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  1. Hi guys , the other day the air compressor got very noisy and kept coming on a lot more than normal, so I switched the Suspension off so today I went to car suspension completely flat so started car up switched suspension back on, nothing no pump but the off light keeps flashing and the height only goes between normal and high but suspension still flat any ideas
  2. Thanks good tip worth ago, oil has been seeping for about a month
  3. Hi guys anyone no where I can get rear drive shaft seas for 2004 rx300 awd
  4. Did you leave sensors connected, I also have read about pulling 7.5 amp to put out warning light and removing either the 60amp Fuse or the airsus relay
  5. Ah ok and I suppose that the adaptive lighting will stop working aswell
  6. Hi all if I remove air suspension and fit coil overs can I remove height sensors 🤔
  7. It did look really good, that would be great I’ve been trying to find it with no success, but on the plus side I’ve found that the Strut assEmily on the f/r of 2004 rx300 is also used on Camry, and rav 4 And a few others, so I have a coil over kit coming that was £300 , coming for £169 result
  8. Ah ok , I’ve been trying to find @BrightonRX300 threads , any ideas
  9. Hi all , I’ve been trying to find out if you have to remove height sensors when changing to coil overs, also does anyone no camber angle
  10. Ah I see , yes would be a good ref point for all
  11. I’m probably being abit thick but what’s a sticky
  12. I’m going to start researching parts across the Toyota / Lexus range and will keep you all updated
  13. What about postage , or is that included