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  1. Apologies I did realise just after I posted but my fuzzy brain read it differently the first time(s)🙂....good luck with your search, and haggling! Mine (mk IV) has cost probably more than I’d bargained m/budgeted for but I don’t begrudge the spend as it’s such a great way to travel and it can’t possibly depreciate any more..
  2. I think they'd take the extra £50 on the purple one if you haggled hard! (MOT history doesn't look too bad tbh) I got mine for a similar commute, slightly longer actually and it was great for arriving home relaxed and enjoying the journey both ways. My journey was 85% motorway outside of rush hours so cost wise OK but I might get a bit twitchy if it was very stop start or really 'twisty'. A change of job means mine's just going to be used for one long work journey each week and holidays but I'm hooked on it now so it's a keeper even if it's a bugger to park near my house. I paid £850 for mine, the exhaust was blowing and alloys were awful, a couple of bits on bodywork need seeing to, a good history but also due a cambelt soon. It's a 'rolling project' but I do love it.. Ben
  3. Is that a velour/fabric interior? Surely can’t be many of those... isn’t that more highly regarded than leather in Japan? Will be interested in what you do, same colour as mine!
  4. Thanks, I wish I had your expertise.. had a bit of ‘shake’ on the blast down to Dorset this weekend and thinking may be a sign that these may need attending to! I’m booked in to a major service at a specialist next week so will await their report..
  5. Just to follow up this thread, I had great success with my exhaust and eventually and have just enjoyed a lovely journey down to Dorset with my exhaust just a distant whisper even during sport button blasts. ARO exhausts in Buckingham is actually one very good egg working out in the middle of nowhere and who’s got a lot of experience with our cars and really impressed me. He gave me a ballpark quote and I said if it goes over, just do it and we’ll discuss later.. he said, if it goes over then he’d have messed up and he wouldn’t charge! In the event, it sounds like there was a bit of welding and a fair bit of realigning the aftermarket exhaust that had been fitted a couple of years ago. All in it was £120 and I was very happy indeed, I’d thoroughly recommend and am booking in my wife’s Golf soon. Just got the wheels, service, cam belt, battery, power steering leak, central locking to go...
  6. Managed to get in, annoyingly it was my wife who somehow managed it in one go, though I had tried opening the passenger door for the first time prior her trying. I was losing my mind as nothing was seeming to work. Lesson learnt, leave that key at home and never touch the blipper. Now on hols and fingers crossed all is well...
  7. Many thanks, I think as it’s going off I’m pressing everything in my panic as I’m in a very quiet village b&b! I’ll approach it with a more measured approach tomorrow morning. So I should unlock with the blipper, then manually unlock and it should be ok...
  8. When I bought my car I was advised to use the ‘spare’ key as the main master key with the central locking and boot release doesn’t work correctly. Using the ‘master key’ to unlock but without the blooper works fine as a manual lock. I left my car locked but my wife went to it and used the ‘blipper’ to try and unlock it, eventually using the key manually and locking it I think with the ‘blipper’. Now whenever I try and unlock it the alarm goes off. I don’t have the ‘spare’ key with me as we’re away. I just can’t work out the order to get it to go off. I can seem to make the alarm stop by locking manually and then ‘blipping’ but I can’t be in without the alarm going off!! Even starting the engine doesn’t make it go off.. The battery’s been checked in the key, it did this at the garage a while ago. Does anyone have any ideas? Ben
  9. You're right Malc, and I rarely see anything else I'd rather be sat in on a day to day basis. And regarding my exhaust guy having a garage full of exotics, he can't look at mine earlier than Thurs as he's got a couple of motability buses that he's prioritised!
  10. Thanks Pete, I'm going to try ARO close by but it's good to know about Infiniti. I think I was a little worried by the 'bespoke' nature of the business and I imagined my poor old Lexus alongside far more jazzy and expensive things which might push prices up.. I'll get a quote over the next couple of days though and report back, if it's no good I'll enjoy a day out in the Cotswolds!!
  11. I understand Malc, I’m actually from Kent originally and back to Herne Bay and Sandwich over the next few weeks but it would be tricky if I had to leave a car for a few days even with my enormous teachers holidays (soon to be no more!). I’ll keep my fingers crossed that no nasty shocks come from ‘my guy’ soon..
  12. That’s exactly the sort of thing my last exhaust place warned me I might be dealing with (before charging me £80ish for my month long fix).. mine’s going to an exhaust guy this week. If his diagnosis is ££££££ could I get the details of your chap? I think you’re in Kent aren’t you? be
  13. Lower arch cladding, that’s what it’s called!! That would be great if you could have a look, that’s very kind. That must be some shed!
  14. Yes it’s going to see a chap near Aylesbury, ARO exhausts. Hopefully he’ll put it right once and for all..