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  1. Cactus

    Wanted ISF

    Good luck with your search! Hopefully you wont wait long with dvla, i just experienced the quickest V5c turnaround time of 2 days. barry
  2. Cactus

    Wanted ISF

    I see. Good to hear you going back for the f. Yea i sold the gs450h and got an isf. those on AT not suit your taste?
  3. Cactus

    Wanted ISF

    Thought you sold your isf not long ago
  4. @FTBBCVoodoo pete supercharged isf you sure abt ctr lol
  5. You can still order one. They are working throughout this pandemic. barry
  6. Hi sorry for the late reply. I didnt hear back from anyone else so i assumed there was no further interest. Probably because of the uncertainties with the lockdown etc. barry
  7. I have them on my 156 and to be honest I find them horrifically stiff. Much worse than the ISF. i guess it all depends on the spring rate/design between the different kw spec/ and whether they are set up properly. i find it a substantial improvement compared to stock/ had them fitted under 2k. Much better ride quality and stability at high speed. equally there has been lots of positive review from the states. if you gonna look at tein edfc system, you may wish to consider air suspension which i know one of the member here has them fitted and has compared it with E class quality ride. barry
  8. How much does it cost and what are its effects? Is that the system that is on post 2012 cars? Is alot better i have been told. But i think you will be looking at 3k for parts and labour. barry ps you can always go for kwv3 :):):)
  9. Take an average of the three advertised on the official dealer web. Its not far off. I went from the mk4 gs450h to MY10 isf. I do miss my gs as the speed is much more useable in real life and in most situation its actually more responsive due to the electric motor. So yea, make sure it is the v8 engine that you are after. barry
  10. It was only six months ago when i was in a similar situation debating between the v8s on offer by lexus. I ended with the isf which was actually not far off from a 15plate rcf carbon at the time with a tad more mileage. I prefer the isf because of its sleeper look + the size is just right for my need and useage. The others are quite bulky i.e rcf and gsf (width wise). Though the rcf/gsf have better suspensions whilst the isf (imo) is too harsh to use as a daily, so you may need to go for aftermarket coilovers/springs which is all i did. barry
  11. @FTBBCVoodoo no problem! Thanks for letting me know. CTR! I test drove one a year ago, i liked it too. But for me, the styling is still too over the top for me. you gonna go for the special edition? with the yellow or blue. And have they solved the clutch grind issue when cold? do you know. I rmb that was an issue when this was first released. i will probably go for the h&s either way. Just dunno how long this pandemic will last as i cant fit them myself. barry
  12. So any more interest on the h&s?The lead time on this is 4 weeks from ordering/ they are working atm during this pandemic. So far @Axeboy ? @Chunder ? @FTBBCVoodoo Barry ps: they said this: Business isn't too bad at the moment so fingers crossed. If for example you can get 3 -5 ( you and the 2 others ) and they all gone for the 2nd cat delete with or without X pipe best price is £1050 each excluding shipping £25 and the VAT = £ 1290 ( saving of £138 per system )
  13. exercise of the day. Interesting fact of the day for me... i have noticed my Mp4s front are made in france whilst the rear are made in USA 🧐 @Killysprint i think i have caught sight of you before in Gosforth? Or i was hallucinating. barry
  14. Welcome 🙂 i have never owned a SC but it will be a great ride in the summer! Barry