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  1. LS Owners manual LS460 shows on page489 Fuse Box in the Engine compartment ( type B)....No prob ( but so far as I can determine, none fuses the cig lighter ) page 490 3 photos Drivers side instrument panel Passengers side Instrument panel Shows Trunk Remove the lid I can only find one of these ( are they alternate OR two separate positions ) MY QUESTION ( s) The Engine compartment photos are OK ( are there just the two? ) My problem is that there is no power to the driver's cigarette lighter WHERE IS THE FUSE? The rear cigarette lighter is working the fuse being in the boot in the array behind the removable lid Cheers
  2. Is the coin drawer/holder in the LS460 2007 likely to be Electrical or Mechanical? I would imagine it is similar in earlier or later LS models
  3. Post service ( may be coincidence) the coin drawer just above the boot release switch, will not open. There is a tiny LED which is on when the dash lights are on, but there is no fuse listed. Normally the drawer opens when the integrated switch is touched 2007 LS460 Any ideas I don't want to force it. It contains my toothpicks 😀 so is quite urgent Mike
  4. Thanks to all. I have a similar problem and will print this page and hand it to my service engineer. 😉
  5. Hi, Grandkids bereft. Ls460 screen is just gray, will tilt but no picture or map. front ok Checked fuses but obviously got power because the screen is on but empty
  6. Hi, I have genuine Lexus wiper blade ( full unit ) I want to fit, but the removal of the existing one is challenging. It is not quite the same as any I can find on Youtube. Help, please Mike LS 460 2007