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  1. Hi Daniel, thank you for your input. Was your discount granted simply because you are a member or because you are a Gold member?
  2. Just had a look in my manual, page 194 says it is only available on vehicles with driving position memory.
  3. I had this feature on my IS Premier and loved it. Do you know if it will work on an NX Luxury? It's fascinating how you people find out how to do these things or is it in the manual and most people don't spot it.
  4. I thought that this was really worth a mention. I recently went up to Lincolnshire for a few days and i did just over 600 miles in total. The journey up from Exmouth was 280 miles and the run back was more or less the same. I drove at the speed limit where possible which obviously included A roads and motorways giving the whole range of speeds but mostly 50, 60 and 70mph, with the odd zip up to 75+ when necessary. The figures on the dash display showed 47.5 on the trip up and 46.2 on the run back home. I know that it's accepted that the figures shown in-car are a little optimistic but, even allowing for that, I am really pleased with the return. That coupled with the lovely comfortable drive/ride gives me great pleasure. If I win any money at any time, I will be going for the RX next, tis a big IF though methinks.
  5. Sorted! It would appear that I didn't close the cover properly when I filled up with petrol and, when I locked the car 'it' remained unlocked and slightly open which I only noticed the following morning. when I unlocked the car, then closed 'it' properly and then locked the car again, 'it' was properly locked. Sheer stupidity on my part that🤔 As regards the visor light, Lexus tell me that it is covered under warranty and so I'll let them deal with it.
  6. I have learnt today that Lexus do not offer the 'Lexus Essential Care ' servicing option for the NX as yet. I have been offered the normal servicing option at £37.65 per month for 32 months, which gives a total outlay of £1204.80. This apparently gives 1 Intermediate Service and two Full Services apparently. One of the full services will be the 60K miles jobby. It also includes the cost of 3 MOT's. I can buy the Lexus warranty, which I have at the moment and which I intend to renew and, which covers two full years and also gives the Lexus Roadside Assistance for me and her indoors, whatever car we might be in at the time of the breakdown. I haven't done any research yet to determine if there are any cheaper options.
  7. I have a couple of questions please. Should the petrol cap access cover be locked when the car is locked, mine isn't and I can't find anything on it in the handbook. The light in the drivers side sun visor is not working, is this likely to be a bulb/LED or a fuse. The passenger side one is working fine when you expose the mirror. I would have thought that it is more likely to be a bulb/LED as both sides would be on the same fuse.............wouldn't they? Again, can't find anything in the book. Many thanks.
  8. Well folks, my lovely NX will be 5 years old in November and, I am wondering what economically viable options will be available to me at that time. Currently I have a Service Plan in force along with a Lexus Warranty. At the 5 year point it will have enjoyed a Full Lexus Service History. I will definitely be replacing the Warranty when it runs out in January My car has 31K on the clock and so I am wondering what route to take, particularly with regard to the Service Plan. I have heard of, but am not familiar with, a cheaper servicing option and am wondering if any fellow members actually make use of this or, do they still go for the standard servicing plan. Many thanks.
  9. Oh dear, that all sounds rather ominous Lee. What do you recommend as being my next course of action then or, should I leave well alone? Thank you for coming in on my query.
  10. I know that there are some really clever and tech-savvy members on here and, I am wondering if any of you can help me with a very frustrating problem that I have please. I have a two camera CCTV set-up at my home. I have a Hikvision NVR with the two cameras connected directly to it. I can access the cameras either by the monitor that is connected to the NVR or, I can access the images via Hik-Connect throuhj the internet. I can also view the images on my HTC Android phone as per the following details. When I am at home and am connected to my own Wi-Fi, both iVMS4500 and Hik-Connect both work perfectly but, when I am away from home and am connected to any other Wi-Fi set-up or by using the data allowance from my phone provider, neither of them work and I just get various error messages such as 'Connection Failed' or 'The device is off-Line' Well I can certainly say that the device is definitely not 'Off-Line' I have been up in Lincolnshire all week and was really disappointed when I couldn't make a connection. Has anyone got any further thoughts on this please? I have just gone into Internet Explorer on my pc and logged into Hik-Connect and it is working perfectly. I also have iVMS4200 on my pc and I can get into my system perfectly every time. Has anyone got any further thoughts on this please?
  11. Blimey! That's a good price..........£100.00 each. Yes mine are 225/60 R18 - 100H
  12. OK chaps, thank you for your input. I have decided on the cross climates but am just wondering if any of you can recall what sort of pennies you paid for them. The local chap (to me) has quoted £147.00 per tyre fitted. I saw somewhere that the tyre has been superceded and it is now the Cross Climate +
  13. Thank you for your input Les. I have seen mention of that particular tyre before.
  14. Hello folks, I'm looking for some recommendations for replacing my tyres in the not-too-distant future please. I don't do an awful lot of driving these days, although I am driving up to Lincolnshire on Saturday and then down to Cornwall, each just for a few days. I probably do about 12000 miles per year now but that is pretty equally split between my NX and my wife's Yaris. Most of my driving therefore is pretty much local with runs of 25 to 40 mile round trips. I am ideally looking for quiet running in the main. I don't go out in the ice and snow unless it's vital but, there are many occasions when it's tipping down with rain Any help will as always, be much appreciated. Thank you.
  15. I had DashCams fitted in my car and my wife's Toyota Yaris. Mine has a camera at the front and the rear and a local auto electrician did both cars for £60.00. No wires can be seen anywhere except where they enter the cameras, the leads were all fed front to rear behind the panelling and through the concertina gaiters on the rear/boot door. One point worth mentioning methinks is, when it is particularly hot, the front camera has come adrift on one occasion, something to do with the rubber suction pad being affected by the sun. When this happens the internal sensor triggers the alarm. It has only happened once but fortunately the car was on the drive at the time and I was in the house and so could deal with it quickly. A friend has also had the same thing happen. If it is particularly hot, I tend to disable the internal alarm if I am going any distance from the car. I am not that brilliant when it comes to the techie bits but, I am hopeful that the remainder of the alarm system would be fully functional when I do this.