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  1. I currently own a 2008 Lexus IS-F and I love it to bits, best car I have ever owned, and only gives me confidence in the brand that I will stick with throughout the years, and hopefully pick up a GS-F or RC-F in the next couple of years. But for now, I am really debating on swapping mine for a 10/11 model, and paying the extra bit. I am wanting one in that Blue being one of the main reasons, but also I have heard they added LED headlights, a Slip Diff, hard drive based sat nav and Bluetooth music streaming? Is there anything else? I also want those new wheels that are more meshed. Has anyone else done this?
  2. My IS-F in the Channel Islands

    Sure that's fine!
  3. My IS-F in the Channel Islands

    So sorry with the delay, Don't know why the pictures were not working. Ah well, here they are!
  4. My IS-F in the Channel Islands

  5. My IS-F in the Channel Islands

    Hey guys, Just a quick run down on me. I have just turned 21 today, but bought my 08 IS-F around three months ago. I got insured around two weeks ago and I love it to bits, been fortunate to own quite a few powerful vehicles at such a young age. I started out with a Seat Ibiza FR 1.8T for around two years, then moved into a Cooper S which I did not enjoy at all, I then moved into a MK5 Golf R32 with a top spec, really lovely car, but I felt that I wanted to stop swapping out of cars all the time, so I finally found a IS-F pop up at the right price. I live on the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands, so our speed limits at 40MPH, so as you can tell, you barley open it up here, by the time you hit induction you are breaking the speed limit, but ah well, I love the car and I believe it will be a collectors item in a short while to come. I was debating between an C63, E92 and E46 M3, but I always wanted the IS-F but they are so rare, only around four or five of them on our island. I bought the car on 43k miles, it was a ex-uk car so most of the miles where on the mainland before being shipped over to Jersey in 2013. It has a few small tweaks, the old owner tinted the back windows and rear window, and also fitted a Borla Exhaust System which is lovely! apart from that, bare bones stock, don't know if I will add anything else, as I feel the car is perfect. Just in the process of replacing the old Toyo tyres with four brand new Bridgestones Potenza's RE050As. (About the picture, the JSY plates over here are a luxury are not cheap to get, the other picture shows the car before when it was on standard Jersey plates)