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  1. Thank you, it seems that these powerflow people are the ones to speak to in the absence of a welding Indy doing it for peanuts! That’s given me a ballpark and some confidence that a decent weld job can stave it off for a while longer!
  2. Hi, I’ve managed to get my LS400 12 months of MOT. It’s still due a service and has a large cambelt due on the horizon.. I also managed to get the catalyst to Centre pipe flange plugged at an exhaust centre in newbury and experienced nearly a whole month of silent wafting around.. Now it sounds like a rumbling mid 50’s American towncar car with its blowing exhaust. Japex gave me the name of an expert ‘fabricator’ to look at the exhaust but my instinct is their work, whilst being technically very good it could end up being rather expensive. I’m sorry if this has been asked before but does anyone have anyone they can recommend who they’ve had recent success with getting their blowing exhausts fixed? The place in Newbury did suggest the corrosion is getting near the cats so warned that ultimately replacing them might be what’s needed so obviously I’m keen to delay that. I’m based near Amersham in bucks but am up and sow the M4 most days so would appreciate if anyone has any recommends that are cheap in and around the south east and can give more than a months repair. All the best Ben
  3. Thanks for the advice guys and also for telling me where the ‘stash drawer’ is. The car is back on the road, I think it was 4 hrs labour for the brake pipes, parts were minimal and I got to discuss the health check which fitted with what most of you were saying. The Power steering oil cooler leak is an quick job and pain free whilst the rocker gasket is not!! I was advised to ‘monitor’ that but not lose sleep over it, I didn’t really discuss the suspension issues (did anyone have this done recently they can cost?) whilst a future belt, water pump etc was approx £9-950 all in. Mine was one of 3 LS400’s outside which I take as a good sign.. It’s good to be back gliding on the road and once my bone shaking Honda is sold on a Thursday I can start the rolling refurb..
  4. Thanks for the advice chaps, has helped put my mind at ease a little especially with regard to the oil leaks and the springs. I'm pretty hopeless with spanners to be honest and had assumed it would be too complex but I could try and pick up a few tricks.. Luckily I'm only a few miles from Japex who have got it through the MOT by doing the brake pipes and headlamp adjustors, I'll find out the damage tomorrow but I spoke to them and it seemed pretty reasonable and they seem like good eggs. Armed with your advice I feel in a better position to discuss future work so many thanks! I think as I see it over the next few months to a year it will be in order: Exhaust, power steering leak, service and rocker gaskets, wheel refurb, battery, polish and side plastic trim, tyres, belts, suspension if it's desperate then do something with the scratch.... Oh whilst I'm here, what's that plastic thing I can pull out from under the passenger seat? It's got me baffled!
  5. Thanks Texas..Glad you feel they’re ‘wear and tear’, that makes me feel a little better but Stupot’s costs are making me wince at the moment.. sort of to be expected but maybe the suspension’s got another year in it? I’ll talk to the garage to find out but feeling a little more confident.. it’s a mindset isn’t it? Spend the money I save on depreciation on maintenance (and fuel...)..
  6. So my new LS400 (S20 BHH) went to the MOT station, on the back of a fairly clear past history despite it's 207000 miles. It's last service a year ago with Lexus a year ago and it's been driving nicely despite a slight blow in the exhaust (which was replaced a couple of years ago). It failed on 5 counts (corroded brakes the main concern) and had I think I counted 13 advisories!....Yikes!! So it's with Japex who have been great and who are sorting out new brake pipes but they've given me a nice health check and assured me it's not the end of the road for her just yet. On the 'red' list is the top two and the remaining are on their amber list... -Catalyst to centre pipe flanges leaking - aftermarket stainless centre pipe fitted. Requires replacement parts or specialist exhaust repair. - Both rear upper suspension arm inner bushes worn. Both rear hub bushes worn. Front lower arm front rubber bushes worn. Rear coil springs corroded. Power steering oil cooler slightly leaking behind front bumper. -Advise timing belt replacement sticker in engine bay reads last replacement 15/01/2009 @ 133477 miles -Oil leaking from both rocker cover gaskets -Battery failed test - sluggish starting advise new battery Does anyone have experience of getting any of the above sorted? My plan was to get the exhaust blow fixed, run it for a year and get the big job (timing belt) done next year as part of a process of sprucing it up and keeping it long term but this list has made me worry that budget may be blown. Japex suggested the oil leak wasn't a giant job but I'm trying to put together a list of priorities and to determine how worried I should be by the mention of the power steering oil cooler and the suspension bushes... Are there any comforting words anyone can share or experiences with any of the above?.. Ben Japex Automotive Ltd Check Sheet Results - May 2018.pdf
  7. Thanks Chaps, Malc - UCA - Upper control arms? I'll have a look to see whether they've ever been attended to, the reg is in the pics (I also have become addicted to history checking..), almost a 'vanity plate' for my initials so another bargain! History looks excellent to my eyes and no corrosion picked up which is a bit of a win for me, I'll share the work done and see if there's anything anyone recommends. And it sounds hopeful what you and Steve suggest re the 'blow', and it tallies with what the previous owner suggested so hopefully Japex won't be too hard on my wallet. I'll get another opinion on the door as it will bug me, I also need to get that annoying bit of trim that forms the 'two tone' look, the bit between the rear door and wheel arch has fallen /been knocked off. They do seem a bit of a steal, I drove home this evening and the sound from the audio system was so good I thought if it does ever conk out I'll hang on to it as a sit in stereo. I bought this car for less than what Honda quoted me for a new horn for my Civic..
  8. I just wanted to introduce myself and my new wheels.. I've traded a Type S Honda Civic with 50mpg and crashy suspension for this slightly tatty looking, thirsty (ish) but magic carpet riding er 'beauty'?. It was on Gumtree a couple of weeks ago and it was the second one I'd looked at. The owner was a lovely chap who'd had it 14 years and done most of the 200,000+ miles early in its life trundling up and down the M4 where it's now spending the second phase of its existence. It has 21 stamps and all the receipts from Lexus, the last one in Feb 2018 so hopefully in an OK mechanical condition but is due the 'big' belt change as the last one was approx. 70K but 9-10 years ago. There's also a slight blowing from the exhaust (which was replaced a couple of years ago) near the front but it sort of seems to be most evident just under the front wheel arch and makes a slightly odd flutter sound when I switch her/him/it off. I have a list of jobs that need doing to spruce it up cosmetically, first up is the wheels which are going to go to a place up the road from me in Chesham (OSR) assuming my funds don't take too much of a beating in the next couple of weeks. Then try and do something with the scratch in the door, I just want to make it shiny and covered in the interim if anyone has any tips?.. I've been quoted over £300 from chipex which I can't quite justify yet as its over 1/3 of the cost of the car!! First up is an MOT and service at Japex next week not far from me. I'd told myself that if it needed anything expensive doing I'd walk away and sell it off but it has totally got under my skin, I think I'll remortgage to get anything done... I've never experienced driving and feeling my shoulders relax! I love that it's so quiet and calming, even despite my exhaust I can really listen to an audiobook and I feel I just glide everywhere. I've absolutely changed my driving style which infuriates the cars stacking up behind me but I've averaged 31-32mpg for the last two tanks of fuel which is pretty decent.. So I may be asking novice questions and probably looking mostly for reassurance that I've done the right thing. I've been keeping a close 'lurk' on the LS400/460 forums so hold you all entirely responsible for any financial peril I get in to from now on with you all having so wholeheartedly recommended them! I'll update with any news and progress as I go.. Ben
  9. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!