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  1. i am with @FTBBCVoodoo on this lol my wife hates it, almost went into labour early in stock suspension Therefore, its exclusive to me for some reason my son loves it (turns 2 soon) i.e he points to the isf everytime i take him out as opposed to the nx... may be colour plays a part in this. i think you should test drive and asks yourself what you want from the car. If you are after a rare reliable v8 saloon then the isf is an excellent choice. i like my isf, though i do miss the lightweight manual turbo car in terms of fun and usable speed in the real world. Barry
  2. And the MY2012 red isf too.. looks like she has finally found a home
  3. Indeed. Although I do miss my GS450h, the sound of an F car is just so uplifting 🙂 and yea, its is very tail happy in this weather..... I did consider the NX200t when I was looking at the SUV line up, and it does drive well and kind of fun. But then, i didn’t find it making much sense compared to the hybrid in every other departments, especially as the price was so similar between the two models when I was looking two years ago.
  4. its still 55 dollars to ship (Fedex international priority) for one set, but they are on discount at a moment, so kinda took care of the shipping cost. Now just a matter of finding someone who is willing to fit them for me.
  5. I am looking to get a set of the rr racing usrs for the front. Anyone has an idea how much shipping is from the us? Or whether there are suppliers in the uk. thanks barry
  6. Thanks for all your help! I was so paranoid that i thought someone has installed a tracker on my car to stalk me....
  7. I notice this black thing on the inside of front wind screen. In checked my manuals etc cant seem to find out what it is. can anyone enlighten me? A tracker from previous owners? Barry
  8. Happened to me once before whilst i was still driving my yaris back then. And admittedly i have a key hanger next to the front door which is not a good location i gather afterward. Since then i sleep with my car keys lol hope he finds his car. barry
  9. I think the main change from 2010+ is the addition of LSD, which may or may not be something you want depending on what you use the car for. after that the other thing of note is suspension, with the most significant change in 2012/13 as lexus used different shocks altogether. again, everyone has different standard and expectation of ride quality in a performance car, you should test drive if possible/available to get a feeling. Or alternatively, you can always upgrade the suspension/coilovers in the earlier model. (I have the 2010 model, its fine in my opinion... for now anyway). Bear in mind 2011+ models are increasingly rare. Someone will probs come out and correct me with the exact figures. i think there are less than 30 of them about whereas there are more 2008-2010 models abt. Barry
  10. You can always lease the germans option if you worry abt reliability. Hybrid is abt comfort and refinement/ not performance. if you are telling me that you are only looking for excitement of 0-60 time and sporty look appeal, as opposed to driving dynamics then perhaps the gs450h f-sport may be something you want to test drive (i recently sold it after having it for 10k miles). They are well within your budget. It is very smooth and well built and can do sub 6s 0-60 but its a heavy car so will not offer the nimble/agile feel the german rivals can offer. And my final advice is get an isf 🙂 test drive it at least barry
  11. @gb1600eAmazon sells them now. Thats where i got mine from. i am waiting for my spray to arrive to do my emblem/letters in black barry
  12. Caught sight of a black isf for the first time on coast road in Newcastle. Anyone on here? meanwhile smoked vland installed 🙂 , chrome delete and ceramic coating.