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  1. Yes that is almost certainly deliberate to fool ANPR, I guess mostly works and because it is in funny place, neither yellow nor black screw would work. Coincidence, I don't think so - this is just support my view that we need more real police on the streets, not behind the cameras.
  2. Parking tickets

    Job to invent offences - from where I look at it, they are just criminal with the license by another name. Committing the crime, be that by fraud or ticketing wrong car or in ambiguous situation - yes it is disgusting, such criminal activity is not the job. It would be fair to note and I am guilty for not clearly pointing it out, that it is not the actual people who are disgusting, but probably their employees by creating such positions and working environment where they directly set them to penalise and harm. There is no other way about it - how on earth parking warden can have quota to meet? What if there are no parking offences, what if all cars are parked correctly - those guys are under pressure to invent offences, that is literally in their contract and you saying there is nothing fundamentally wrong with it? It could ANRP on the car, but it changes nothing if it is still inventing the offences. As situation described above by both @Britprius and @Bluesman - how did parking warden helped exactly? Both of those guys came and the place was taken by unauthorised driver, sticking the ticked helps nobody - most useless job ever, if the car would be swiftly towed away that would be usefull. Secondly, I wanted to point out that drivers are under terrible pressure finding parking spaces as council did everything to destroy every single one of them and very often you have very good reason to be where you are with car and simply have no space in 5 miles to park, even if you are willing to pay fair fee for it. So the issue is lack of parking spaces, fundamental under sight of (or deliberate act to destroy the) infrastructure. This in turn leaves driver with no option, but to park "somewhere" and than in turn leaves people with disabilities with no space. The ultimate culprit is lack of infrastructure, but it made to look like the issue are the drivers.
  3. Parking tickets

    Parking wardens is most disgusting and useless work. They literally add no value to public... whilst, I do agree somebody needs to take care of illegally parked cars, there are certainly better way - if it is bad enough then tow it away! It helps nobody that some w***** stick the ticket on it, neither they look at anything else - I mean crime can happen in front of their nose and wardens would do nothing. I think it would be much more sensible if traffic wardens would become part of police (as it was historically), because that would improve overall public safety. Secondly, nobody should get paid by the number of tickets they issue as it clearly encourages foul play. Thirdly, wardens have "quotas" to meet - so in fundamentally it is not in councils/private landlords interest to get parking in order, actually quite opposite - they create unclear situations and markings to confuse people and when that fails simply tickets random cars to meet quotas, just like that! Then obviously, it comes to registered keeper to prove it was parked correctly which sometimes is quite hard and almost impossible say on leased/company car - you just going to get ticket transferred to you to pay without chance to defend.
  4. That is pretty normal... in the range from 27-35MPG, anything above 35 you lucky and below 27 is city/traffic driving. At the moment I am getting 24-26MPH, Winter + London traffic. By the way IS mk2 trip computer is almost 100% accurate, I was comparing it brim-to-brim and in most cases it comes withing 1% difference. The only time when it gets it wrong is when you get well into reserve, but there are good reasons not to drive on reserve (e.g. like preserving fuel pump).
  5. Transformers

    I was more suprised about Lexus space ship in Valerian.... Though it gets wrecked as well. I guess that is the purpose of cars in action movies...
  6. Smug or What

    I would rather reduce benefits for..... ooopss that is way above the level of this tread. In short I do agree that taxation need to be more transparent and ring fenced, for the purpose e.g. you would think that all car related taxes would be reinvested into improving road infrastructure - far cry from that! From £30-40bn raised annually, barely £10bn gets spent (or rather wasted) per parliament term, so 90% just goes in as general taxation - nice cash cow... we are. Second point - there are large number (mostly diesel) of car which are cheap to tax based on the CO2 level, but in reality they drive around with smokescreens. Not everything can be achieved from the office desk with the tax adjustments, some people need to be on the road conducting road tests and finding and fining such cars.
  7. Parking tickets

