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  1. I had a 220d for 2 months, quickly swapped it for a Is250 even tho i had to pay abit too much. 220d never again. But yeah, do research on the forums/Internet. when the 220d is working properly its a great car! but i still dont think its worth buying cause of all the problems.
  2. Goldwyn

    Will it fit ? Pictures anyone ?

    Learning new stuff everyday! ( btw hats off to you Linas.P, always answering my questions! Greatly appreciated )
  3. Goldwyn

    Will it fit ? Pictures anyone ?

    For me it would be abit easyer since i ive got halogens ( no washers ) also i got no parking sensors, and i got a friend who`s a very skilled painter. The only problem would probably be the fitting, and i have never done any "body kit" work. So i got no experience in that area. It would be very tempting to order 1 and give it a go, but since its not just plug n play i wouldn't really wanna waste money on it if it would end up in a scrap yard. Think i need to wait on next months paycheck and sleep on it....still would love the facelift
  4. Hey again! browsing the magical internet i stumbled on this bumper|Model%3AIS|Cars+Type%3A250&hash=item3622a12e63:g:la8AAOSwlHBZ0eh7 It clearly says it will fit the Is mk2, but my question is will it fit directly without any extra modifications ? cause i really like the new front bumper on the newer IS, this would be much more affordable than a newer car. Also would anyone happen to have installed it ? cause i really would like to see how well it fits the older gen IS. Also will the fog light connectors just be plug n play ? Thanks!
  5. Thanks! That video sure makes it seem way too easy :) but seems to be a simple install. Gotta start checking my wallet if i should get some aftermarket headlights, sadly i cant find any in Europe so there will be some extra tax to pay when buying. This forum never lets you down. thanks for the replies!
  6. Thanks! clears out things abit. Im alredy checking ebay for aftermarket led headlights, sadly i cant find any within the Eu. But the thing that will annoy me is the adjustment switch in the car, it will be useless and non working. i know its a stupid thing to be annoyed with, but its just me! i want everything in the car to be in working order.
  7. Hey guys n gals! So after the last MOT, which i passed nearly with flying colors. Only thing the mot guy complained about was that the driver side headlight adjustment didnt work ( the electronic switch from inside the car ) So is it most likely the motor is broken? and is it easy to fix ? after replacing it how do you get them on same level ? Then again i have been looking at new headlights alltogheter, almost fell in love with theese ones that are black, would look good on my black lexus ( ) But theese dont have the electronic adjustment ? will there be any warning lights coming on if u just forget all about them ? will make the switch useless. Oh and also im 99% sure i got halogens and no AFS. Sorry if they are stupid questions.
  8. Sunny day today! a good day to wax my lexus :)
  9. You should take pictures step by step and make a guide on the forums, bet there would be alot of people grateful to read it :) including me!
  10. damn, those sure would look good, probably need to remove headlights to install them ? meaning you need to remove whole bumper etc. never done that before, would be too nerve wrecking for me that i wouldn't damage/scratch something :D
  11. Gotta say it looks exactly like a shot from a air-rifle, been there done that :D ( on my own car, just to be clear! )
  12. Yupp snow here in Finland, most of its melted away now so time to put summer tires under her! Black is a bitch to keep clean! but i love the color!
  13. Had to post some pics of my is250 as a new lexus owner, god i love this car! Changed to summer tyres today! with my newly painted rims, and rinsed the car, so i had to take some pictures! The cars nothing special, will be adding the boot spoiler once i get some more cash in my wallet! also thinking of painting the calipers red when i got the spare time and better weather! Once you go black u never go back! enjoy! :)