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  1. I think Bluetooth adapting can be done, though seems it may not be the most simple / cheap thing to do - this thread that I read a while back has some information / links on it you might find useful:
  2. Assuming you are talking about 6CD changer / tape / radio section, I changed mine over literally just over a week ago. The original one in my 2006 car (part 86120-48A90) was replaced with the unit from a 2005 car (part number 86120-48610). The only noticeable difference between the 2 is the older unit can't play DVD's on the front screen - but that only works when parked so not really needed! I would check your radio part number and ideally replace like for like, should be able to find the odd unit on eBay (or ask on here - I was lucky enough to get mine from a fellow forum member). I understand that newer cars units have different connections at the back to the older cars. The actual job of replacing was remarkably simple, even with a lot of faffing around took me less than 30mins - you can google video's of it but in short: - Remove the trim surrounding the gear stick using a soft plastic lever (I used a bicycle tyre remover) TIP - lever from the bottom on each side, I tried the top and chipped a bit of the laminate off. - Use shift lock release button to move it into drive then remove the panel with the cigarette lighter / seat heaters etc. in it. This panel can be either pushed to the side or unclipped depending how much space you want. - Underneath the head unit are 4 bolts (I used a no.10 hex head) to remove - 2 directly underneath and 2 slightly deeper and diagonally upwards from each bottom corner. Be very careful at this stage, if you drop the bolt (or hex head) it will drop into the oblivion beneath the radio never to be seen again! If you have a magnetic hex head even better to help avoid this. - The unit should just pull out with a gentle tug. Unplug all the wiring from the back and then reverse everything above to put it all back together again.
  3. Thank you - yes, it has frame and all the connections, they've just been taped to the side so easy enough to reconnect. I guess I need to work out where the wiring goes inside the seat to see if the monitor issue is no power or dead monitor.. the one in the passenger seat powers up etc, but nothing from the one in the drivers seat, dead as a dodo. I found some infrared headphones already, so the monitor is now the last thing to fix..
  4. That's great, thank you - mine is indeed Mark Levinson. Let me try and remember my eBay login and will get on there as I'd like to sort this ASAP. Also great tip on the DVD, endless googling didn't get me anywhere near that! I will also order that and then next step will be headphones and work out what's wrong with the monitor! (Any tips for either of those?) Thanks again for your help, really appreciate it. Also a sign I will keep the 350!
  5. Well indeed a good point, mechanically the current car is fine.. on sleeping on it I am wondering about the wisdom of changing so soon, especially given I'd expect a low trade in on mine!
  6. Thank you for your replies, really appreciate it! My radio has part number 86120-48A90 (I think because it is DVD capable), I'm not fussed about DVD as long as the unit fits - do you know if there would be a problem with the connections at the back? I heard they varied between models? (which does seems a little odd to me!). If not your unit looks exactly what I am after, free shipping a very kind bonus! To answer your earlier question, the rear DVD setup only has only one screen working and no DVD unit under the seat (I stupidly didn't look when buying). I also have no headphones but do have a remote! I think I'll just get some cheap tablets unless you know where to find a relatively cheap DVD unit? I've scoured google with no luck and hear they are about £600 from Lexus...
  7. Hello, New user here, been getting some great information from the forums through searching already but wondered if I could tap the collective RX experience on here, I bought an '06 350 SE-L on 92,000miles back in December, admittedly in a rush as my previous car was nicked and from insurance payout to changing car on the policy had to be in a week otherwise they cancelled my policy without refund! It had a clean MOT history, came with a full 12 months MOT and was good on paper so I got a little excited and essentially did the deal by phone - I'm more than old and ugly enough to know better really - I love the car but it is a bit rough round the edges, the history is all Lexus bar the last 2 but intervals are a little sporadic, the rear DVD system was not working from day one (plus no headphones) and the 6 disc changer has started to randomly eject discs and turn itself off (only in the past couple of weeks) - appreciate these are known issues - especially the rear DVD entertainment. But also I can't help but feel I should have got the 400H SE-L for a little extra layout in the first place. I stumbled on an advert for a 2005 400H SE-L on 86,000 miles today, there are still headphones for rear entertainment suggesting it works, it looks a lot tidier than mine and has a full Lexus history (so assume up to date on recalls) and being SE-L is still Mark Levinson set up. It's a cost to me to change but the temptation is quite large to just PX to the hybrid, especially lower tax and less fuel use in town... however am worried that despite the on paper benefits I am just thinking the grass is greener - ultimately I don't need to change, I can find a 2nd hand CD player online (well, the odd one pops up!) and get cheap tablets in the back.. Just wondered if others would consider this change? From what I read the hybrid system is generally reliable? Just the 12v battery to watch / trickle charge? Guess the risk of the DVD/CD systems packing up I have to take on the chin? Spec wise I don't think there is a huge difference between 2005 and 2006 SE-L's? Anything else I should consider? Thanks for reading what turned into remarkable waffle! Any input really is appreciated - thanks!