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  1. I think its well priced/ a bargain in my opinion. I woulda bought it if i am looking for a daily with that budget. i am sure it will be snatched up very quickly. barry
  2. For the record, the red isf was reserved and is now back on the market again. anyhow, i am enjoying my f. Bought a christmas present upgrade for the f 🙂 cant wait
  3. 50,000 pounds petrol.... imagine driving the same distance in a prius you would save 25000 pounds? Can buy a decent car with this.
  4. @NothernDan thanks. I shall keep a look out on ebay. Ah Carlisle, i used to work there near the mcVities biscuit factory when the new big Sainsbury hasnt opened yet. yes the a69, my memory of it is the speed camera near the Shell petrol station ....... enuf said yes do visit and share your isf wisdom Barry
  5. I will look again in the summer time. Work hard and make some bucks in the meantime. But yea i think the kwv3 looks like the best bet. I did also look at the Tein, HKS hypermax and ohlins. I believe the ohlins is up there in terms of performance and price. or may be i should venture airlift lol barry
  6. The is250 will have a considerable higher running cost in terms of fuel/road tax, servicing (if you opt for lexus servicing) and parts compared to the Prius. If you do lots of town work/ i think you will struggle with high 20s mpg with the IS250. It adds up even if you are only doing 7000miles per annum as we are talking about 2xmpgs vs 40+mpg. Prius also has a more useable boot and rear seats (which folds down) as opposed to the Is250 (something you may factor in if you have dependents). The IS250 will be more refined/quieter cabin/ more gadgets (depending on which trim you go for). Barry
  7. @NothernDan can’t agree more. Reliability means alot to me. Northeast and rain zzz. That is why i am thinking to get Vredsteine tyres as it appears on review that they do better in the wet braking category than the MPSS. Btw, where did you source your front lip and rear diffuser? There aren’t very many options on ebay etc. Only ones i can find is either sourcing them directly from japan or USA (wald/toms)/ but with hefty shipping rates.. Anyway thoughts on yellow fog light?
  8. @F.A. lexus liverpool. Yea i need four doors too with two kids. I do look forward to every journey. Just hope it stops raining... literally non-stop past 2 weeks. Zzz
  9. @Charliecloud I contemplated for a long time between the RCF and the ISF. I ended up paying for an ISF that is very closely priced to a 15 plate RCF. No regret. I agree, the RCF is better value in the present market. Though for some reason (i know many will disagree), i find the ISF more appealing from the appearance points of view and it feels more “raw” and sleeper-like. Also when i looked at the RCF, it feels quite bulky whereas the ISF is a rather slim/compact car in comparison. The other thing is that there are very few ISF around, I dun want to waste any more time waiting for the perfect one that ticks all the box. Life is too short for this in my opinion, and who knows when they will ban high emission car in Newcastle (as they already introducing charges for buses and taxi up here in 2020). But yea, i am sure some people will find my purchase illogical/irrational. If i understand you correctly, you are looking for a white isf with sunroof that is 2010+ and is less than 20k in price?
  10. The weather has been pretty miserable the past week. This car certain has transformed my gloomy morning nursery and grocery run ☺️ For some reason, after having it for a week i now find the suspension quite acceptable now. Not sure if this is because I am sitting higher up... anyway next thing should be a new set of tyres and some body work. Of note, there is now a very well priced 2013 grey ISF in Swindon Lexus for those who is still in the market.
  11. @NothernDan Thanks for the offer. Let me have a think/ I am still looking at the different options/ availability at a moment. If nothing comes up, i might opt for the lowering springs for the time being as I do drive it as a daily. Or i might go with bilstein shocks I am aware that you get what you pay for regarding coilovers. The KWV3 is over 2k. I think the Tein set up with EDFC would be just under 1.5k? I am still waiting to hear on the BC BR with swift spring. I guess my other questions would be 1) which of these are easier to find replacement parts? 2) how do they compare with the 2013 ISF suspension set up? As it is about 2k to have them fitted in my local lexus dealer. thanks barry
  12. @Northern isf Hi. Thanks for your input 🙂 Was your Tein set up with EDFC II or did you go for active or active pro? I am trying to get my head around what the differences between them are. Have you had any issues since you have fitted them? barry
  13. @FTBBCVoodooWill do. I think they are on discount at coscto Just to double check, that is 245/35 front and 275/30 rear or 265/35 rear?