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  1. VSC Off Engine Control Light on

    iv been driving the car for close to a week now and we also reseted the codes but as soon as the car moves the codes come back again😩
  2. Hi all iv recently bought a Lexus Ls430 2001year wchich was laying around for few months and it seems to have some electrical problems as there are some lights on the dash like engine managment, VSC Off and the red triangle with a message taillamp failure whitch is propably a bulp at the back, the car drives nice and smoothe and engine runs good aswel after connecting the car to the diagnostics.. Codes like P1651, P0420 apered can some one help please 😋🙈 vergot to mention that when buing the car the battery was completly flat seems ok now didnt check voltage yet😉
  3. Misfire when warm

    Ok finaly solved the PROBLEM😬 and it was an injector in this case i hade multiple misfiring after engine heated up in my case it was the 1,3, and 5 cilinder which i hade the missfire on but when in neutral it was only missfiring on one cilinder after i conected the diagnose while engine running iv seen on live view . which one was misfiring and it was the 5 one in my case but the day before iv swopt them around and it maket more sens to me avter iv seen the firing order of the engine is 1-5-3-6-2-4 😊 (my miss fire was 1-3-5 so some how it takes the ones beside whit it 😉 hope this helps some how
  4. Misfire when warm

    well the one in the exhaust for sure needs replacment in my car but we not sure now about the manifold iv got some second hand ones for 50e each so iv bought the two of them but my mechanic said that he is going to replace just the one in the back first and see if it works maybe the front ones on my care will still work if not then ill have to replace the manifolt aswel,
  5. Misfire when warm

    Hi Nick i think i have the same problem and was told that my cat. are blocked/go e so im about to change them with some second hand ones as they seme to be very expensive ill let you know if that helps or not ☝🏻️