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  1. The latest OnePlus 3 OS update (7.1.1 released in March) fixes the Bluetooth internet connection, so no need for WiFi hot spot or Tasker any more 😁 Just make sure Bluetooth internet tethering is turned on in the phone settings, and you may need to delete the phone from the car and add it again.
  2. New car is300h

    Re autowipe, adjust the water spray nozzle to ensure enough water hits the rain sensor, then it will auto wipe.
  3. You can check mobile compatibility here: For the OnePlus 3 (and many others), it states that Bluetooth internet may only work if you use a Bluetooth function first, like making a call.
  4. Some notes as a new owner of an IS300H. Connected Services (premium navigation) - make sure you check the box to remember your user id and password, typing this in EVERY time is really annoying! On the OnePlus 3, to enable internet tethering via Bluetooth (e.g. for traffic info, Google search) you need to select "Settings, More, Tethering & portable hotspot", and then turn Bluetooth tethering on. However, to get bluetooth tethering to actually work in the car, you first need to make phone call via bluetooth - this then enables the internet to work (a known problem apparently, and not just for OnePlus devices). To connect your phone automatically to the car bluetooth without having to even unlock it, use "Bluetooth Auto Connect" from the Play store - makes life easy. See screenshot of the Bluetooth Auto Connect settings, you shouldn't need to change anything else. To avoid connecting to the internet via bluetooth, turn bluetooth tethering off on the phone (this still allows phone calls, SMS, audio streaming etc), and create a wifi hotspot instead. Then turn wifi on in the car and connect. This allows the car internet access without any hassles - but make sure you are charging your phone as the wifi hotspot will drain the battery. Charging via the 12v 'cigarette' socket is much better/faster that using the USB sockets. For my phone, I have used the Tasker app to automatically start a wifi hotspot when (a) the phone connects to the car and (b) it is charging. I don't have to unlock the phone, it just works. When the car is switched off or the phone is unplugged, the wifi hotspot automatically switches off. Another Tasker task switched normal wifi off when I leave home and back on again when I get back. This makes my life so much easier - internet connection in the car, wifi back on at home, all automatic. Having said that, using Tasker is not very intuitive, but it is very powerful. See screenshots to give you a start on what I've done. Audio streaming - with your phone plugged into the charger, you can access "Ok Google" even with the phone stored in the centre storage space. To stream music over bluetooth, just say "Ok google, play Dire Straits", or "Ok google, play Pink Floyd on Spotify" etc. I also have a very small sized 32GB USB storage device plugged in to the USB socket - it takes a minute or so for the car to load in all the albums/songs when you switch the car on, but then you can use the car voice control to play music, e.g. "Play artist Coldplay" - this is useful if you have a lot of mp3 files (I have 18GB). Link to the USB stick: Anyway, hope this helps other people new to Lexus. Love the car by the way, so smooth compared to my previous Shogun!