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  1. Yeah I'm glad its staying on the forum. I won't lie I'll be gutted with every new picture that appears when it isn't in my drive but that's life. I'm getting there slowly done a couple of jobs to make it a bit more "me" not going to lie it isn't half the car the Lexus is but it is more suited to a baby or 2! Plus the wife likes being sat up high in it. It's had the emissions recall done though and after speaking with the local master tech at the dealership that will be coming off and it would be rude not to remap at the same time!
  2. I'm sure others will agree it's a great decision. Fingers crossed you get the all clear on the surgery soon.
  3. Well today is a very sad day. Stuck the Lexus up for sale this morning and sale agreed less then 5 hours later with a deposit taken! Happy to say it is going to someone who happens to be a forum member so at least I know it is going to another enthusiast and you can all follow the progress further if the buyer makes any changes! I will miss this car so much it has been by far the best car I have ever owned all hope is not lost though as I do aim to find myself in an RX or NX in the future just can't afford one at the moment!
  4. Yeah there is obviously no difference in the brakes on the IS but can completely understand why they would be different on the hybrid, basically the was I would describe the PWR button is that it just suits the way I like to drive
  5. I'm guessing its more than just the gearing ratios on your car unlike the IS250 but I always leave my IS in "PWR" mode its a much better drive in my opinion with no negative effects on fuel economy as long as I drive the same as with PWR off
  6. Nice work mate, looks a tidy car especially considering the mileage very impressed! You obviously don;t get the same weather as I get in the Lake District!
  7. Now this is what I call a build thread, top work! Look forward to watching the progress!
  8. Yes you will need to let every policy know you have had an accident. Let me put it to you another way, you get a speeding fine next week, will you be just letting the insurance company of the car you committed the offence know or all the insurance companies you are insured for? If you have had an accident, anyone who insures you is interested your fault or not
  9. The lack of knowledge about responsibilities and obligations upon an insured driver worries me. The next time you take insurance cover you will be asked "Have you had an accident or claim in the past five years?" to which you MUST now answer Yes there is no way out of that I'm afraid
  10. Was about to write the same thing, you are legally obliged to tell them even if it not your fault. Even if you go through a none fault credit repair service, you still need to inform your insurance company and the credit repair company are legally bound to do the same. Also you must answer yes to if you have been involved in a fault or none fault accident on insurnace quotes for the next 5 years!
  11. Hehe you could certainly offer the service to others I'm sure! Most on here seem terrified to touch their car but would like a credit card key in the UK!
  12. Definitely! You at least know it can be done with a normal key and how to do it, if you can boss this everyone can follow who wants to ideally!
  13. This is revolutionary news! I can see the price of second hand credit card keys for Lexus going up in value very soon!
  14. Not yet mate there's every chance I'll dislike the Tiguan and just sell it for profit. But even then the IS in my opinion is sill too small for 2 baby seats. Fine when they get a bit older and sit in a seat properly i imagine and stint come with travel systems and more bags than i would take on a weeks holiday! I cannot fault an IS as a car though it is phenomenal different league to anything else I've ever owner
  15. Great diagrams and very interesting but in real life it makes quite a difference, the wife has a newer shape Seat Leon and she has a lot more room with the same baby seat behind her in the Leon than she does in the IS. I think the bolsters on the seats and how padded and bulky everything this is in the Lexus probably doesn't help to make it "feel" more cramped when you cant pull the seat back as much as you would like