing wrong with diesels doing short journeys so longs as once a week they go on a 20 plus mile run. As for RX prices going up. Rubbish. I can buy a very similar spec RX to mine for £1.5k Less than I paid for mine 6 or so months ago. What you pay for one and what they're worth (in case of a total write off for example) is horrendous. If my car got totalled then I'd get 5.5k less than what I paid for it.
  3. Poor kid who lost its teddy.
  4. You will Always pay over the odds buying from a lexus dealer. I can't comment on that asking get price but my 2013 62 plate f sport with ML and 38.5k miles for 25k. That was since June. However if the dealer can't shift the car then they'll drop the price. My previous is300h was up for 22.5k now it's a nats over 19k.
  5. Thanks Farqui. I'll look them up.
  6. Thanks John and Mac. Very good info. Will look into charges for belt changes. Any good garage can do those. And I mean good garages. I trust kwikfit leeds. They did multi belt change in my previous mondeo using genuine parts and very reasonable price.
  7. Thanks for your replies guys. Much appreciated. Nice one Rayaans as I didn't know hybrid health check was included. Reading other threads/posts led me to believe the contrary.
  8. Got a call from Lexus Stockport saying my car was due it's service. I told them I swapped it for a RX450h but would be using get them for servicing. I gave them the cars reg and they came back with since in February next year (when service is due) the car will be 6 years old the service will cost £745. I said hang on I know that's the 60k mile service but the replied yes but it's either or which ever comes first. I'm reluctant to go ahead with that costly service But if the knowledgeable of you recommend it then I'll go ahead even tho my cars just gone past 41k miles. I was looking at just getting the essential service with hybrid health check. I wonder what you folk think.
  9. I can assure you this 14 stone body of mine finds the seats in my F Sport series 3 RX very comfortable.
  10. As above. S Max all the way either the 240 horse petrol or 240 horse diesel which is unbelievable. Looks are superb too in sport trim.
  11. Sorted and way over my head nowadays.
  12. Mmmmmmmm interesting Colin. In my 45 years of car ownership and having fiddled with all of them and have pro mechanic friends I've never heard till now that each electric system has its own ECU. The most general use of ECU is purely for the Engine Control Unit. Any other use is surly egotistical or similar. I must admit I've had a laugh at the number of ECU''s some folk think there are. Each to their own
  13. Is that a miss type John? 28 ECU''s?
  14. From my experience of having car bodies repaired over the years your car will get 2 new door skins (10 years ago it was £300 a skin) the bumper is an easy repair. The wing however is a bummer. On wings that size they are made up of multiple piece welded together. I'd say that section of wing will be cut out and a new piece welded in. However the wing would get replaced as it isn't a hard job to a professional. Bummer it happened. Once repaired your car will be as good as pre damage and no different to drive and enjoy.
  15. That's good then. But what suprises me tho is how soon after buying a car they make that offer. Thanks for the info boys ☺