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  1. I have found that the ipod often crashes. the other day I tried selecting a playlist from ipod and the car kept on playing the fisrt track on the ipod. When I restarted the ipod... Menu and centre button... it worked fine for 24 hours then earlier today it worked fine on the way to the shops, but on reurning to the car it said audio off. I have had this problem in my NX, the IS I had before it, and the two VW passats I had before the IS.. so its not down to Lexus... its down to Apple and they aren't updating the ipod anymore as they've been discontinued.. I find it easier to stream from my mobile, which has all the same music on as I subscribe to Apple music and because I do, three don't charge for downloads... job sorted!
  2. I too am looing to go to France in August and while I have found this post have been unable to find anything specific to the NX. Anyone able to help. I have emailed Lexus to see if they can help!
  3. I got my IS 300h last April, and I'm sorry to say it does not have a spare wheel, just a tyre inflation kit!