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  1. Useful information, thank you c, very much appreciated. I'm buying a 32inch TV for the bedroom but blimey, what a pain that is, there are so many options it's untrue. It was much easier in 1950, 9 inch screen, black and white, magnifier up to 12 inches was an optional extra (which we had) and the fuzzy image was free😂 Thanks again.
  2. That's interesting. I actually paid RS £29.95 for my 6 year warranty in October 2016. I still think that that was good value (at about 14p per week!) but, I'm just about to buy a TV for the bedroom and so will investigate the cost this time round to see if I can get it as a freebie!
  3. Hello Ed, I had a real good bit of luck with this. Initially I couldn't find the paperwork from when I purchased the soundbase, I usually scan it all on to my computer but there was nothing there and so I checked my filing cabinet and guess what, I had purchased a 6 year warranty with it and so it is now in their hands for repair. They even lent me a soundbar whilst mine is being fixed. The warranty still has 2 1/2 years to run. I think the saying goes 'Happy Days' Thanks again for your help.
  4. Thanks for your input chaps. The 'expiry date' on the packaging is shown as 12 - 2024
  5. When into town today and when I arrived at my destination I had an error message appear telling me that the key battery was low. Back at home I checked the battery with a multimeter and got a reading of 3.32. i took a new battery out of its wrapper and tested that and got a reading of 3.02. I have the multimeter set on 20v. On the basis that the battery is a 3v CR2032, both of these readings appear OK to me. Strange though that the one giving an error has a higher reading than the new one out of the packaging. Thoughts anyone?
  6. No not really, I'm still 'trialling' 'erroring' at the moment. I can get it all ok on my pc and on Hik-Connect when I am using the Wi-Fi at home.
  7. Hello Ed, thank you for coming in on this. The problem that I have is, that when I try to turn the unit on by using the remote or the button on the front, it will not stay on. I disconnected my unit from the mains and left it off overnight before reconnecting but that didn't work. However, I didn't do what you did i.e. depressing the power button whilst reconnecting. I will give this a go. Do you have a link to what you found on the internet? Thanks again.
  8. Not getting any joy to my query from an AV Forum and so am wondering if anyone on here can help please. I have a Pioneer SBX-B70 Soundbase and, whilst watching TV last night I lost all sound completely. When I took a look at it this morning, I checked all of the connections to make sure that they were secure and, there are no problems there. However, I noticed that when I press the 'On' button on the remote or on the unit itself, the blue light on the front illuminates but it only stays on for less than 5 seconds, this happens everytime that I try it. Does anyone know if this is a known problem with this unit and, if it is, is it fixable by DIY methods please. I have previously replaced items in a Panasonic Recorder before now, and so if there is a fix I will be extremely grateful for any info. Many thanks.
  9. Hi Steve, thanks for your help. I have snipped off what I think is the capacitor, i.e. the cylindrical thingy across the connectors in my post above. This is what is written on it...... HUNTS Cap 0-1uF 250v A.C Wkg M.P WA71 ITH The approximate size of the unit is 26mm long by 10mm dia. Is there any way that I can test this now that it is disconnected from the pedal?
  10. I have been looking on the internet and have found a number of 'solutions' one of them being to simply remove the capacitor. A number of people have done this and it has been successful and everything is working fine. Any thoughts on this? What does the capacitor actually do? if it is safe to remove it, is it a simple case of snipping through the connections? Thank you for the links folks but neither of them seem to be remotely similar to what I have. EDIT: I have attached an image of the pedal, hopefully you can see it OK.
  11. I am wondering if any of you clever chaps might know the answer to this one please. My wife has an old Singer sewing machine which kicks in immediately it is switched on at the wall socket. There is a foot pedal which controls the power and speed of the machine but this appears to not be working properly and is completely by-passed by the mains power. Does anyone know if the footpedal parts might be replaceable? Many thanks
  12. I want one then! Time to start doing the lottery again🤑
  13. No definitely not an LFA, it was a very large saloon.
  14. Just been watching a programme about Monaco on BBC2, spotted an absolutely gorgeous Lexus, anyone else spot it and if so what model would it be? How the other half live eh! Bottle of plonk 13K euros, one night in the penthouse suite 35k euros!!!!