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  1. Looks like we need minimum of 5. Once we have 5, i can enquire how much discount exactly.
  2. Well i am in. Who else? i have sent them an email to enquire abt this.
  3. Cool thanks for the advice! Sounds like H&S without x-pipe is the way to go. I guess would be interesting to hear someones view on the Borla! barry
  4. Where did you source your exhaust? I cant seem to find it. i think price will come into it as well. I say this because the Hks is soooo expensive.... barry
  5. Hi all Anyone can shed some lights on aftermarket exhaust for lexus isf? I have been looking at borla and h&s. My main fear is the drone/ but heard the x-pipe solves alot of that issue. any advice would be appreciated. Barry
  6. I would get an s2000 for sub 25k and put the rest of money in good use. As S2000 has enuf power for uk road imo. if we are going by the 50-60k price tag. I would get an r34 vspec if possible 🙂 i think it will hold value well. barry
  7. Not heard abt that. But i had my service and mot done today 🙂
  8. i think that is the basic price for unequal length headers/ without coating/titanium wrap etc.
  9. Cool i trust you. But obviously, price is important in this, if its 5k that is more expensive than the alternatives... barry
  10. how much gain are we looking at if keeping the cat My other questions would be quality assurance and price/ and how these will compare with ppe/sikky. Barry
  11. Nice. rmb to stay away from bat and pangolin 😉
  12. I can imagine... 2 kids already is difficult enough for me... let alone 4. i had to break up my washing to two separate occasions... body and alloys (brake dusts are resilient)
  13. Covid era. Those who are self isolating, do join in 🙂 of coz, rmb to keep 3 steps away from your car just in case... if it has a cough.
  14. Stay well. Anosmia is a symptom of covid-19... barry