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  1. Huutch

    Check VSC

    Full front end pretty much. I've took to negative off for 5 mins. And it seems to have cleared up. Got a 300 mile drive tomorrow so hopefully it doesn't come back on. They have been out in the car and it wasn't on then. I drove to the petrol station fuelled up 5 mins later it came on. Hopefully disconnecting battery has done the trick.
  2. Hey folks. Just got my ISF back from repairs. And I had to fill up. (left me with 0 miles. Nice one.) got 2 minutes down the road and check Vsc light came on. Any ideas. I've heard fuel cap? No vibrations and it doesn't go limp.
  3. Cheers mate. Will certainly be watching with a very close eye.
  4. Sorry guys. I should of worded it better. The dealer is my insurance approved repair shop.
  5. Yeah contacted them this morning. Dealers going to ring me up the morning to get the car booked in. 5 year warranty on the work. Just hope they do it properly! Cheers guys.
  6. I wish I could do that mate. But I'd have to pay for the damage to their car. Plus my car. Which needs a new bumper. Respraying. Headlight. Sensor. Washer container. And whatever else underneath. It'll easy excess my 1100 excess. Such a shame.
  7. Was definitely me mate, I pulled out without looking. All I keep saying is 'what if' but it's happened, and I've paid the price for a momentary lapse in concentration.
  8. Insurance it is i'll give them a ring in the morning. Thanks lads.
  9. Churchill mate, I'm in two minds, I don't know how it works, if I reported it, would they repair their car and mine? And it'll just be my no claims affected. Don't want the car becoming a CAT C though.
  10. Yeah I reckon I will, their cars not too bad, easily repairable, could I not ring my insurance and say I slided in the snow haha.
  11. Jesus man. Don't want it to affect my no claims though.
  12. I'd rather walk haha, but unfortunately got a 300 mile trip.
  13. I'm up in Middlesbrough mate, the worst thing is I have to use the missus' Rover 45 to get to work tomorrow.
  14. Is it