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  1. RX300 Losing ATF but where to?

    No, the engine was off and cold (I'm aware that it should be properly checked when up to temperature and having gone through all the gears). I just wanted to give myself an idea of what it would measure cold.
  2. RX300 Losing ATF but where to?

    OK, update! My garage informed me that the gearbox sump gasket needed replacing. They did so. However, the following morning, I woke up to a pool of ATF under the car. They informed me that the gasket they used looked as if it had perhaps been stored for a long time (they could only get it from Lexus) and they ordered a replacement. They once again replaced the gearbox sump gasket, allowing adequate time for the sealant to take effect.. This morning, just for the hell of it, I checked the fluid level cold. It was halfway between the marks. I then went on a 20 mile round trip. When I got back, I left it idling on my level driveway for 5 minutes while I unloaded shopping from my car and then checked it again. The dipstick wasn't even damp. Not a sign of ATF, no gearbox overheat warning light, nothing. Why would it be venting it, and how? I'm not even sure who to go to for answers except the experts on here, so all help & advice continually appreciated!
  3. RX300 Losing ATF but where to?

    OK, so I've been out again this morning and the ATF level was about midway between full and empty. I took it for a spin and used the kick-down. I noticed a large cloud of mist coming from the rear of the vehicle, seemed to be from the nearside underneath somewhere, so wouldn't seem to tie in with the exhaust which is on the offside. Needless to say, the level has dropped! Any suggestions as to what's happening/at fault greatly appreciated!
  4. RX300 Losing ATF but where to?

    The garage didn't change the fluid, only checked the level. I'm unsure what they've topped it up with although I can guarantee it won't have been with Toyota fluid. I was present for the procedure and it came out of a very large 'ATF' container! I didn't realise that the ATF manufacturer was that critical on these vehicles. I'm going to monitor the level over the next week or so and I'll get back to you! Thanks for the welcome & reply.
  5. Hi All, I'm a new joiner and would like to know if anyone can help with this one; I bought an RX300 (2004) about a month ago. Everything's been running well and I've covered about 300 miles so far with no gearbox problems. Before I put it into my local garage for a full service 2 days ago, I checked the engine oil and gearbox fluid levels. Both were fine and I noted that the gearbox fluid level was at the max mark. Following the service, on a short drive the following day, I noticed the usual 'kangaroo' effect that you get when the gearbox fluid level's low so I checked it. It was at the 'min' mark. I called the garage (thinking that they must have changed it but not filled it up enough). They informed me that they only checked the level on the service and didn't change the ATF. They told me that the level was ok when they checked it. We arranged that I take it back today for them to look at. This I've now done, and the mechanic noticed the 'kangaroo' effect when he drove it into the inspection bay. On checking the level, he couldn't see any fluid level! He's topped it off with about 2 pints of ATF and it's now just below the max mark. I'll be keeping an eye on it over the next few days. I've got no leak marks on my driveway and no smoking or smells when driving. Where's the ATF been going to? Any suggestions? TIA