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  1. Wow 40-50k miles a year in a RX? Blimey. That's, as stated by rayaans, is 4-5 services a year. A service every 5-6 weeks and a cost of a good few grand. Yup I'd defo go diesel. Yes you've seen maintainance figures But you see cars from a lease company whose drivers probably don't drive them as if they were their own. I have friends with diesels that are now 8-10 years old and over 300k miles. A mix of ford vw and bm. No major problems on any of them. But anyway. You're in a position to get a fabulous car in the RX. Go for it and enjoy.
  2. It's not a matter of having audio units connected it's phones. When I had my RX I had to delete 4 phones registered to the car.
  3. With regards Bluetooth your apple device has a different Bluetooth system in it as do all apple devices. If you had an android device you can register quite a few but only use one at a time. As for using auxiliary in I'd suggest a conflict between the player and car. Check settings in both as the aux in should work with any device. Try a different cable as possibly the one you have is faulty.
  4. As above. 80k miles is nothing for the is300h But don't just buy the first one you see. Would this be your first hybrid car? If so then test drive lots of them. I couldn't get to grips with my 1st one but my 2nd one was truly fabulous. It was the CVT that I didn't like as I came from 25 years of manual gearbox but after a year of an automatic gearbox the CVT was wonderful. Test drive lots and check that the car has a full service history and hybrid health check (which should be done with each yearly service). Once you get one you won't be disappointed. Wish I still had mine.
  5. Blimey I wouldn't use them with the amount of over spray. I bet it costs a whole lot more than doing it yourself it by bit. Waxoyl never solidifies. It stays kinda rubbery.
  6. The wires have snapped off in the wiring harness? Or at the 12 pin plug it's self? Obviously you've taken the radio out so if the wires have snapped at the 12 pin plug then you'll be able to get a plug and re attach the wires one by one. You can also get the small brass pins that go into the plastic plug. Just look on ebay for the plug and brass/copper pin inserts.
  7. Eh up olliesgrandad a former road officer eh? OK I'll give you that even tho there are too many of them that can't drive even tho trained. Well put Lost it. Nowt wrong with Nexen's. I've got a pair on my ahem tuned mondeo and am very happy with them in all conditions.
  8. Ah OK . Thanks m8y. I've seen one of those Alpine units fitted to a GS450h I looked at. I'll put that in my to do list on my near future purchase.
  9. What is it makes the Michelin Cross Climate such a great tyre on the RX olliesgrandad? Are you a former professional racing driver or test driver? I'm not but I am, and have been since I first started driving, a fast driver. I've done track days and rally days. To the average driver the only difference between an expensive tyre and a budget one is the price. Me? For the past 25 years I've only ever bought part warn tyres and have never had any problems or issues with grip. I only buy matching pairs per axle. Looks like the OP has sacked this thread because of the snobbery to tyre brands. Tut tut.
  10. Connoisseur what made you choose the Alpine over the Pure version?
  11. Burroo I suggest you Google your tyre size and see what comes up. It makes no difference what so ever if you have a different matching pair of tyres on the rear. Mixing on the same axle is very bad. Get the best you can afford. At the end of the day what you buy compared to if money was no object you'd very much more than likely not notice any difference in handling. No one except a pro driver would be able to tell the difference.
  12. Me thinks then Herbie that Lexus Stockport were taking the mick. Mind you 570 after the discount you got seems very fair considering what needs to be done and time taken.
  13. £570 for a 60k service Herbie? When I had my 450h I was told is was due a 60k 6yr service at £750.
  14. I'm not up to date with current modern rust proofing products. Wire brush followed by a rust killer (name escapes me) and black waxoyle always worked for me.
  15. Like what you've done there pal. Takes me back a few decades when I did similar with my BL cars. Excellent thread. Good of you to share.