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  1. Yeah I’ve had it up to temp , through all the gears driven it in traffic stop start etc , just can’t work out why it’s doing this , it does drive smooth up and down through gears
  2. Hi guys where should fluid be on dipstick when hot , mine seems to read on the hot mark when cold and nothing when it’s hot , also does anyone have a work shop manual I could by for a 2004 rx 300 thanks guys by the way the car has the u152f transmit I believe
  3. It’s just I was out in my other car and they come on regularly, but in the rx I only hear them when I start it up
  4. Hi guys , we’ll ive sorted prob with top hose collapsing , i tried.a new radiator cap and it didn’t really help , so then on inspecting a few of the other pipes I found the small one from rad to expansion tank was solid on the bottom elbow , cleaned it out sorted no more top hose collapsing😁, .i have a question , at what temp should the fans come on, I’ve noticed that they come on when I turn ignition key to just off the start position on ignition switch or momentarily when I switch engine off ,but I never here them running even after a motorway trip and then sitting in traffic , any ideas
  5. No mark I don’t at moment , I’ll run it up to temp on idle with air con on and see if they come on , I’ll let ya no
  6. all up to temp ,never goes over half way,even been up motorway then let it tick over still nothing
  7. Hey mark yeah I’ve had it up to temp , just above half way on gauge it never goes higher, air con works but I havnt had it on when testing, I’ve also had car on motorway and then let it idle and still nothing
  8. thanks guys the fans both kick in at a point on ignition switch just before start up but then as I said theres nothing until I switch engine off and they kick in briefly again
  9. Hi guys ,well it’s a lovely sunny day for a change, thoughts of doing the inner nearside front cv joint myself sprang into mind, has any one done one or have any info on doing one ie manual /diagrams etc. It’s a 03/04 rx 300 automatic, any help would be greatly appreciated 👍😁
  10. Hi guys for a while now my RX300 has had a side to side rocking motion under acceleration, I couldn’t find what was causing it then the other day I jacked it up and after a while found that the nsf inner cv joint is completely done in , so now I need some advise is there any way of finding out if it’s 23 or 27 teeth on the spline without stripping it down .
  11. Hi all re Shamir on front end of my RX 300 , came out this morning to see nsf was sitting really low (air suspension) hit button and it lifted could a week shock becauseing the shimmy 😩