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  1. Noel Mac

    Is220D Starting Problems

    So an update guys as to my starting issue..... after going through everything with my fluke multi meter and snap on modis diagnostic unit (effectively going the long way around) DOH!!!!!! I found the root cause of my starting issue...... the bloody battery posts were corroded!!! lol...... anyway a big thank you to Colin Barber for sharing his wisdom with us , i now know where to look for the fuses and things in the future, thanks to anyone that waded in with advice as with out it i probably would not of delved in as much as i did and eventually stumble across the problem...... thanks guys :)
  2. Noel Mac

    Is220D Starting Problems

    Hows the form guys, im back and had a look at the fuse location under the battery but all i could see when i removed the battery and the lower plinth on which the battery rests is an ECU, what i did find however was a battery current type sensor thing ( part no. 28850-50010)..... could this be the cause of the non starting?? also there seems to be a relay "chattering" as though is is losing coil voltage intermittently..... what do we think folks, i do not have a scanner so i am relying solely on my test equipment (fluke meters etc) I have checked all of the fuses in the engine bay and they have all rang true
  3. Noel Mac

    Is220D Starting Problems

    Thanks Colin, I really appreciate your direction on this, I’m off to commission a machine in Leeds next week so I will get stuck into it when I get back and keep you posted... thanks again :)
  4. Noel Mac

    Is220D Starting Problems

    Thanks Colin, do you think that the canbus system may have a bad ground (Chasis earth)? If so perhaps this may have caused a fuse to blow due to over current caused by the poor conductivity of a bad connection??? Or am I over cooking the stew??
  5. Noel Mac

    Is220D Starting Problems

    Hey Colin, thanks for the response, much appreciated, when I carried it out (leads and battery swap) I ensured correct polarity so it won’t be that, the fuses you speak of.... where are these located? Are they under the battery? cheers Colin :)
  6. Noel Mac

    Is220D Starting Problems

    Hows the form folks, im new to the forum but not new to Lexus or Toyota :) Anywho i am having a similar issue where by my car battery did run dead flat (9.3VDC) and she wouldn't even take a charge so i tested with a new battery from my workshop and all the dash lights came on OK etc i could use the electric windows, wipers, and the green LED would light as i depressed the clutch pedal, but when i attempted to start by pressing the start button the vehicle would do nothing.... wouldn't even turn over, it is flashing that the boot lid is open when it isn't and showing engine warning light and battery light.... any ideas guys?? Ps... this has only happened when my wife parked the car overnight on the hill outside our home and it got really cold very quickly around minus 2 Celsius , wether that has made a difference or not i am not sure.