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  1. On his Majesty Service

    Lovely motor but I certainly do not like the grille one little bit. I could get used to it though if I could afford one
  2. Bit of an interior change

    Well done!! looks pretty cool as the saying goes.
  3. Car-Cams.

    Hi again Michael, when I bought my IS300h I asked the dealer to fit my dascam (front and rear) as part of the deal. If you have purchased you dashcam before your car turns up, I would ask your dealer to fit it for you. i'm sure that they will oblige.
  4. Driving the NX in the snow

    Thanks for the input chaps. I've got a better understanding now having read Peter's link. Seems i was not alone in my ignorance. Thanks again.
  5. Driving the NX in the snow

    How can I tell if mine is AWD and, forgive my ignorance, is there a difference between AWD and Four Wheel Drive?
  6. I'm fairly certain that I have mentioned this previously and, that someone provided an answer but, after doing a search I haven't yet found the item. On my previous car, an IS300h, I had a 'Snow Switch', there isn't one on my NX, does anyone know why this is and, those of you currently affected by this adverse weather, how is your car dealing with it? We are lucky down here, we haven't really seen any snow as yet, some on the moors but none where I live, although I understand that we may possibly get a hit tomorrow. Might have to miss out on my usual Thursday game of snooker!!! Oh dear, the trials and tribulations of being old and retired
  7. Car-Cams.

    Hello Michael, have a look here................................... and here............................................. and here...............................................................
  8. Lexus Portal

    Further to my original post. I have contacted Lexus UK to see if they could help and i have just received their reply this morning. Yer tis then......................................... "Thank you for your reply including images of your MyLexus portal. I now understand that the details that are visible to you are the 'header' details of visits to Lexus Centres that are entered by the service technicians themselves. Occasionally the entry details given are less detailed - If you have any concerns regarding work carried out on any particular date I encourage you to contact the service manager at the Lexus Centre in particular so that the Centre may provide you more detailed information on the visit as the bulk of any service information is stored on the Centre's internal systems. I hope this information helps. Thank you for contacting Customer Support. Kind regards." It would seem from this response that what appears on the portal is very hit and miss and you're very lucky if you get lots of detail.
  9. Lexus Portal

    Well I never! Everyone seems to be getting what they should .........................all 'cept me. Is it worth me contacting Lexus UK to see if my service details can be uploaded to the system?
  10. Lexus Portal

    Just wondering exactly what I should be able to see when logged ito the Lexus Portal. I can see a couple of things such as a replacement tyre, done before I owned the car, I can also see mention of a recall and a loan car, again before I owned it but, I certainly can't see any mention of the 3 services that have been carried out. The most recent one being done on February 12th. It might be too soon for this one to appear on the system but surely the previous two should be there. Also when I look at 'Do you want to register your Multimedia System' there isn't a graphic there that is similar to my in-car screen. Does this only apply to Premier cars? I have entered all of my car's details such as registration number and VIN number etc.
  11. Firmware version

    So,isn't there a single NX owner on here who knows what the latest firmware/software version number is and where to find it? As I said earlier I would have thought that the number would be along the lines of the IS, i.e. VD12103A but I can't find anything that closely resembles. Do Lexus list the versions numbers for each model on their customer portal?
  12. Firmware version

    Yes I've been down that route but, I think that you may possibly have nailed it, I had the premium nav in my IS but only the standard in my NX. Is it possible to upgrade to the premium from standard. I suppose if it is it would cost £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££'s eh!
  13. Firmware version

    When I had my IS300h, I was able to see the firmware version that was installed and, before I parted with it the version number was something along the lines of VD12103A but, when I scan through pretty much everything on my NX, I can't find any number that looks anything like this. My car went in for service on Monday and they have told me that they did an update for me but I have no way of checking this. I could find numbers that relate to Model I.D. and Model Number, Gracenote Database versions but nothing even remotely similar to the number that I could see on my IS. I asked in my original post if anyone knows what the current version is but no one has responded yet. Does anyone know the detail? I don't want to ask the dealer as they may think that I don't trust them.
  14. NX side-steps

    Does anyone know what the sidesteps cost and are they easy to fit as a DIY job?