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  1. Hi guys for a while now my RX300 has had a side to side rocking motion under acceleration, I couldn’t find what was causing it then the other day I jacked it up and after a while found that the nsf inner cv joint is completely done in , so now I need some advise is there any way of finding out if it’s 23 or 27 teeth on the spline without stripping it down .
  2. Hi all re Shamir on front end of my RX 300 , came out this morning to see nsf was sitting really low (air suspension) hit button and it lifted could a week shock becauseing the shimmy 😩
  3. Mylex

    ☹️Just been out for a run(shopping 😩) and put it in the boot , got on the bypass and omg the shimmy is back with a vengeance you can see and feel the front end moving and it's now doing it under braking
  4. Mylex

    I can't believe the difference a few psi has made 👍
  5. Mylex

    I checked tyre pressures they where at 28 psi so put them up to recommend 32 psi and checked with my trustee digital gauge, drove down the road and the shimmy is almost gone 99% better so am getting wheel balance checked next
  6. Mylex

    I've checked balljoints ,I did have a creaking noise when turning steering to left and some grease on outside of ballpoint rubber, I've not checked wheel balance also I did have someone tell me it could be engine mounts or stabilizer
  7. Hi guys I'm new to the forum , I have an 04 reg rx300 se-l which has developed a front end side to side shimmied between 45-60 mph under acceleration and deceleration also noticed it whilst coasting a couple of times ,can any one shed some light on probable cause many thanks