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  1. My LS400 dates from 1st Aug 1996 and currently has around 224,000 miles on it. It's currently SORN (or will be at end Jan) and sadly is not in very good condition. I'll need to do quite a bit of work to it to make it tolerable for me: Ugly crease on o/s passenger door (caused by wife reversing into low bollard next to trolley shed at supermarket!). A couple of envy scratches. Some gravel rash. Boot seal needs replacing - leak has caused some corrosion to spare wheel, tools. Soft furnishings in boot will need deep clean. Rubber boot on lower ball joint needs replacing (split) But I have both sides lower wishbones and both sides lower ball joints ready to install. Has the "stall at end of long fast run" syndrome - which I see from this forum is probably due to the capacitors? Bit of an exhaust leak - but not MOT fail. Aircon needs recharging, but I don't know if it will hold pressure. Drivers seat heater no go. Everything else works fine. Probably sounds too far gone? Well, I've had it since 2001 and have had an utter ball with it, I still love it - in the way people love their dogs even when they're about to put them down :~( I admit to negligence - it's overdue a service - but in my defence, I was for the last few years constantly expecting it to fail catastrophically, so it would have been uneconomic to spend relatively large amounts on regular maintenance. But the thing would not lay down and die. I'll put up some photos when I get a round tuit.
  2. Yeah - did it. It's a bit of "brinksmanship" - Do I hit the reset now? Or will it get better in a few miles? Currently, Overall best is locked at 25.7 mpg, while running average is 25.3 mpg. Just after I locked in the 25.7, it reached 25.9, but I thought - "B*gger it. They way it's going, I'll soon be over 30mpg - don't shoot just yet!" That's when we hit the traffic :~( BTW, I put these less than stellar figures down to short trips which needed engine on to bring us out of the Ice Age!
  3. Sorry - that wasn't obvious from the photo
  4. Assuming there are just light scratches on the plastic, I would go for a deep clean with standard car cleaning products, then use plastic window scratch remover. I have used this sort of stuff on the plastic windows of my motorhome (damn those branches on narrow country lanes!) to great effect. I use this: Meguiars Plast RX
  5. I have to tell you about my experience with my ’96 LS400. Long story alert. I bought it in 2001 with about 50k miles on it and in August 2002, I decided we’d do a Grand Tour of Europe, with the intention of exercising my LS on the Autobahns. That year had torrential rain during our passage through Germany - we were limited to practically walking pace on the Autobahn, and that’s where I learned of the eminently sensible practice of traffic parting between the lanes to create a clear lane for the emergency services - they were needed due to the number of aquaplaing accidents. We witnessed some epic flooding and cut short our stay in Germany to head over the Alps to some better weather. It was there, on the Autostrada that I got up to 140mph with my wife videoing the road and speedo. To quote: “You’re not doing that again!” Just as she said that, we went under a gantry festooned with cameras and other gadgets which could well have been speed cameras!! A few days later (21Aug2002) we were on another autostrada which was so clear and inviting - but SWMBO declined to hold the camera. Those were the good old days, when it was in no way dangerous or irresponsible to hold a video camera while edging up to 150mph! I still remember just how quickly your intended exit looms up - and goes past - when you’re travelling at that speed. Here (hopefully) is a screen shot... Another story - I hope that the statute of limitations applies here. Nov. 2013 and my wife and I, my daughter and her partner were going from Oop North to that there London to see my new-born grandson. We were hooning down the M1 at about 8pm, 70 - 85 ish depending on traffic when we were overtaken by a car which settled down in front of us at a slower rate, causing me to overtake them. This was repeated twice more, and on the third time we all made eye contact with the people in the other car and smiles ensued (!). They overtook again, and I said those fateful words to my crew: “I’ll show him who’s boss..!” and floored it. Went past him at about 130mph and slowed right down again to (I think) about 110 when I saw the shape behind me. No lights as yet but I hurriedly coasted to 69mph and watched downhearted as the shape settled in behind me then put on the lights. In the back of the police car, I was abjectly apologetic, and they showed me the video: “We clocked you at 110mph…” Now, we had a “full and frank discussion” at the end of which the officer said: “We’re going to recommend you for driver education”. Wow, what a relief and surprise. I found out later that they could not have recommended if they reported a speed greater than - I can’t remember without looking it up - but say 82mph. They were adamant that driver training was a good result as “you won’t have any record, or penalty other than the cost of the course”. I complained that this was not true - the insurance comnpanies insist on being informed, and act accordingly… Many weeks pass by, with me doing extensive research on what the possible outcomes were, but still no contact from the Police. My research leads me to believe that, as the offence was reported by an officer, there is no time limit to prosecution, so I’m hoping that the reason I’ve heard nothing is that the police somehow screwed up the paperwork - they did not give me a copy of the ticket! Here we are, four years on, and I still have the Traffic Offence Report on my desk as a reminder. These days I very rarely do those sorts of speeds :~)
  6. Boot Light

    Blue-Tac on the end of a curtain wire?
