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  1. Just thought I’d share my experience today having had the Check VSC and engine management light etc. Lexus diagnosed a clogged DPF and EGR and advised both to be replaced along with a clean of inlet manifold. Total cost £1750. After a lot of research online, phone calls to garages and a can of BG244 through the engine I decide upon a DPF terraclean and inlet manifold clean from a back street independent. Dropped the car off last night and picked up today. Drives beautifully, no warning lights and noticeable improvement in acceleration. Cost £135 for inlet manifold clean, £240 for DPF clean and £45 for new fuel filter (which had a load of water in it). Total cost £420 and car back on the road. Very happy and although I’ve only covered 50 Miles, so far so good. Will keep you posted on how it goes. i have usually used Tesco Deisel mainly however a few garages said that using a premium deisel is a must at least every now and again. Oh, I also cleaned out my EGR valve which can totally clogged with black carbon deposits. First time I’ve done it and took me about an hour. Used carb cleaner and a screwdriver. Hope my experience helps.
  2. AndyF987

    premature tyre wear

    Thanks for your comments, think I'll try the Hankooks next. It seems that 35 psi on the rears instead of 38 prevents uneven wear. That just so happens to be the pressure the Lexus dealer pumped them to but at the time I thought they had made a mistake.
  3. I now have the same issue. If you put your foot to the floor, the power dies, then picks up again, dies then up again as if the fuel or air is being restricted.
  4. AndyF987

    premature tyre wear

    West Midlands but also travel to london
  5. AndyF987

    premature tyre wear

    Thank you for your input both, very much appreciated. Steve, you have touched on my next dilemma, like you I drive assertively but not like I'm in a sports car, so the question is, am I really better off spending £100+ on each tyre (especially the rears) or would a £50-£70 tyre give me comparable wear, fuel economy and stopping in the wet (keeping in mind that i'm a pretty safe driver anyhow). I do my own servicing and havent had alignment checked in a very long time so in any event thats probably worth doing..good point! Do either of you know of a good independent Lexus/Toyota mechanic or am I best off just going to Lexus?
  6. AndyF987

    premature tyre wear

    Thanks, i'll see if this does the trick. its an expensive experiment. Actually, which tyres are you running?
  7. AndyF987

    premature tyre wear

    Whilst I was running the Avons, I used to go to a variety of garage service stations and use their air/gauge. I now have my own compressor and a £40 digital gauge which I believe is exceptionally accurate and have checked weekly on my Goodyear Eagle Asymmetric F1 tyres. I upgraded as I thought the Avons were not up to standard after the centre of the tyre wore so quickly. I've dropped the rear pressure down to 35 and hopefully that will do the trick but it's very odd.
  8. AndyF987

    premature tyre wear

    I religiously inflate my tyres on my IS220d to Lexus specs, 38psi rear and 35psi fronts on R17s. I have now had both a set of Avons and now Goodyears both wear out (very quickly) in the centre of the tyre, i.e. from over-inflation. My issue is that I do not over inflate I follow Lexus recommendation to the letter. The front tyres wear perfectly evenly at 35psi, same brand etc as rears. Once after a service at Lexus, even the tech only inflated the rears to about 35 from memory and I just thought they had got it wrong.. It seems to me that the recommended pressure for rears is simply not right. comments?