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  1. I think you will find out soon that you post will be regarded as advertisement and removed, I believe you need to be gold member to do it here. Anyhow - selling cars and setting up the price is pretty much supply and demand thing i.e. how sought after is the car you selling + how quickly and desperately you need to sell it, or how quickly and desperately other party wants to buy it. If you want to sell car at bit higher price it needs to stand out in some way - some rare option, some desirable features etc. Otherwise you go and check what your age, mileage and spec cars selling for. The car not in the most desirable colour, it is not the most desirable brand in UK, it had no standing out features, the price is about right so no deal to be made, the condition is about right as well... I would not expect for people to flock for the price - it is not a bargain (and maybe you not intending it to be.. which is fine). Overall, £5500 for year and conditions seems reasonable (in fact I could not find better car in the price rage at the moment), but that is only in case you are prepared to wait literally months until it sells. If that is the case, keep it at that price... I think is very fair, but if you expect quick sell then you might be disappointed especially if you only using ebay (people then to look for a bargains there).
  2. Linas.P

    IS300h - mpg question

    What is boring is that Lexus only gives option of 300h nowadays. I haven't really consider BMW as company car, not sure what you are referring to - the only thing I might have said Lexus 300h option is not allowed with new company car salary sacrifice schemes (from 2017), only BMW530/330e (and similar plug-in hybrids). So I said Lexus missed the trick with compliance in UK.
  3. Linas.P

    IS300h - mpg question

    I think one more thing to note - Average speed on free flowing motorway in UK is 82MPH (according to ONS 2016). Hybrid will always be more fuel efficient if you cannot get past 70MPH, I quite specifically stated petrol only becomes ~ comparable @80MPH and more fuel efficient @90MPH. Argument is purely theoretical in UK as in theory anything over 70MPH is illegal, but in other more sensible countries with 140KPH limits or more that becomes quite relevant. When I say motorway, for me that mean cruise set @80MPH indicated (which is ~73.5 GPS) literally for 100s of miles - I do sometimes cancel cruise, but try to never brake (hypermyling of sorts)... if you get into traffic or if you fighting for outside lane i.e. accelerating to 90, then braking to back to 50 when 4 axle freaking crane creeps into 4th lane... that is not motorway driving. That I call "British road madness"... and there you certainly better with hybrid. Anyhow going back to my practical example from my life - if I would have had IS300h instead of IS250 for last 4 years I would have saved £400 for my mixed driving. At the same time I woudl have lost £4000 in depreciation (comparison apples to oranges as obviously this is between mk2 and mk3), however if I would have say BMW 320d, it would have saved me £2000 only because of motorway MPG (probably would have spent £1000 on DPF and another £800 of plastic timing chain gears, but that is the topic for another day). Point I am trying to make - sort of for and against at the same time. In the city hybrid will save so much money compared with petrol that it is worth considering, if you do quite a bit of motorway then the saving will be negligible. Even considering rather outdated IS250 mk3... I would rather have it with nice smooth petrol v6, than save £400 and drive anaemic hybrid. I am not saying Petrol will be better on motorway or hybrid woudl be outright bad, but the cost saving will be negligible.
  4. If I may... I would like to avoid commenting on the looks of you car interior. I think as long as it makes you happy that is what matters....
  5. Linas.P

    ECU Mapping IS200D F Sport

    Just to note - there were endless list of issues with Lexus IS220d, so what Lexus did with 200d to make it more reliable was obviously upgrading head gasket, few other parts and de-tuning the engine. By chipping your car basically you going to convert the car back into 220d, maybe should have got 220d to begin with, or if power is an issue then maybe 250 altogether. P.S. Noted it is zombie thread, but comments still relevant.
  6. Pick up or Courtesy car is standard option.
  7. I am not some sort of expert, but I do like detailing my car and spend some considerable time researching best products and techniques. Unsealed leather doesn't really exists in modern cars (I am sure there are exceptions), Lexus semi-aniline leather is still type of sealed leather. Yes it is not heavily sealed leather of 80s and 90s where you could literally peel layer of lacquer, but it is still sealed. Unsealed leather is actually very very absorbent (think Chamois), you drop water on it and it will absorb it within seconds. This is something I found quickly just to illustrate the point Now I think it is worth clarifying terminology - Conditioner is a product based on organic or mineral oil, which works by being absorbed into say leather. If you apply this on sealed leather heavy enough and leave it long enough you likely going to ruin it. It will absorb more in to little wrinkles, seams and perforations and will give "cloudy"/dirty looks which you will never get out of it. Well that is unless "vintage looks" is your sort of thing. Sealant - is usually a spray, which contains some sort of solids which seals by bonding to leather and sitting on top. That is what is best to use on any modern leather or vinyl. I have seen several products called conditioners (mostly dirty cheap kind junk), but they are not - they look conditioner "like", but often contains silicone and works like a sealant leaving leaving layer of silicone on top. This is kind of lazy marketing, instead of educating consumer, they simply slap the name which ignorant consumers expects... "conditioner". Autoglym is one of those products, they call it "balm" - "feeds and protects"... I call it BS. They as well say it contains "natural" oils, but product doesn't have ingredients label so hell knows what is in it, if it has oils then very very little - I mean 0.5% maybe, because Autoglym not entirely stupid, they know that if they product would contain a lot of oil it would ruin most of seats. Anyhow - it is best for modern leather to keep it only sealed, leaving any sort of conditioner (be it fake one which cannot penetrate and ruin it) only going to work like springboard for dirt to stick, accumulate and wear down the leather prematurely.
  8. +2 for Dodo juice. Clean leather has to be matte not shiny... and please please... do not use conditioners - they do not work on sealed leather!
  9. Linas.P

