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  1. ThanksIt's started to work no idea why but it definitely was not working before???????
  2. Hi has anyone got this fitted to there car and does it do what it says it does connects to allow you to play as a cd
  3. Hi mine sometimes has the error 4 message but have been looking to connect my iPhone and have seen this
  4. Hi the rear passenger window doesn't work from the drivers door but works from the doors switch so no probs until I tried to remote close. All windows except the rear passenger closed so does anyone know if the remote closeure works through the drivers door controls as an thinking the problem is there? Thanks for any advice
  5. Hi looked at the post and have seen a unit in Bassjunkies which should do the trick thanks
  6. Hi thanks for your reply am trying to update to a unit so can use Bluetooth and connect my iPhone am using a belkin cassette adapter at moment but find have to really up the volume will do a search and see if there is a factory fit unit I could use have seen some of the vids about removal and some other posts about how the heater system quits when head unit replaced the car audio shop I went to has been around for decades and the guys know there stuff and didn't even know of a suitable adapter they could fit ? Thanks again Bob
  7. Sorry if this has been posted before but all my search enquiries couldn't find anything has anybody been replaced the head unit of the stereo system which has the fitted satnav unit mine has the Mark Levinson unit fitted and after a trip to A local car stereo shop found that the replacement units are few and far between and a problem to put in have seen a replacement unit on eBay but I'm wondering before I take the plunge has anybody else replaced their unit and if so which one have they replaced it with thanks
  8. Hi yes it has the air suspension
  9. hello just bought an RX300 and have a couple of questions, as I have a dvd writer could I download an updated version of maps for sat nav and if so anyone know of any websites where maps could be found,,also how do I turn the air suspension off as the handbook shows a switch but mine does not have it fitted just the switch to change ride height just leaving it set to low or is that the default for off mines a 2004 model,is there an easy way to look at cam belt as mine has been changed by the garage I bought off but like to see for myself have a good local garage who could check but got a years warrantie and cambelt failure is covered but even though getting a recipt for work done as an unknown garage has done the change am dubious .On the plus side the car drives superb had Jags before and not a patch on the Lex or Tank as wife has named it . thanks Bob M