    That is correct, I would not be surprised to get the ticket, but at the same time they should cancel it straight away when you prove you have valid permit. Like where I live I have permit to park in my specific place. It had felt of the windshield few times and once I got ticket, but company cancelled it straight away when I proven then I have permit.. now they remember my car an no longer sticks any tickets even if permit is not visible. As for why companies gets these so called "parking management/enforcement" companies - it is income. You don't need to pay them - they pay you to enforce "parking order" in your premises. Their business model is to hire a venue and to catch as many unsuspecting visitors, obviously you as an owner need to consider how that going to impact your customers. Some companies which values their customers chooses serious management companies, which install proper barriers, ensures security and mans the car park, but shopping centers or public places which works on volumes and not relationship get harshest and dumbest companies like ParkingEye or similar.
  8. Parking tickets

    I probably, should be sorry as well then... My only goal was to get to the point with layman terms without overthinking about specific legal terminology. As well I put them in the quote marks (mostly) to highlight that they are just called as such, but not actually real "fines", you are correct - they are not fines. On the flip side I believe there must be a way of enforcing parking order on private land, however the way it is currently enforced is as you said is "piracy". Going back to ParkingEye - they call themselves "parking enforcement and management company", whereas in reality they neither manage nor enforce parking order - they are only trying to catch out unsuspecting people and lure them in paying some questionable charges. Like in my case - I would have been glad to pay for that extra 30 min I spent shopping in Morrison's, but they don't even give that option - you one minute over and you have to pay £100 charge, which is ridiculous, as there is no way they can claim they lost any business when parking is free for 2 hours and I overstayed for few minutes, that just doesn't make sense. At the same time there are other companies which are completely fine, which have installed proper barriers, ANPR's, payment machines etc. And provides with legitimate way for paying for parking after free time has passed e.g. 2 hours free, then £4 for 3rd hours, £6 for 4 hours etc. As well hey have legal basis for the charges, because there are barriers, there are clear terms and conditions an you would not even be able to leave without paying what you owe. Whereas the "pirate" companies are no interested to clearly informing you about free time, or charging you for overstaying - they just want for you to overstay so they can jump-up with their guns and send you £100 charge straight away. I like what they did with clampers, which are no longer an issue nowadays - same should happen to camera cowboys. For example I now got 2 fines from some company "managing" parking for local Lidl. I don't really go shopping there, but I often pick-up my girlfriend from the railway station, as there are no parking by the station she just comes to Lidl parking for pick-up and I don't even park there, just basically drive around the and leave. Somehow the company managed to send me charge twice asking for £60, one time stating that I overstayed allowed 45 min by 4hours (4h45min) and second time by nearly 6 hours?! surely that is fraudulent and illegal for them to even claim that and they must have forged the time stamps on the pictures from CCTV.. at most I spend 1min in the parking at the time - how comes they can have 6 and 4 hours wrong.. twice. Anyway.. I agree - this has to stop. The sooner the better.
  9. Smug or What

    They just going to tax you on something else - government will always find way to tax. I think my only problem is that nobody is interested in really understanding pollution problem and design correct solution to reduce it. So we tax cars on exhaust emission, before it was purely CO2 , now NOx came into picture, but there are much more pollutants, particle matter, heavy metals, chemicals etc. Even electric or hybrids cars still pollutes, in making batteries and in electricity they use. I think it is just wrong to only focus about pollution coming directly from the car whilst turning blind eye on global pollution problems.. But again I am not expecting anything to change as for government is convenient to scapegoat drivers, because we are easy unorganised targets even though transportation only contributes 14% of overall pollution, and heating, electricity, farming and heavy industries all contribute much more, but none are publicly crucified, because they have large and powerful lobbies behind them.
  10. Parking tickets