    IS300h - mpg question

    There are no comparison between diesel and IS300h... hybrid will be much smoother and more comfortable to drive. But it isn't as smooth as straight NA petrol and certainly not even worth comparing to LS.
  10. Depends what qualifies as a "gift". For fuel sensor seal they fill 1/4 of the tank with petrol, but that was part of the fix i.e. they cannot prove it does not leak if the car is low on fuel, but I had mine with half tank and got it back with nearly full. Other got Lexus "branded" sweets and water bottles, but that is more dealership and your relationship specific. I heard more remote dealers say in Scotland do put some free fuel as well when it comes to recalls perhaps because you made that journey "because of Lexus fault" and you wouldn't have done otherwise... but hat is kind of exception rather than rule... I would not expect much ... always better, because if you get something in the end it will feel better 😄
  11. Yes, it could be done at the same time, I did mine with service - you need to book it thought, because they will need to order part etc. You cannot assume they simply going to do it themselves as part of the service. Although, last time when I booked service the lady checked if I don't have any outstanding re-calls before booking me in.
  12. Have you recently bought the car? It is couple of year now since petrol line seal and airbag recalls happened. The only reason I can think of - previous owner have ignored the letters and once you bought the car it triggered new notification.
  13. Linas.P

    IS300h - mpg question

    Practice... I do mixed driving, but often I work in Paris or Geneva... which means Monday morning 5AM Romford to Gatwick and Friday 9PM back again on fairly empty M25/M23. Autopilot is set to undisclosed speed all the way without single touch of the brakes (with exception of Dartford) and I know that I get better MPG in IS250 than IS/RC300h. Done it 100s of times in IS250, once in RC300h and 4 times in IS300h. Now obviously in light of low MPG thread that is probably not true anymore, but here I am saying what the car can do. @wharfhouse - again that is true, for mixed driving hybrid is better than diesel or petrol. It depends how much of that mixed driving one is doing and what kind of mix you are getting. The point I was making - the real benefits of hybrids are in the city (or be that electric car), that is why urban and extra urban fuel consumtion is nearly the same. As I mentioned people who do 300 miles day on motorway, there are ones (and I know few) who drive car 3 times per week in central London for 5-10 miles. I would not suggest to buy the diesel for them... heck I would have Ferrari if that would be the case... because if you do 30 miles a week fuel consumtion is not a concern. There are taxi drivers in the city as well... hybrids are game changers (hence all drives Prius now).
  14. Linas.P

    IS300h - mpg question

    Both of you above... Did I say petrol is better then hybrid for mixed driving? No I haven said that... Yes for mixed driving you will get better MPG on IS300h... Did I say diesel is better for congested motorway? driving in queuing traffic with speeds between 40-60MPH? I haven't said that either... But not all motorways are always congested and there are people who literally do 300miles per day on motorway... diesel is better for that. Sounds like a tractor... yes it does.. not so much the issue inside. Do not read between the lines and invent thing I haven't said. OP asked - why extra urban MPG for IS300h is similar to urban one - because it is similar in practice, because IS250 (mk2) is more fuel efficient @90MPH and because IS300h is really most beneficial up to around ~65MPH. Hybrids are not for motorways... especially not if you driving faster than 70MPH.
  15. Linas.P

    IS300h - mpg question

    As much as hybrid owners will start crying now... hybrid on motorway is just a petrol with a heavy battery. Depends on speed somewhat, but over 65mph the scales starts to tip over. Specifically comparing say IS250 (mk2) and IS300h in the city and up to 65mph the hybrid would rule, at 80mph the consumtion would be the same and at 90mph the petrol woudl me more efficient then the hybrid. Hybrids are for cities - that is all, if you do a lot of driving on motorways you still best of with diesel and you won't find much differences between hybrid and petrol.