  7. In 1992, I bought a 250TD Mercedes W124 diesel automatic 7-seater estate. It was fantastic. I went from 50k miles to 250k miles until I sold it in 2001 to buy my LS400. I don't often buy cars, but when I do, they're good 'uns, and I use them :~) Thanks for that - I hadn't even thought about the system being CanBus - It is, isn't it?
  8. The symptom I have is slight "tramlining" - a wobble when going along white lines &c. But!!! I have checked the tyres in detail, and find that though they have good tread, they're quite old - a couple are 2011! I suspect they have hardened up a bit, developed "bad habits" and could do with replacement. I will not be defeated!!! I have an old Android phone, so the plan is to transfer to that, then to the car. Yup. That's good to know - If I can't get near that after a few decent runs, I'll start looking for reasons. I'm considering taking it to Lexus Bolton for the minimum service required in order to get / maintain the Hybrid warranty. I bought my LS400 in 2001 with 50k on it and have driven it until a couple of months ago. It now has 245,000 miles on it. I kept thinking that it was due to have some sort of major breakdown, and so was reluctant to do much in terms of maintenance, expecting to have to scrap it. I had the timing belt done a while ago, but it now needs quite a lot to bring it back up to desirability - and I wonder whether I have the energy, space, funds (and force of will over SWMBO!) to do it justice. I suppose my ideal would be a 2001 LS400 (VVT, <£500 tax &c..) - that, plus a little runaround, would do me until I can no longer drive :~) That'll do me. I worry because poor ability in that area might be a symptom of hybrid drive problems. Agree - I'll try LED as well (Worked great on my MHome)
  9. 360 degree camera display&ved=0ahUKEwicnKaozPHXAhUFL8AKHQiLDBgQMwhMKA4wDg&iact=mrc&uact=8
  10. Looking to get a GS 450H

    Co-incidentally, I've just posted about my experience... The show so far...
  11. Although I'm generally pleased with my '08 GS 450h SE, I had hoped that the whole experience would have been a larger step forward in comparison to my '96 LS400. There are two obvious plusses - the acceleration is better and smoother, and the fuel consumption is twice as good! The steering is oddly imprecise - someone opined that the characteristics of the electric steering system might be to blame? At fewer than 33k miles, the steering components should still be pristine. I suspect a 4-wheel alignment is in order? 12 years more "modern" and I still have a tape deck! Can't transfer my iPhone contacts. Sat Nav only handles partial Post Codes (will a maps update actually update the system as well, allowing full Postcode search?) Sadly, the comfort isn't as improved as I'd hoped: the seats aren't as good, individual control of headrests and seat belt height unavailable, interior space isn't as good, rear seats aren't heated. Front seats aren't cooled. No sunroof (not that I frequently used the one in the LS). Interior (LED) lighting is poor - in brightness, coverage and direction. Boot space is a joke. (I knew this when deciding on a 450h, and we both concluded that it wasn't a deal-breaker - now not so sure). Glove box is tiny - and why the divider? Can I just remove it?Fuel consumption is, frankly, disappointing - and unpredictable. Seems to do a lot better on M'way / longer trips, which is counter to what I expected from a hybrid. On a ~ 10 mile urban trip yesterday, the consumption was averaging < 15 mpg on the first half of the trip, but then approaching 40mpg on the latter half. Driving conditions and terrain were similar, and ancillaries unchanged, though I suppose that the engine was warming up for the first 3-4 minutes and charging the traction battery? I haven't managed to travel more than 200 yards or > 10 mph on pure electric - even though I've been really well-behaved with my right foot. I would not complain about sub-18mpg when "enjoying" the drive, but I expected better than 28mpg when being angelic! Worst of all? No V8 soundtrack!
  12. Ah! Thanks - I'll try that (Reset). I have seen the central display - but that is just a copy of the value on the big screen (to the right of "Best Past Consumption"). Thinking about it - the Reset would not necessarily put the "Best" value into the memory, just the one the driver selects at Reset time?
  13. First off, I studied the detailing story here: I’m kicking myself now that I didn’t take any before - after photos for my own reference. First I applied Wynns High-Foam Upholstery Cleaner which I happened to have lying around! and cleaned off. This removed surface soiling, but it became apparent the soiling was deep - in fact it looked as though oil had seeped up through the hinge at the bottom of the pedal and soaked into the carpet. Similarly around the plastic of the footrest. I then sprayed a dilute (20:1) solution of AutoSmart G101 with a garden sprayer, while simultaneously hoovering it up using my aqua-vac. Rinse and repeat. I did the same to the Lexus car mats, and they’re just about acceptable, but I’m happy enough with the ebay mats I’ve put in now for everyday use.
  14. After collecting my 2008 GS 450h, I lifted the car mats (cream coloured mats and carpet) to discover a nasty stain at the base of the accelerator pedal, and around the foot rest. I have cleaned it up as well as I can, but it will never look good. I've cleaned the mats, and bought a cheap set to cater for the cr@p that will inevitably find its way into the car from our unmade road. I have as yet been unsuccessful in trying to track down availability of new / replacement carpets, or information about how big a job it would be to replace them. Has anyone any experience in this field?