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  1. Alans27


    That’s what everyone else seems to be saying bud. But they seem to be aimed at making you drive slowly which is fine in town but no good over all.
  2. That’s really impressive considering the cars size and size of engine too.
  3. Such a nice looking car that is! Looks like a big arm chair that you could just get super comfy in. What’s the mpg like on one of those?
  4. I did notice it’s more talked about on American forums and suspected that’s down to fuel quality. Mind you I don’t think the petrol washes over the inlet valves with the direct injection engine so perhaps not? Maybe it’s down to the climate of the country the car is in somehow? You have both given me confidence in the IS250 here so thank you :)
  5. Alans27


    You’re like the devil on my shoulder Rebecca lol. Yes the IS250 is my number one choice I must admit :)
  6. Gents I’m thinking of buying a Lexus, most probably an IS250 but possibly a ct200h instead. I’m not keen on the first ones as they seem to boom with that cvt gearbox and I’ve also read they’re not great over bumps and there’s a bit of road noise. I’ve not actually been in one I must say, these are just things I’ve read. Anyway I gather after 2014 they addressed a lot of these issues so, just how much improved were they in 2014? Did they really tame the cvt gearbox plus sort the ride comfort and reduce road noise? I need advice from the horses mouth lol. thank you :)
  7. Gents I’m thinking of buying an IS250 around a 2011 or 2012 reg but this carbon issue with the direct injection is a cause for concern. Just how common is it and does it really warrant an engine strip down or have you been able to clear it without major surgery? Also, I’ve read there’s been a few problems with dashboard noises. Well I don’t want that, it’ll get on my wick lol! Is it all years of the IS250 that suffer dashboard noises? thank you :)
  8. Alans27


    Yes mate probably an is250, or maybe a C200h lol. I can’t decide!!
  9. Alans27


    Hi all, Well I’m thinking of buying a Lexus and have a few questions to ask on here first. However I’ve noticed a few have started firing off questions straight away in the newbie forum which I think is a bit rude lol. So I’ll say hello first and ask questions later. I currently own a Toyota Auris so I’m like looking to buy the same make only more posh! Nothing wrong with wanting a little luxury eh.