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  1. See ad here: https://www.gumtree.com/p/wheel-rims-tyres/lexus-is-alloys-is200-is250-is300-is350/1352891459 For those too lazy to click: A set of Bola B1 alloys on gunmetal grey with premium economy sports tyres. Less than 600 miles in the wheels and tyres themselves. All kerbed as the wife simply can't park. A shame as they're beautiful wheels. All touched in apart from one, can supply the touch in pen. 8.5j front 9.5j rear Stud pattern 5x114. 3 Centre spigots included 40 profile on the tyres They sit flush with the car, the stance is lovely and they fill the arches out perfectly. Exact fittings 8.5X18 5X114.3 ET40 9.5X18 5X114.3 ET35 Grab a bargain, cost me a lot more than this! Tyres are virtually as new with SO much tread left. They grip very, very well in the dry and wet. Never once had them break loose - obviously not range topping Michelin's, but for daily road use, perfect. Nice and quiet, good feedback, etc. Willing to ship at buyers cost, suppose I could send outside the UK, but again - at buyers cost.
  2. But will IS250 wheels fit on an ISF? THAT'S the question!
  3. Yeah, realise the offset plays a major part. It's actually stamped on the outside on my wheels! I've forgotten the number, though, but I believe it's identical to the stock multispokes that came on the car from factory. Will check tonight!
  4. Seems this is the go-to thread: https://www.clublexus.com/forums/is-f-2008-2014/774838-is-f-year-differences-reference.html Decided a 2012 is the earliest I'd want to go, as it seems to have all the revisions and improvements, yet be at a somewhat sensible price point. Found a particularly nice red one for £24k, don't think that's too bad! https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201806247794810?sort=sponsored&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&radius=1501&advertising-location=at_cars&make=LEXUS&postcode=se85qt&model=IS F&page=1
  5. Thanks J, interesting to know. The Bola's don't come through in the pictures properly, there's quite a bit of space inside there due to the way the spokes move out from the center cap area. Also no inner lip, etc. I think it'll be OK. Now...just need to make a decision on whether the 2011 onwards ISF is really worth a near additional £10k over a 2008....is there a really good, in depth fact thread on the updates and variations?
  6. How much clearer can "IS250 wheels on an ISF?" possible be? 🤣 Regarding the size/fitment: They're stock fitment for an IS250. The only anomaly is that they're staggered, but again, this is stock sizing. I could get spacers made up by a friend with a lathe if there's clearance issues with the calipers. Suppose it'd have to be trial and error on whether 18" is fine for the ISF - a quick bit of eyeballing would suggest the ISF doesn't have widly larger arches, though. But I stand to be corrected.
  7. Haha, yeah I noticed shortly after posting that I'd put it in the wrong section - I assumed it'd get moved by an Admin. Anyway, I mean precisely what I asked - will these fit the ISF. Good job opinions are subjective! I do like the stock ISF wheels, but I prefer these - I'm certainly not a brand snob, so whether these are Bola or HRE makes no difference to me 🙂 The tyres are just some cheapo efforts that came with the wheels, they do the job for now - but I'd go Pilot 4's if they do go on an ISF. I'd also be getting some coilovers for the ISF as the ride would be absolutely horrible on the pot hole/speed bump filled roads near me. I'd want the adjustability.
  8. Yet here mine is, a car with it's entire life in London, doing short journeys, with no hint of holes or nastiness, just your usual surface rust.
  9. Mine's a 57 plate with just shy of 60k on it. The back end of the exhaust system (cat back) has surface rust but nothng else. I'm sure it'll be fine, unless it was parked in a vat that contained nothing but concentrated British winter weather and salt.
  10. 35-40mpg in an is250? Are you guys for real? Even on a virtually uninterrupted run from London to Manchester, it was 31mpg at absolute best, this was at about 60mph with cruise control on. just under 60k on the clock, FSH, everything is in tip top condition with no seized calipers, bad tyres, old oil, etc.
  11. Got no luck with this topic in the newbie section...so here goes again. Will IS250 wheels fit on an ISF? I know some have put the ISF wheels on their IS - but I'm unsure if the offset is the same, etc. I have the below Bola's on my IS, would love to shift them over when I eventually buy an ISF Thanks in advance
  12. Hi guys. Been a very long time since I came on here. So thought it best to put this in the newbie section 😁😂 I currently have a late 2007 is250. I bought some Bola alloys for it, they fit and look great at 18". Will these fit an IS-F? I'm thinking of taking the plunge later this year when it's more of a buyers market. Would love to move the wheels over, as much as I love the stock items on the F, I prefer mine 🙂 Thanks! John
  13. Awesome, thanks for that. When it says cylinder, it just means caliper I assume! I've done this a million times on my motorcycles but feel a bit wary on this car for some weird reason. Just need to get my axle stands and jack from the brother in laws and I'll give it a go. What's the worst that could happen?! :D
  14. Hi all I have seized rear calipers, apparently both (Lexus Sidcup mentioned this a week ago after doing the fuel line recall. However, not a sniff of it on the last MOT done in February this year). I've bought replacements along with Eibach discs and Brembo pads and a small tub of brake fluid to bleed the lines. Is it as easy as conventional calipers...remove bolts, remove brake line, remove caliper > reverse to bolt new one in. Or is there ABS wizadry on the rears that I need to think about? Thanks!