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  1. ES is not in the same league with 5-Series or E-Class, no matter how hard Lexus would try to market it as such, I give you that it is equivalent to 4-Series GC, not 3-series. Secondly, I find it hard to believe rear legroom is that much important for high mileage drivers (unless we talking exec-taxis here). I can appreciate the sentiment of having something different from the rest, yet somehow don't see appeal when that something different is so much worse. Finally, what exactly you find wrong about the statement that "ES is for drivers who don't care about driving?" Seems to fit your case - comfortable and quiet place to be and don't care about speeds or handling... isn't that correct then?
  2. For what Lexus ES is wouldn't BIK saving be better on BMW330e and MB C350e?
  3. @Northern isf - my humble opinion looking into both responses: 1. has everything you need and that is pretty much end of story. AF confirmed you did not have policy with them, no policy means no contractual agreement and not contractual agreement means they cannot demand anything from you, including but not limited to any claims, debts etc. In theory that should be enough to get rid of debt collector or to prove innocence in court. Later is better for.. reasons. If you send this over to debt collects they simply going to sell this on and 3 month later you going to get welcome letter from another scum farm. If you let debt collectors to pursue this in court and get the court to stab them in the ***, then it is most likely going to be sorted for good.I mean they can still try to sell it on, but by the time you have bulletproof case ready to go for supreme court. Part 2 of the e-mail is BS. They have no business asking who owned the car (it is irrelevant) - what is important they didn't have contract with you (and you with them) to cover it. If they paid out that is though luck for them, because anything coming out of it is not of your problem. It is like saying - "yes we do not have contract with you to build house extension on your neighbours house, but we still built it and he didn't pay - now prove that you neighbour house is not yours". 2. it makes no sense for me... In the first e-mail they already confirmed there is no relationship between them and yourself. What they did, or didn't do is irrelevant by now. The debt their pursuing can only arise from contractual agreement, you don't have one in place - means any debt which arose from whatever error is not your problem. If they lost money by mistake.. they have to write it off or pursue correct debtor. 3-ish... this story should not impact and must not impact your renewal. If it does, then this would count as a "material damage" and could be pursued in court. My next step here would be to reply to second e-mail stating following... (I will PM as we kind of have a leak here). No disrespect for Dan and I appreciate people advertising product and ones supporting customers, or even enforcing debts could be separate teams in separate cities or even countries, but there is no point to openly strategise here with full view of opponent.
  4. That did include refilling fluids, vacuuming the air filter, changing parking and main beam... and other stuff which seems logical once under the bonnet. You right - if you just go for it, have done it before, have all the tools ready... it is probably 15 min each.
  5. I went for Osram, I believe with some discount they were £46 instead of normal £80, so no that much different from generic brands. As well considering how difficult it is to get to the bulbs I would rather spend few £ more (or over long term the same) and save myself few hours of taking out air boxes and washer fluid fillers. If original bulbs are anything to go by lasted 10 years as well... now I still have 7+ years of worry free lights. As well Nightbreakers made massive difference at first - I had to check few times I am not running main beam.
  6. The BIK part I have no issue with, I have included it because of the statement - "why everyone compares hybrid to diesel?", this is why Lexus does it themselves. And I don't have an issue with clearly advertisement part of the... well advertisement. However, I think we both agree that the part where it says lighter and faster is borderline "misleading advertisement". When it comes to video, you probably could interpret it that way.. it used brakes to break winch - that probably makes more sense actually. But just before car stopping you can hear car revving-up and tacho-needle going all the way up. The sound ES300h makes apparently is V8 super-car - that is where I have a problem... it is hard to deny they play on car "dynamics" which is ES300h weakest point. Obviously, me saying it is hardly powerful enough to move the car is subjective and I do not even consider somebody would take it seriously, but my first point is that Lexus clearly sees power, speed, acceleration and sound the key to the car appeal - all things ES do not have. It does however have style, economy, reliability and arguably build quality - apart style Lexus doesn't really show other strong areas of the car. Second point is that Lexus build unrealistic expectation for their "self-charging hybrids" - with my reasonable hat on I can say they are "okey cars", but Lexus keeps advertising them as "capable sports cars" which leads to disappointment when you actually get into one. I don't know if that means Lexus advertisement worked on me and I am the only one who took it too literally... maybe other people only look into BIK figures at the bottom of advert?! @dutchie01 - I know being ignorant for facts makes life so much easier ( that is not to say you ignorant) ... I am just different person, I actually care that my choice is objectively right. Sometimes however I have to point this out to myself - "Linas you have been researching hex vs torx wood screws for 2 hours now - the box of 200 is £2.99... just click 'buy now' because it is too trivial to even care to research". However, when talking about 1 in 3-5 years purchase for £30-£40k.. that is not trivial so I could get hang-up for a while 🙂
  7. There is A/C for that - I would never drive with windows open. I guess makes sense for smokers maybe?! Re GS - probably "tubed-out", certainly no arc lining, totally pointless and undrivable car - as any other "low rider" or "VIP"they are only for show. I though Lexus GS, LS are almost primary VIP cars:
  8. Ok so AI wrote the script of video, but then pesky human in Lexus HQ UK added blatant lies to spicy-it-up aka ruin it... Well done Lexus! I think to summarise - good products don't need elaborate advertisement, but sh*** products like ES... throw AI at it, champagne, gold dust it is so fundamentally bad... nothing even lies not going to make it look better. And what is all about "intuitive people"... I think you playing fools game here - any intuitive person should sense this (letter specifically) to be lie.
