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  1. Yes that is incorrect, Auto is now £305 if I am not mistaken, went up from £295 (bas.....). As for the car look clean, but pricey - nearly £5000 for very early model (2006) and average mileage. I have seen car with much lower miles and cheaper.
  2. Yes HIDs are pricey, I waited for the deal and paid ~£45. Looks expensive, but when I replaced mine after 8 years and 170k miles the old bulbs were factory ones... in similar mileage/age one would probably had replaced halogens 20 times. Replacing them is real pain - my neighbour though I am replacing engine... LED sidelights are actually good deal - they will outlast the car, so basically you paying £8 once and have the bulbs forever.
  3. That is what I have fitted: (main beam - do not recommend as it is pink-ish not really matching)
  4. Kind of late to IS220d bashing party .... I know original question was already answered and OP persuaded away from IS220d (thanks god!). Personally, just wanted to touch on the budget and type of use i.e. for £2000 you are looking in completely beaten-up car which is definitely going to give you headache in the shape of IS220d - these low cost ones are especially to be avoided. Second point the use - I see people say that diesel=cancer.... I cannot completely agree, on motorway they will still give you best mileage at lowest cost and they are still more environment friendly in such case, but you need to be doing 20-30k miles/year predominately on motorway. In which case IS220d is fine... I would personally go for newer IS200d for ~£4000 you get yourself 2010/2011 car. However, if you do under 8k diesel is out of question and "thirsty" petrol not going to matter in such low mileage anyhow, probably going to work out about the same on fuel (considering diesel is now 11p more expensive), but you wont have any maintenance costs. For £2000 you not getting IS250 though... certainly not in decent shape, I would say £4000 minimum with good service history but astronomical miles, or £5500 for "low miles" (~80k considering age) and good history.
  5. As you can see - I have Osram Cool Blue intense dipped (HIDs) and Cool Blue intense Main beam and they do not match. Cool blue intense HIDs is completely white main looks "pink-ish". @is200newbie - yes light 1 in picture is a side light. I replaced that with Osram LED Premium Cool White for perfect match to HIDs. P.S. I am surprised how clean your light lenses are.... almost looks like they were replaced :)
  6. Standard HIDS are 4300k. Assuming yours are standard you might have issues matching the colour. LEDs are usually 5500-6000k, halogens are usually 3200k.... However, Kelvins (K) are kind of misleading - halogens will always tend to be yellowish (unless some funky blue), LEDs (especially cheaper ones tends to be blue-ish)... and HIDs with 4300K will be more white then halogens claiming to be 5300K... I mean even for same K rating you not going to have exact match between different type of bulbs. From experience any good quality HIDs ~5500-6000K will match any good quality LEDs around same rating - Because they simply going to be pure white (which is what you ideally want - yellow or blue indicates poor quality or "vintage" technology). So HID for dipped, LED for side lights, LED for fog lights.... but I personally have not found any cure for main beam - need to find powerful enough LED bulb I guess. Here is old thread for comparison... my dipped + side lights matches, but main (5300k halogen) looks pink-ish. I am not that bothered about main beam or fogs to be honest..
  7. Great news.... long overdue. So tired with all re...... with their "pimped-up" death ray headlights explaining that they "do not dazzle". No pun intended @johnatg - I know they can be done "right"... but now lets be reasonable, how many people do them "right"? 2%, 5%.... I doubt even that. Especially, now when it goes dark early going back home is real pain... either people drive without lights in the dark, or they drive with mains, or with "super duper xenons". Funniest thing, when you blind them back with mains, they turn on their "main beam" which is actually less bright then they "dipped" one - explain that!
  8. Ant that makes sense, because almost any Toyota/Lexus uses identical studs (90942-02049) from Toyota Supra to Lexus LX570, even CT200h.... same stud same torque.
  9. for 4,5 years I am doing brim to brim on IS250 and difference is ~ +/-1%.... should I pull out my spreadsheet now? The trip computer range prediction maybe? That is obviously just a guesstimate based on last tank... but the tank MPG you get at the end of the tank is dead accurate. I always fill full tank until it clicks (twice for good measure) and I always run it to completely empty... I am not sure maybe that helps, maybe if you refill half way then it gets incorect?
  10. my best was ~580 miles (~900km) from tank on fairly fast roads 90-100MPH. But that is pretty much most you could expect as I filled like 62L in the end, meaning it was half way through reserve. Cannot agree - I have found IS250 MPG reading to be dead accurate comparing vs. brim to brim, the newer hybrids are wildly optimistic.
  11. What I personally found with breaker yards - they usually will tell you ridiculous price for small bits just to get rid of you e.g. headlight washer covers - £50. Original colour coded Lexus ones from dealer are £18. Point being - majority of breaker yards works selling full packages for accident repair e.g. full front replacement for say £1000 - they just not bothered to wonder in dirt to get you a clip which realistically has value of £2.
  12. I guess it makes sense if you don't want to fiddle around with leased car which many Lexus'es are, they will obviously warranty the works and knowing Woodford you can probably get 30% discount on all matter together with service plan. Obviously, so owner of older Lexus it makes no sense - I got myself decent quality Full HD dashcam from amazon a while back for something like £49 and wiring kit for £12, with all fuses and battery protection. Fitting did not took much longer then 30 min anyway.
  13. What this link doesn't show is that there is black plastic clip which you need to actually attach the washer jet cap, to washer jet. I had lost mine in similar circumstances and then shop fixing my car ordered and fitted it ~£19 for colour coded (CO in the end is the code) part from Lexus (not sure if this is with or without VAT). However, they didn't order the black plastic clip and simply stuck it in the bumper - in result the first time I accidentally used headlight washers (as I otherwise never ever had any reason to use them), the caps simply flew off. Now I got back to the same shop to order me some more and this time attach them to something ...
  14. Looked very tidy in and out, there were quite a bit of swirls... but hey what are we talking about "swirls" on 115k miles car. However, I noticed that thing like seats were in very good shape for age/mileage, no noticeable bolster wear indicating that it was doing more of longer motorway miles, rather then short city in and outs. Wheels and PSS tyres in perfect shape indicating that car was cared for both cosmetically and from "good driving car" perspective. Further have not see expected stone chips on the front, obviously all limited to the detail in the pictures. For me the key was that it had sunroof, which is rather rare find on IS-F.
  15. The one for £12700 disappeared as quickly as it appeared and I understand why, perfectly specced car - black with sunroof!!. Haven't noticed the tow bar, but now it is too late anyway 😄 me back at figuring out how I will finance BMW i8