    I don't miss the point, I know the difference very well. I just generically refer to them as "parking fines/tickets" even though you are correct - for parking on private land you just get invoices even though most of enforcement companies calls them PCN's in the same fashion as council or police - sounds more serious/official I guess. Overall, it serves the same purpose, but the enforcement procedure is completely different - I would almost call private landlord "fines" non-enforceable, in almost all possible scenarios it will cost more for the company to enforce it, then they would get back. They only do that from principle to scare people, but if they would need to do it on bigger scale their fraudulent business would quickly become unsustainable. The standard procedure is that they issue £100 fine which is reduced to £60 if you pay in 14 days. That is smart psychologic game they play making impression that you gaining something by complying, whereas in reality there are very slim chances of actually enforcing the "fine". They game is that they send 100 bogus fines and 30 of them going to get paid because people won't question and will get scared, other 70 will never get paid except of 1 in a million where they will do publicity stunt and takes it to the highest court they can. The other 70 which have at least the slimmest chance of enforcing are sold to debt collectors for something like £5-£20 based on chances to enforce it. The debt collectors game is to send scary letter which costs them maybe £1, again probably 10 out of 70 gets paid, another 60 are sold to another company for few £ and it goes circles like that. I guess in the end like 50 fines are never paid. One other fact to note - by selling you personal information and "fine" parking company breaches the data protection law. Actually, I know there are plants now that DVLA will stop selling personal data, meaning fraudsters like ParkingEye will be blown out of water. That is because you not in debt to them until the court actually says so, they have no right to transfer your data to third party collectors. When I raise this with debt collectors and threaten to sue them for breach of data protection, I almost always never hear from that company again, few month later different debt collection company sends me letter and everything goes through the same loop again. Eventually, after like a year nobody wants to buy the debt because it is clear that debtor is legal nutcase and won't budge without the court... and going to court is not their goal, their goal is to scare people to pay quoting non-existent laws and make quick £100 on their £21 investment.
  11. Parking tickets

    I almost never pay any penalties without appealing, even if I know I am wrong and in my experience majority of my appeals are accepted and fines removed. There are however major difference between appealing the fine from Council, from Police and form private landlord. Police fines are most of the time not worth appealing, first of all because most of the time they are correct, secondly because you automatically need to go to court and plead not guilty to entire charge even if you just disagree with part of it, this almost guaranteed to cost you more time an money. Council fines can be appealed successfully and I have done so in several occasions, but you need to have very good grounds for it e.g. missing sign with evidence. Councils make money this way, literally setting-up traps to catch out motorists and this is not part of their income stream (disgusting) but that is the reason why they are not willing to let you off from anything and will pursue you to the court for smallest fine. Private landlords fines are most of the time are bogus, not legally valid or enforceable. Just in last year I got like 4 fines which were all false, identifying wrong time etc. and all were cancelled upon appeal. Parking on private land without permit is actually not a crime, it is just breach of implied contract, however it is up-to landlord to prove the signs were present and that you can be held responsible for breaching the contract - they have to do it in court at their own cost and cannot transfer the legal costs to you (unless some exceptional circumstances). So if you get fine from say one of bogus companies like ParkingEye (they are not parking company, they are fraudsters) the worst damage they can do to you, they can enforce you to pay original £100 fine in the court instead of £60 with discount, but the whole process is going to cost them like £1000. As such it is very unlikely to ever be taken to court unless you breaching contract continuously and become real nuisance for the parking company. Obviously, the best way is to at least try to appeal to them if you have grounds for appeal, use POPLA if needed - they are quite reasonable. But if all fails it is still very unlikely they will sue you and even then if they win the worst you need to do is to pay original fine. In cases where you have valid permit 99% of the time the parking companies will cancel the fine - I haven't yet come across the instance where private parking company would try to enforce "permit not displayed", because this would automatically fail in court. Reason behind it - unlike councils, private landlords have to prove "lost business" in court - and if you have valid permit - there is clearly no lost business for them - case automatically fails. The only case I have ever failed to appeal was for ParkingEye in Morrison's car park - I have used Morisson's store and the parking stated "for customers only" There were no clear signs "up-to 2 hours", nor ParkingEye contract displayed near the entrance to car park. There was one near the entrance to the store itself - but that doesn't meet legal requirements. I spent 2h and 24min in the store and they issued the fine. I appealed on the grounds not valid contract was displayed and ParkingEye dismissed my appeal - they sen't me 100 letters in first 2 years threatening me with various actions, but never done anything - I have not heard from them for at least last 2 years now. As far as parking fines goes my goal is always to incur maximum costs to parking company before paying-up by which times they most of the time abandon their bid to recover it. That is not really true, they can only sue you for original fine instead of discounted amount. The way they increase the fine, they keep selling the fine between different debt collectors which adds collection charge on top of fine before suing. From my experience debt collectors almost always abandon their bind and just sell own the debt to other company when you comeback with the list of holes in their legal reasoning.
  12. Deposit

