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  1. I've been on the Club Lexus site and a number of them have had their screens replaced under warranty, I contacted my dealer and it's a no go with them. Some in the states who haven't succeeded with a warranty claim, have cleaned their screen up by using nail polish remover.
  2. Hopefully someone will have an answer John. It looks as though a Brillo pad was used on mine🤣
  3. Just out doing a bit of in-car tidying this morning and the sun was shining on the satNav Screen, what a bloomin' mess!! I've not noticed it before (at least I don't think I have) and it's really bad. Obviously done by the previous owner I should think. Is there anything available that might polish the scratches out along with a bit of elbow grease? Anyone else had the problem?
  4. I have just been advised by Lexus that this update is only available for 2018 models onwards. Unless a third party has something at reasonable cost, then I'm out.
  5. All of the posters on this thread appear to have quite recent models, does anyone know if this Carplay thing would be compatible with a 2014 model. Is it possible to see Google maps or the Sygic app mentioned by Superduner if you plug your iphone into the USB port in the centre console or is this the reason you need the special software.
  6. I have now found my manual, all 688 pages of it!! Plus the 432 page navigation system manual. I wonder why they didn't make the remote just open the tailgate without unlocking the rest of the car.
  7. Thanks DanD, not as good as I thought then if you have to unlock the car first. Yes i do have a manual but my wife has been tidying know what that means😜
  8. I tried to open my hatch with the remote yesterday but it didn't work. I didn't have time to investigate as I had a lot on. I will have to have a look today if I can. I didn't realise that if you use the remote it only unlocks the tailgate, that is better than nothing.
  9. Hi Steve, yes it's the screaming sort of sound that I hear when say putting your foot down to pass someone quickly.
  10. Ah, I was thinking that you meant that the 'little button' was to the right of the actual tailgate release catch on the door itself rather than in the cab. I have got the button on the remote to open and close it, but not the 'locking' button. I don't have the one either for the 'pretend sound' which DanD says is only on the F Sport. I seem to recall that I had it on my IS300h though. I was able to turn that down. What I don't like about the sound is that, for want of a better description, it sounds like the car is struggling/racing, not too sure that's the most apt description.
  11. If this 'noise' is only available on the F Sport DanD, then my noise is obviously not computer generated and is the natural engine noise but, it just doesn't sound like a natural engine acceleration noise to me. Seems as though I'm going to have to put up with it. Thank you for your input Don C but unfortunately I don't seem to have the little button that you refer to. I see that your car is a 2020 jobby whereas mine is on a 64 plate so there would be a number of enhancements on yours. The button that you mention would be absolutely what I am looking for and would be perfect for when you pop back to the car and need to put something in the boot and then shoot off again. Press the button and the tailgate opens, dump your goodies, press the little button and the whole car locks up, perfick!
  12. Hello folks. I am wondering, is it possible to set the tailgate operation in such a way that the rest of the doors don't unlock when you open it. Or alternatively, because the doors were all locked prior to opening the tailgate, as soon as you close it again, all the doors automatically lock again. Hope you can make sense of the question😜 Next, is it possible to turn off the noise you get when you accelerate, I'm not much of a fan of that I'm afraid. Hope you're all enjoying this bit of Indian Summer we are getting, plus of course, staying safe.
  13. Another attachment that may be of help Jay2K Model Specification.pdf
  14. So you're one update behind at the moment then Stephan? You're quite happy with the way the process went then, any hiccups at all? I think that my maps must be 2013/14. I will probably go for it either later this week or the beginning of next.
  15. Hi again, I received a reply this morning from Toyota Maps On-Line, image attached. I imagine that it is the same update that you have installed.