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  1. I knew when I bought my is250 about the myriad of scratches on my car but I also knew where I'd be taking it. Years ago when I had a ford focus I had damage to a rear wing panel. I took it to a couple of car body outfits I knew and used before but their quotes were really high. So off to see Mr Google to see who was where. Found 2 near where I worked and visited them. 1st one was reasonably OK 2nd one I was impressed and after reading reviews and a quote of 200 quid to basically paint one quarter of my car plus to colour code it too. They use a camera which is connected to a computer and a perfect match of paint is made. When I picked that car up I was blown away by the quality. Anyway to my is250. £150 to to get rid of 95% of the scratches. Mega polish etc etc. They had it a full day. Result? Outstanding. Yes there is a few deep scratches but I can live with them. What I'm saying is Google car body repair places. Visit them. See if they have the paint camera because they're ruddy expensive so no back street garage will fork out. Only good ones. Read reviews. Look up a thread of mine. Not bad for 13yr old paint. Photos attached there.
  2. I'd take them out first to see what is there. Even take a photo or 2. Then search for the 2010 ones and see if they are same or not (plug connectors i mean).
  3. Update again lol. Satnav screen up now. Happy bunny (makes a change lol). Weird how one thing upsets something totally unrelated which proves everything in our cars are related and can screw thing up you wouldn't suspect.
  4. Update. I feel absolutely stupid lol. I forgot the plug that goes onto the air inlet pipe was off (I was going to take the airbox and pipe off to do drivers side bulb but found i didn't need to). Car runs sweet. I disconnected the battery again to put the LED bulbs in. All works well except my radio display now is on a repeat initialization. Its lashing outside now so ill wait to sort the radio display. Audio and climate display work. I'll take the nav CD out and put back in. Its an up to date copy one but a good one. Thanks again for your replies guys 👍
  5. Thanks for your replies but as for polarity the bulbs worked. I've gone back to standard bulbs and disconnected the battery for a minute but alas VSC is on and the engine orange light. Car runs ruddy awful so off to a garage to see if they've got a code reader.
  6. Oh. That's a shame. Thanks for your reply Bogdan. I'll wait till next year to get the vaistech unit.
  7. Well an update. Yesterday I finally got round to fitting the new sidelight bulbs. Driver side went ok. Passenger side wow what a squeeze because of the wiring loom to get the cover off and back on. Anyway I got them fitted and WOW what a difference. Wish I started the car then because come this morning oh no car would've start on first try. It started on the second but the dreaded Check VSC came on. Really disheartened me. When I get back home I'm going to try the disconnect battery for 30 seconds and see if that resets etc. If that fails then back to standard bulbs and find another set. What gets me is that the bulbs I got clearly stated canbus safe etc etc. Why make cars so touchy to small mods.
  8. Thanks Bogdan. That picture reminds me of how I saw mine. Its surprising just how many variants of the head unit there are. Because your Bluetooth adapter is recognised as a CD player does track listing appear on the screen aswell as artist and track?
  9. To Bruce and Zoricib. I've been thinking about the Bluetooth adapter you have which connects to the rear of the head unit. It reminds me of a Yatour unit I bought from the same German seller. When I came to fit the Yatour I found that where the Yatour fits the 6+6 socket was bare as in no lead was plugged into it from the loom. I urged the Yatour in but to no joy as it didn't transmit a Bluetooth signal and the head unit didn't recognise it. The socket I used, if memory serves, is on the bottom and is 3rd from the left. Since you both have the similar unit up and running I have to ask which socket on the back of the radio unit have you used? I take it you also use a Y lead.
  10. Blimey I forgot about this thread. Typical me lol. Zoricib I went through 2 of those BMW Bluetooth units. Initially worked great but after a few weeks the unit made the music sound awful. No bass etc. The 2nd one didn't fair better. I'm using a different one now and for a good few weeks. Excellent and my music sounds awesome. That unit above looks good and has steering wheel control too. Good of you to post your results on it. 👍
  11. Oh right. Thanks. I've looked on ebay but only found used ones from Hungary I think. Used Google and have seen a couple companies making and selling them. 45 quid each. Lexus parts online shop 93 quid each. I'll look again next year as I think mine are getting slowly knackered.
  12. OK. So the new strut. Is it a Lexus genuine or a replica? If replica which one?
  13. Mike. So you tried with replacing one strut yes? Was the other strut still connected? What happens if you disconnect the 'old' strut and just use the new strut? Is the new strut a genuine Lexus part or one like the French guy used? What I'm thinking is if its a stronger action strut then the old strut being still in situ may have an adverse affect on the new one. Try disconnecting the old one and see how the boot operates with just the new.