  9. Don't want to start another thread essentially bashing crater which is called Lexus ES300h... + it is kind of related to the review when it comes comparing hybrid to the diesel. Some might be aware of the advertising campaign, not sure if it is aired in UK as I don't really watch TV, but it can be found on youtube - called "Lexus add created by AI". What we certainly get in UK is the letter (I guess if you are Lexus owner or Talk to Lexus club member)... so I have received one - obviously for me it is just short of insulting and that is why I continue pouring my dissatisfaction with where the Lexus has gone. Where it relates to this thread - Lexus compares themselves based on BIK to exactly same 3 diesel rivals: Obviously, they make big deal from BIK, but fails to mention the other 3 are better, faster cars and overall cost less to finance based on normal 3 year lease. And BIK only counts if you could get company car - if you leasing yourself it makes literally no difference. What pisses me off the most is obviously this: ES is "lighter" and "faster" than IS... fu***** BS. why did you even put obvious lie?! maybe "AI" compared it to mk3 IS specs, not mk2... poor AI I would say... but the problem is that ES300h is heavier than both an slower then both - more leg room for the passengers.. that is true, but "faster" and "quicker" that really annoys me. And then I have to fight horde trolls claiming it is, because Lexus said so and they never bothered to actually fact check-it. And when I do fact checking for them and prove it is heavier and slower - the answer is... "well yes, but it does not matter". If it does not matter why do you think marketing people put it there? Because it does matter, but after sinking a lot of money in buying new slower and heavier car is little bit "inconvenient" to admit. Overall, very nice letter - design wise cannot fault it, but advertisement has to have some reverence to the truth.. no it is just obvious lie targeting fools... And the video itself maybe would be suitable for ES-F if they decide to make one, but for ES300h it makes me cringe... yeah sure engine which has not power to even move the car properly broke 1000hp which used for crash testing... what a farce.
  10. So... have they actually painted the car/part or it was paint-less dent removal?
  11. Yes - hence my point, consider ECU as "engine control unit" is incorrect in most cases, with exception of where it actually control engine.
  12. You right to say that smartphone apps does not usually support more advance configuration (although Carista does have some of that), but that is not limitation of OBD2 reader itself - interface is the same. When it comes to Lexus (not sure about other cars) you could find all errors including ABS by connecting to "ECU". Yes ABS have it's own controlling module, and there are dozen similar modules for all different things, but what we need to be clear OBD2 connect to all of these modules as long as they have connection and are programmable. "ECU" (Engine Control Unit) is misused term back from the days when only the engine had control unit. OBD2 does not actually connect specifically to engine control unit, it connects to bunch of individual sensors and some of them are part of various units. What I am saying?! - in theory you can all the same on the app as you can do on any cable, bt or wifi readers, they all connect to the same. The difference only comes to "generic" applications and car "specific" applications. So specifically Toyota/Lexus TechStream will have largest coverage of the options available for Lexus and they would be better described with proper names and not generic codes.
  13. ...But most of the market are and the review is for them - for the people leasing new cars. That is literally what car wow does.
  14. No.. you missing the point. All reviews are reviewing car as it is now i.e. "new with warranty". For most of new car buyers reliability (within reason) is irrelevant, I don't know exact figure so don't quote me on that but like 70% of new cars are leased. This means buyers literally do not care how reliable car will be 60k miles and 5 years down the road. Even the worst new cars would still cover 100k without much of an issue, by which time they will be long long time part-exed. Reliability becomes a factor only in used car market, but for that you should look Scotty Kilmer or Regulal Car reviews, or whatever 3rd tier channels... not Car wow.