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  1. If it helps, I had the same on my 300h and the dealer eventually refitted the rear window as there were reports of a batch of cars that were not fully sealed, same year as yours, and that did fix it. Peter
  2. This may or may not be relevant, but my IS300h had a squeak coming from the back of the car, especially when going over small sharp bumps. I suspected the rear head restraints, so removed them for a few days but it came back. The car went back under warranty for a week and after a few road tests it had a new shock absorber fitted on the rear, but that did not fix it. Eventually after going back twice more they removed the rear window and re fitted it, and it cured the problem, apparently there was a small area that was not sealed correctly and it squeaked going over a bump. Hope you do get it resolved, squeaks and rattles are frustrating. Peter
  3. Thanks Mark I'm not sure but I think the grille changed in 2018, I will look into that though. Regards Peter
  4. Ok, thanks John, I'll check it out. Peter
  5. Hello all I initially posted this on the IS 200 forum by mistake, so I'm repeating it here in case anybody can help. I borrowed my wife's 2018 CT 200 F Sport and managed to crack the front grille by attempting to drive forwards out of a parking space that had a low metal barrier (I had noticed it when driving into the space but let's say that I was distracted) The grille is cracked on both edges of the emblem surround, and the emblem is scuffed, so I'm not popular at the moment. Can I obtain a new OEM grille (the honeycomb type) and get it fitted, or will I have to go to a main dealer? Thanks in anticipation. Peter
  6. Hello all I have had to confess to my wife that I have cracked the front grille on her F Sport by forgetting that the parking space I had driven into had a low metal barrier, and rather than reverse out I thought I would drive out as it looked clear ahead. The surround of the emblem has cracked on both sides and the emblem itself has been scuffed. Is it possible to obtain an OEM grille (the honeycomb type) or will I have to bite the bullet and go to a main dealer ? Thanks Peter