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  1. Thanks Ed, I'll keep my eyes peeled!!
  2. All sorted. I managed to do a reset via the dash menu system. I couldn't find it initially in the manual but got there in the end. Thanks chaps, much appreciated.
  3. Hello folks, I noticed the tyre warning light was on when I drove my car this morning. I only had to go a short distance and so decided to deal with it when I returned home. The light was still on when I returned and a visual inspection showed nothing untoward and so I got the pressure gauge out (good quality one) and checked each in turn and they were all fine. Anything else i should be looking for? Many thanks.
  4. Hi folks, just wondering how critical the expiry date is on Lexus Touch-Up paint. The reason that I ask is that I have some unused Mesa Red. The part number is PZ448W3R1109 and the colour is actually shown as Red Mica Crystal but, I purchased it from Lexus at the time that I owned my Mesa Red IS300h and so it must be the one for Mesa coloured cars. There are two dates on the box, one says P.D. 12/15 which I am assuming is the Product Date and the other date says E.D. 12/17 which I assume means Expiry Date. Anyway, back to my question, if the Expiry date is indeed critical, then I will dump it but, if on the other hand it really doesn't matter then if anyone wants it, you can have it.
  5. Thanks for the input chaps. Mention was made earlier of a soap with higher ph content, is there a particular brand that is recommended. I've never even thought about the ph content of the soap when washing my car. In fact I'm guilty of using Fairy Liquid before I owned my first Lexus!! I think that I must study this subject a little more
  6. It has been a while since I found the time to wash my car. I'm not keen on taking it to the car wash. I thought about doing it today but it was too warm in the sunshine. Whilst I was contemplating the idea, I happened to run my hand over the bodywork and blimey, it felt just like a sheet of sandpaper. I've never done it before but, I'm going to have to have a stab at claying it in order to get it something like. Any recommendations for which clay to use? I'm also seeking a recommendation for what you keen detailers use by way of a brush for getting round the hinges and suchlike on the tailgate area. I was in Halfords today but couldn't see anything that might fit the bill. Many thanks.
  7. I've experienced this myself Alan. I was selling my IS250SEL and I drove the buyer down into town to go to the bank so that he could transfer the payment and, I parked in the High Street and tried to lock the car........and tried.........and tried.........and tried again. I said 'it's sods law isn't it, I've never had this problem before'. After a few minutes of trying to fathom out how to overcome the problem it suddenly hit me, the spare key was with the owners manual in the glove box. removed it............sorted. Sale proceeded without a hitch!
  8. I have been out all day today and have only just looked at your responses. Thank you so much Herbie and bobmc. I will get onto your recommendations right away. Herbie, you're right I did leave a nought off the size, it should have read 120GB. I am running Windows10 Pro on my machine and so I am assuming that I will have no problems downloading it again along with the most recent update. bobmv, I do already use macrium but I will be doing a completely clean install when I get the new drive. Thanks again chaps, much appreciated.
  9. Hi folks, I wonder if someone might be able to offer a little guidance please. I want to put a new hard drive in my pc, just to take the O/S and the programmes. All of my data is kept on a totally separate drive. I quite fancy using an SSD unit and would appreciate any guidance on what to buy. I don't want to spend the earth and, I think that something around 12gb will be sufficient for my needs. I have hopefully attached an image of my computers specification if it will help with any advice offered. I think that the drive in it at the moment is a Western Digital unit. Many thanks. Dell Specification_26-06-2019.pdf
  10. Further to my updating my Garmin SatNav. I have now completed this and, for the sum of £127.99 I have now got the 2019 maps along with Lifetime Map Updates and Support and additionally, if I change my Garmin to another model, these updates are transferable to the new unit. Now, many of you are aware, I am not that tech savvy and I am wondering if someone might know the answer to this. My Garmin is equipped with a USB connector and I am wondering what might happen if I plugged this into the aux connector in my car. Would it be recognised and function or not? I don't want to try it without knowing whether or not it might damage my in-car system. Also, the Garmin has Bluetooth, is it possible that this might work with the Lexus unit? When I was speaking to the technician who did the Garmin update, he assured me that if required, he could update my in-car SatNav and, for £199.00 I would get lifetime updates.
  11. I am just looking at updating my Garmin nuvi 660 and, for the princely sum of £23.99 I can get the June 2019 map update. Once paid-for and downloaded, the file is then apparently updated bi-weekly. I certainly won't be updating my Lexus satnav at their silly prices. I really cannot understand why they are so inflexible in their approach to map updates. They must surely be aware of the many adverse comments that abound.
  12. "Waze users also have the facility to warn other drivers of problems on the road and the updates are pushed out very quickly - even as quickly as two minutes as you can see by the picture below" Herbie, I was very interested in your comment as shown above and, because I am not a particularly 'with-it' chappie when it comes to the techie stuff, I was wondering how you would notify other drivers of impending roadworks/problems etc via your Waze app. Presumably if you need to punch info into your phone to be passed on, you will need to stop driving for a few minutes or am I, as usual, completely out of touch as to how it's done. From my own point of view, I have always found my in-car SatNav to be perfectly adequate for my needs. The only thing that I miss with my current car is not having the up-coming turns appear in the area where the speedo/tacho is situated. Then again there are a number of things that I miss by only having the Luxury version as opposed to the Premier.
  13. All too complicated for me I'm afraid. I've put it to bed and will forget all about it. Thank you all for input though.
  14. Thank you for the links Daniel. I haven't looked in my manual yet but it seems that from the Mirrorlink website that it's not available in Lexus motors, at least not in my model year.
  15. Question from an old wrinkley. What is MirrorLink, have I got it on my 64 plate Luxury and, are there any benefits for someone of my age or, is it purely aimed at tech savvy younger folk. My car is exactly the same spec as Albertbigndaft's and i've got an HTC phone.