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  1. My mate works for lexus cardiff, had him to check out the price on these £450 incl. VAT!!! A few years ago these were around the £200 Mk, he says they are now discontinued and there are only a few sets available and that the lateset ones are upgraded and light will not go. But i think they are way too expensive.
  2. Hi, i am looking to buy a hks silent hi-power rear back box for my is300 and wanted to know whether the is200 and is300 are the same fitment? Trouble is a lot of companies dont list anything for the 300. Also wanted to add an induction, any suggestions? Been looking at the AEM short ram. Does any1 know of any issues regarding running this? Also does any1 know of any decent panel filters besides k&n, incase i dont go for an induction. Thanks guys.
  3. Hi, can anybody tell me where i may be able to pick up some chrome LEXUS caliper decals please.
  4. Hi guys, been heavy on the brakes the last few weeks and i think i need new brakes. Priced up a brake conversion from Hi-spec (6-pot) and its £1784 + VAt (front only), obviously supplies as a kit but its a bit too much for me at the moment. So, its gonna have to be just pads and discs, i tried EBC on my altezza but didnt like em, so was thinking of going for black diamond, has anyone got them on a GS, if so what are they like? Any other good makes out there? (want pads with low dust - to keep bling rims shiny)
  5. Hi, i have the led lamps, my rear spoiler has the led lights so it goes well together, i think they can be changed to led by ordering a set from your dealer cos they were changed on a 2001+. Fit is the same. Nice choice of motor, get some pics up............
  6. Thanks for all the compliments, - ye fancied a bit of a change from all the racey type of cars i have had like RS200, integra DC5, RX8 etc, this has power and has the looks, really like it. Thinking of p/ex it fo a m5??? @ aido ye my mate at osaka got a 300 but its a bit wild with bling gone OTT! The grille is a standard sport apart i had it sprayed in silver and put a black badge on instead. 2 other mods i 4got to mention was:- DC sports battery tie down PIAA twin tone sports horn, sounds very sweet & ****s up other drivers LOL......... oh, and i also have this fuel saver thingy in the fuel line, makers claim it saves fuel, i get around 27 to the gallon combined, dunno if this is good?
  7. Hi guys, not been able to post any pics of my car since i bought it last year, gave it a valet today and thoght it be a good idea to take a few snaps and share it with you LOC members...... FULL SPEC - 2002 GS430 sport - Navigator/Levinson & parking 19" Ultralite evolves wrapped in falken tyres, 8.5j front/9.5J rear - Buddyclub ultra-light weight nuts Painted calipers (red) with chrome TRD decals - red stuff EBC pads and TRD grooved discs Varad blue neon suspension lighting (multi-function) PIAA carbon sporza wipers & PIAA interior courtesy lighting & PIAA 10 LED ultra white side lights LED rear lamps with red & clear lens with PIAA ultra white reverse and indicator bulbs Rear quad light conversion - Inner fogs light up with lights, (still work as fogs also) Ls clear side repeaters Tein coilovers Lexus sports pedals (full set) including E brake & footrest window deflectors Chrome pack - consisting of rear garnish, side plate & H/light surrounds Buddy club battery voltage stabilizer K&n sports air filter & uprated HKS plugs modified front sports grille & number plate updated 2006 navigation disc Bluetooth H/free kit ONLY MANAGED TO UPLOAD THESE 3 PICS, WILL TRY AND TAKE A FEW MORE SHOTS SOON........... http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a78/Taz_1...nt=DSC00033.jpg http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a78/Taz_1...t=DSC00034a.jpg http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a78/Taz_1...t=DSC00037a.jpg
  8. well has been a long time since that so couldnt remember, and it was rough guide prices anyway.........
  9. @purvesh, thats not me mate, im taz_1 and thats tazno1, and that guy lives in yorkshire and im in newport? u got the wrong guy. ha ha
  10. @ gord, dont remember selling a genuine is200 bonnet for 350, but i did sell a is200 carbon bonnet for that price in the past. The skirts dont come with any fitting kit, you would have to source your own unfortunately. i am based in newport south wales, near cardiff.
  11. Yes, spoiler is same as in pic but in carbon effect. & no elexes the spoiler is carbon not painted. @ gord, wot parts am i trying to sell for more than lexus? Didnt know lexus sold blitz or copy stuff.
  12. no actually mate i didnt write my car off, just fancied a change and had 2 other cars since. Evo 8 & now got gs430 sport. What spoiler u talkin about? Reserve on skirts are £80
  13. Hi all, as i am not a gold member any longer i cannot post a topic in buy & sell. Basically just wanted to tell you guys that there are a few bits that i dont need that i have put up on ebay. as you say.your not a gold member
  14. its a is200 not rs200, i had a rs200 before - but swapped it for a rx8 and now bought another is200. how much did u pay for the s/c fitted and where from? whats the gear changing like with the auto box? some people say u loose air con if u s/c, is this right?
  15. Hi, i have recently bought a 52 plate is200 A/T with 17K on the clock as a 2nd car. I am looking to supercharge it as it already has a Altezza - 1 off customised body kit and looks very MEAN. So to finish off and make it even more of a BEAST i want to supercharge it. I have considered a GREDDY turbo conversion but dont think its available for auto besides i want to keep the engine bay looking standard and retain some of the plastic covers in place. So, i need to know whether an auto can be s/charged, the good and bad points, what sort of power gains are to be expected and any other info/advice you may feel relevant to this topic. This topic has probably been covered before but i cant seem to find anything Thanks for any feedback.