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  1. bluenose1940

    Car boot liners for 2016 IS300h

    Looks good but how does the quality compare with the genuine article? I got mine for the 63p plate IS300h (when I had it) from Lexus Exeter for £75 incl VAT. If any other member might be interested, I've got the part number. Although I would think that if the quality of the one that David has purchased is OK, at that price it has to be a good bet.
  2. bluenose1940

    Accounting software

    Hello again fellow members. Here i am again, seeking your recommendations. Despite what it is I might be asking about, I always seem to get some very helpful input from members and it is always much appreciated. My question this time revolves around Small Business Accounting Software. I am about to take over the admin side of my sons plumbing business and am looking for some suitable inexpensive accounting software. When I was treasurer of the local cricket and football clubs, I was using Sage which is very good but is also fairly expensive. I contacted Quickbooks but they now only offer on-line subscriptions and that really doesn't appeal to me. This seems to be the way that Sage works now too. The sort of thing that I am looking for, will enable me to be in a position to provide my sons accountants with sufficient information to enable them to prepare the annual accounts without too much additional work. I am wondering if anyone uses such software and can make any recommendations. Many thanks in advance of any input.
  3. bluenose1940


    Thank you for that Phil, sadly mine is the standard jobby.
  4. bluenose1940


    That all sounds good but I am wondering if this sellers SD card will work in my NX300h. If anyone has made use of one for their NX, I would be interested to hear how it went.
  5. bluenose1940

    NX SatNav Map updates

    In many respects I do feel that Lexus do tend to be rip-off merchants. I did write to Lexus UK and suggested that they might consider providing just UK map updates, rather than the whole lot. They said that they would put it the powers that be but nothing has ever come of it. I'm sure that they would sell a lot of UK only updates if they made it an available option. When I wrote to them I provided images of what updates were available for the SatNav systems of other companies, along with the details of their more realistic prices but, as I say, as of now they have not taken the hint. I am tempted to buy from an auction site but at the moment I am still a little wary. One of my wife's friends uses her phone and links the map output to her in-car screen and it works a treat. I think that when I change my car again i won't bother with having the SatNav option, there are so many other, cheaper options available, especially where Lexus are concerned. Time and again on this site you see members complaining about the absolutely ridiculous prices that Lexus ask for spare parts. I would even consider changing brands because of this. My wife tells me that whatever happens I'll always be a Lexus man. I'm not totally convinced anymore!!
  6. Am I correct in thinking that you can't have a split-screen display on the bog standard navigation system in an NX Luxury. I can't find anything in the manual. Where the manual does mention split screen options, it doesn't say which system supports it. Also, I tried to set up some DAB stations today but was totally unsuccessful with this. All I could get was a message telling me 'No Signal' Any thoughts anyone?
  7. bluenose1940

    Monitor connection

    I am now wondering if I am more likely to get this monitor to work with my NVR if I go the route of DVI-I to Analogue and use the analogue output connector on the back of my NVR. I haven't yet tried the DVI-I to HDMI by using a 24+5 cable as it is a load of hassle having to send for and then return, cables purchased on-line. There is nowhere local that I can pop out to to make the job easier. With regard to a DVI-I to Analogue, do these cables tend to be Bi-Directional or do I need to specify which way the signal will go, i.e analogue (NVR)to DVI-I (Monitor)
  8. bluenose1940

    Folding door mirrors

    My interpretation of the OP's question is, that he is asking if he can get the mirrors to fold in automatically when "he turns the ignition off" i.e. when he comes to a stop and before he gets out of the car. He didn't mention locking or unlocking the car. Or am I reading it wrong?
  9. bluenose1940

    Monitor connection

    Thank you for coming in on this Herbie. it is now becoming quite interesting and confusing. The connector block on the actual monitor (The photo in my original post) does indeed have 24 pin holes in a block, plus one horizontal pin with two pin holes either side of this pin giving what would appear to be a 24+5 DVI configuration. However, the actual cable that I used when this monitor was being used with an old computer only has 18 pins, in two blocks of nine, plus the horizontal pin. I have (hopefully) attached a photo of this cable. I am now left wondering, is this going to work at all.
  10. bluenose1940

    Monitor connection

    Ah well, tried the cable but it didn't work. However, I am wondering if I purchased the correct cable. I was looking on Amazon just now as I thought that I might try to use the VGA connector on the back of my NVR (instead of the HDMI one) by purchasing a DVI to VGA cable and, whilst I was looking at what is available I spotted that there is a DVI cable to HDMI that is shown as a DVI 24+5 and, I am wondering if this is what I should have got because my monitor connection has got the 24 pinholes plus the one horizontal connector and this horizontal connector has four pinholes aswell (two each side of it). I think therefore that this setup would be a 24+1 jobby. Anyone agree? I might contact the supplier to see if they might exchange it.
  11. bluenose1940

    Front Tyres for NX 300h Luxury

    David, have a look at this thread, might be something in it that will help.
  12. bluenose1940

    Monitor connection

    Hiya Ben, thank you for this, I think what you are suggesting will be absolutely perfect without me having to do any work. Brilliant! I will order one immediately, Thanks again. The VGA connector that I mentioned is on the back of the CCTV NVR but the cable that I have for the monitor won't fit because it is the same type of connector at both ends, i.e. DVH EDIT: Went back to the monitor to check lettering and on the connector and I can't make out if it is DVH or DVI-I (DVI (hyphen I) There appears to be two blocks of 9 pins each with one horizontal connector at the side. 18 pins with one horizontal
  13. bluenose1940

    Monitor connection

    Just wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to change the connection on a small computer monitor from what it is at the moment to an HDMI connector. I am pretty efficient at fine soldering work but, would need some sort of instruction/guide to help with the connections. Is it likely that some changes would need to be made to the innards of the monitor, if so then this would probably make it a no goer. I am currently using an HDMI splitter on my current monitor, this gives me access to my pc and, by switching I can see what my CCTV camera is seeing. I thought that this small LG monitor might be just the job to eliminate the need to keep switching. There is a VGA connector on the back of my CCTV recorder but both ends of the monitor cable are the same as in the attached piccy. Many thanks for any help that may be offered.
  14. bluenose1940

    Thoughts and Recommendations

    Well I think I'm getting there folks! I've got my choice down to two at the moment. I quite fancied the Samsung Galaxy S3 but at the moment it's a bit expensive and so, having looked at the reviews, I am thinking along the lines of either, the Galaxy Tab S2 or the Asus Zenpad 3S 10. Any of you chaps got one of these and if so, would you buy one again? Many thanks.
  15. bluenose1940


    Alpesh said "I've seen a really nice pearlescent white on some of the newer Lexus models - anyone know what this colour is called? Thiking of going for white and red leather for next year summer" I'm fairly sure that it is called 'Sonic White' which is what mine is. It's a very nice pearl-like finish.