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  1. Cheers herbie , so fluid to be on hot marks when warm
  2. Hi guys I was checking fluids after a 50mile trip , with engine idling and found the gearbox fluid to be sitting half way between cold and hot marks , I let it cool down over nite and the level now it’s cold is above the hot marks , I take it when hot fluid should be on or near the hot marks but is it right that when cold it’s right over the hot marks🤭🤔
  3. OK thanks guys , the car has 137000 on it , I've had two new tyres on back , but need to get tracking done due to all the front end suspension work done recently, would doing the wheel bearings upset the tracking if I get it done first
  4. Hi guys I have a humming /draining noise from front end , from about 15 mph upwards and it gets loader , if I turn left or right it goes slightly , Im thinking wheel bearings , but most people say that the noise gets worse when turning🤔?any ideas. Many thanks
  5. Hi guys trying to find size of 12 point front hub nut on 2gen rx300 and torque setting many thanks mike
  6. Hi guys, can someone tell me if the whole hub assembly has to be unbolted from strut , track rod end etc or does the bearing and hub come away from the main carrier once the hub nut , disc and calliper are out of way , it’s a 2004 rx300 awd mcu35-R
  7. Hi guys I have a sort of whirring growling type noise at front end of car , it comes in at around 25-30mph right up to around 60mph , could it be a dry / worn front wheel bearing , any thoughts The mike
  8. Hi guys I can find information on 1gen awd rx30of fluods , but can any one help ,I have a2054 mcu35-R 2gen awd 300s-el can you tell me does front diff have sepeaten gear oil or does it just share tranny fluid also does any one have picsome showing drain and fill plugs locations for front differential and transafer case any thanks mike
  9. Hi can any one tell me if the front differential on a gen2 awd mcu35-R uses the same fluid as the transmission and how you can check it's level , also how to check transfer box level and top up Many thanks mike
  10. Hi herbie , my laptop has gone caput and I was trying it on my phone so that’s probably why it won’t download mate , I’m not to clued up with tech 😁
  11. No probs , the car is completely different no creaking or nocking , smooth and easy lock to lock , when you take the dust cap off the top of strut there’s a 14mm not that connects air pipe to strut , then if you look right down you’ll see a 19 mm nut ( you need a long 19 mm socket) you need to soak it with wd40 and take your time to work it when undoing it cause if you snap it the struts no good, then disconnect strut at bottom and the mount will come away, while the mounts were away I cleaned the domes off and put jb weld 5020 all over them to help protect them
  12. Yeah mate his name is Brian he’s on WhatsApp , his number is 07901 712988, he’s a good guy great service only did mine for mot in June
  13. I’ve had top mounts done mate , by a guy called Brian , the top mounts do come off the top of air strut ,so once removed you can send them to him and he’ll have them back within two to three days , I stripped them down myself it’s not a hard job ,