    @Richard1200 - as I said I don't meant to be negative especially as this topic is about you getting new car. I have no intentions to question your needs or reasoning behind it, furthermore going back to what I have said - it is that most people get it for pointless reasons and not that the car is pointless. If you live in country side with rough B roads and no off-road, then probably SUV is going to be more comfortable due to extra travel in suspension and taller tires, but for the rest - the city, A roads, motorway, offroad.. it is not so good. That is exactly my point and sort of worry - AWD is clearly pointless on car like this and I was worried Lexus will follow NX set-up where you can only get SE with 2WD and if you want anything else you will have to have AWD, which unnecessary increases car price and probably increases fuel consumption as well.
  13. It is all down to the skill and winter tires. The reason I have traded my original IS250 F-sport to BMW 328xi, was exactly the harsh winter we have where I came from... meter of snow and temperatures often going to -30C, several month of at least -15C. However, very soon I realised there were very little advantage and mostly it was the question of having right tires. In summary, you need practice to know how the car handles on snow, anticipate that behavior and don't expect to go faster then 30MPH if you don't have proper winter tires. Driving on summer tires even in mildest winter going to be challenging - mostly you need to predict and anticipate everything and if something going to get in your way unexpectedly.. almost no skill going to help - you will slide until you hit something solid. Obviously, British winters are a bit of the joke and just and nice opportunity to go a little bit sideways on barely wet road. I am not trying to say British drivers are in any way worse, but it would be naive to expect to develop winter driving skills when you have on average 1 day of snow per year. Talking about Lexus IS250, it is very compliant RWD car.. in no way different from any other car. What makes Lexus a little bit safer is very intrusive stability control, which doesn't really turn-off and prevents you from having any fun or eventually crashing. As such I never had any issues in winter, or at leat no more issue then with any other car. Again if you have right tires for the task and little bit experience, it is possible to go very fast even in winter condition.
  14. You don't need to be sorry, but at the same time factually both mk2 and mk3 uses same D4S bulbs and very similar (if not the same) lenses for Xenons, so there is no way mk3 can be significantly better than mk2. If you comparing xenon vs. halogen then it is obviously incomparable, but that is not because mk2 has candles instead of headlights, but because halogen is inferior to xenon - in any car.
  15. Deposit

    that must be nightmare then... somewhat far from the dream car by any measure. Anyway - I am not meant to be negative I am just not in the SUV thing at all - pointless thing for city, pointless thing off the road, but every single manufacturer and car journalist feeds them to everyone. I might sound like grandpa - but I see this not-so-new SUV trend as a bad thing. Especially, the latest iteration of super-mini-city-SUVs (aka crossover) -... yes I know there are actually people who pays money for Nissan Joke (Juke )... so Lexus UX is last of my worries. That brings back to point @ColinBarber - I am not surprised they will make UX250h AWD version... equally I doubt it would make any difference if they wouldn't.. Same as CT was fine being FWD. Anyway... I wish new owners much joy! and now I am off of this off topic