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  1. Looked very tidy in and out, there were quite a bit of swirls... but hey what are we talking about "swirls" on 115k miles car. However, I noticed that thing like seats were in very good shape for age/mileage, no noticeable bolster wear indicating that it was doing more of longer motorway miles, rather then short city in and outs. Wheels and PSS tyres in perfect shape indicating that car was cared for both cosmetically and from "good driving car" perspective. Further have not see expected stone chips on the front, obviously all limited to the detail in the pictures. For me the key was that it had sunroof, which is rather rare find on IS-F.
  2. The one for £12700 disappeared as quickly as it appeared and I understand why, perfectly specced car - black with sunroof!!. Haven't noticed the tow bar, but now it is too late anyway 😄 me back at figuring out how I will finance BMW i8
  3. Linas.P

    Break disc

    The difference is only in rear. Front is always 296 vented, rear can be 310 vented or 291 solid.
  4. For sat nav I would suspect it is something wrong with NAV disc which just errors all the system. This is based on that everything else works, but not "destination" - probably starts reading disk and crashes. One way or another you not loosing much as entire touchscreen system and sat-nav is total junk in Lexus (even late ones). I had IS250 with sat-nav for over a year ant literally never used it even once - got into the car checked it works and never had a reason to use it. And my one was apparently "latest and greatest" ever fitted in these cars - late 2012 car with HDD sat-nav. As for car documentation - mot certificates are useless , you can check entire history online. As for car not having any repair bills that is expected - I am 90% sure nothing has broken on it to the date. I got my SE-L with ~120k miles and up to that point nothing has ever broken down or been fixed - have entire history with me and only oils and consumables were changed e.g. brake pads, disk, calipers (often seizes on these cars), tyres and filters. Now driven the car for another 60k miles over 4 years ad again nothing has failed except of thing I have broken "myself": Had to replace washer motors, because it has frozen over abroad with junk "british -20c" washer fluid, which frozen over at -17c A/C pump because Lexus topped up coolant without checking for leaks and blew high pressure pipe New HID bulbs at ~147k (old ones were still the ones from the factory). That is all in 60k miles on 120k miles car without previous repairs. As long as it has FLSH that is all you should care about - it would be unusual for IS250 to have anything else.
  5. But you can do favour for Lexus community get your car "tunned" and the refunded (just because it is clear they cannot deliver what is promised) 😄 I would actually bet £50 that it won't be 20Nm/HP and certainly not across the range (meaning if it actually works and you keep the tune - you can keep £50 as well, if it is refunded then I take my £50 back). But the only way to prove is to do dyno before and after (better with independent garage).
  6. Well, it is quite simple - less restrictive exhaust almost always going to loose in low end torque for high end horse power. Meaning that you can potentially do quicker 0-60, but slower 0-15...
  7. That is how you spot most of the diesels anyway 😄 but I agree when chipping done incorrectly it just makes the problem worse. I guess most common "mod" is to DPF delete + chip a.k.a "coalroller mode".... just makes me sick listening to diesel drivers how they "improved the performance". @bellaby - did you as well said that you go drop in low torque or was that somebody else with custom exhaust?
  8. Yes sadly we don't have IS350 here. .. I guess it would be possible to "feel" if the tune-up would add 20HP @2000rpm.. but at 6500 I doubt one could feel it at all. As for the mods you have - do you feel the difference have you tried to dyno car to see if they made any difference?
  9. I can imagine some peak power can be gained by lifting rev limit, but that is not because they tune-up the engine, rather because they let it destroy itself more. As for torque I doubt it can be done on this engine altogether. You know.. they said "no hassle refund" - so I guess we can try just for giggles. Do dyno before the tune, do dyno after tune and if it is not 20hp and 18Nm... I get my money back!
  10. Bunch of nonsense in their website - The gearbox ECU on IS250 is self-learning, if you want remap then just disconnect the battery for 15 min and let it reset. Then drive the way you want and it will set the gearbox accordingly. I have driven mine like stolen for few days and then realised gear changes became very sharp and unsubtle, then had few nice weekend drives just cruising around - got back to buttery smooth. As for the engine - again nonsense. Where they getting that "extra peak power and torque"? It is atmospheric engine, more air and more fuel can make more power, where does extra air comes from? Throttle response I can understand - there is little button in IS250 which says "sport/snow" - it does exactly the same thing - sharpens throttle response. In other hand it is not like throttle response is "laggy" in IS250 - that is the strength of NA v6. And just to prove it is non-sense here is comparison between IS250 and Aston Martin Rapide text In short they just have generic text with "insert" vehicle info of all vehicles 😄
  11. Linas.P

    Trainers to match your CT200h F Sport interior

    Maybe as well get Lexus glasses to match "your new trainers" 😄
  12. There is something strange with Lexus Gatwick, they pictures are always pixelated and unbelievably low quality + it seems like quality is artificially reduced (i.e. not taken on Nokia phone from 2004, but reduced in size after). Maybe they have employed some weirdo intern for pictures?! My Lexus dear is attacking me at least twice a week with offer to buy IS300h which apparently defines "sporty and dynamic driving"... but when it comes to prices it seems you only get good offer on GS. I have tried to negotiate the price with Lexus Sheffield and both times they dropped the price by over £3000 without much issue, both times somebody snapped the cars in few days so I could not get any further.
  13. Or just spares 🙂 Interestingly I am monitoring RC-F prices as well. RC-F seems to be picking up the pace with trade-ins after summer, but prices not as good as they were early this year or even early last year. in 2017 one could get nearly new (under 10k miles) RC-F for £32k, early this year we had prices hitting £28k, but on much higher miles cars. Now it seems even higher miles cars are still in range of £33k. Hoping for them to drop significantly by the end of the year.
  14. Had 2018 BMW 3-series as loaner for couple of weeks and same story, even disregarding diesel engine Lexus is still nicer place to be. Strangely, my experiences is the same when going up to new Lexus with one-size-fits all 300h engine. Now it is not to say IS300h is not great car, but value for money proposition is very poor when comparing 10 years old IS250 for £5k and 2 years old IS300h for 20k... that 15k literally gives you nothing extra. Ok you get slightly higher MPG, but you loosing double that on depreciation, probably the only real improvement is phone integration, bt audio (for those who care).. but loosing sound and smoothness under acceleration, overall not much more. So if IS250 is 90% there for full package, IS300h for 4 times the price is more like just 75% as good. I am starting to hate my IS250... it is very hard car to replace!!