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  1. I highly recommend owners of 2010+ isf swapping to the GSF. Especially those with a white or grey one. Sunroof would be good too. no bias here of coz *smirk*
  2. Is yours 18 inch? I had all 4 tyres (18 inch/ 225/60 R18 104w) done for 400 pounds at costco 3 months ago.
  3. X2 on crossclimate. Great tyres. I have them fitted to our NX. Its currently on offer at Costco if you have membership.
  4. I have done exactly the same thing on the NX and only to hear the lexus dude says “you do know that lexus only has one reversing light?” #noshame
  5. Great colour combination too. Shame its out of my price range
  6. I take that the 13 plate blue one is in good order as well? Just overpriced, though it has dropped from 32k to 28k in a space of 14 weeks.
  7. Is removed from autotrader. i take that as sold.
  8. Lets see how long this one in Swindon lasts.
  9. But then if he wants to move it on quickly, surely selling it through webuyanycar/arnold clark or something would be quicker and just as easy. I am sure they will offer similar value to what is listed.
  10. With baby: I think CT200h will struggle, boot space regarding buggy/pushchair. Even room at the back/headroom is tight/ depending on the height of the baby seat. I dunno whether the baby is forward facing or rearward facing, but either will be tight. With 5k budget, i would say go for things like honda civic
  11. You have got me looking at the model 3 now T.T wp
  12. Hi all Kindly spread the word if you know who might be interested. Happy to negotiate price. As once the V5c returns from taking the private plate off. I will be looking to trade it in. many thanks Barry