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  1. Hi guys , I have already asked for suggestions on this , one reply was to check exhaust mounts , I did this s and found a broken mount bracket under engine , but noise is still there between 40-60 mph , I was wondering if it could be low gear oil level after changing front near side drive shaft cv joint , but can’t find how to check level or how to drain and top up , can any one help Many thanks mike
  2. Hi guys can any one tell me or send me info on checking front final drive fluid level after pulling drive shaft , I need to no we’re drain and fill plugs are and also how you no you have correct amount in many thanks mikr
  3. Hi guys , firstly can’t say thanks enough to Brian berridge for his help with top mount bearings , great service and a nice guy, having got the car through the dreaded mot, I need some help with a noise that comes in around 35-40 and then at 55-60 on acceleration and deceleration, above 60 no noise and below 35 no noise but at between the mentioned speeds it’s there, I was wondering if it could be one of the engine mounts that might be a bit weak , any ideas ,many thanks mike
  4. Hi guys can anyone tell me how you check gear oil level on a 2004 rx300 mcu35-R front transfer case many thanks
  5. It’s easy enough to take strut off, two bolts at bottom and 6 14 mm bolts at top to hold cover and top plate to body , then 14 mm opened to undo air supplie pipe , before undoing top mount from body , you’ll need along 19mm socket to undo but that holds bearing and topmount to top of strut , sounds worse than it is but Brian does a fantastic job on them and is very reasonable
  6. Hi all , after being told that I’d have to replace both front air struts because the top mounts had gone (m.o.t ) around £1500-£1700 it was great to find brian berridge , orchard engineering , life saver and a genuine nice guy , after separating top mounts from struts I sent them to Brian on the Wednesday morning and got them back rebushed at 1030 am Friday , what a legend this man is , I must say that I’m in Scotland and Brian is in Gloucester
  7. Just had the bearings replaced in the front top mounts of my rx 300 with air suspension, the guy that did them is Brian Herridge , orchard engineering Gloucestershire, brilliant service and quick and very resonable compared to the other option of replacing the hole strut x2 @ around £760
  8. Hi guys can I put axle stands under front subframe to hold my rx300 up for a couple of days
  9. Hi Brian , once you got the bearings was it easy enough to change them. Many thanks
  10. Hi guys , does anyone no were I can get top mounts(front) for a 2004 rx300 mcu35-r with air suspension thanks
  11. Yeah I’ve had it up to temp , through all the gears driven it in traffic stop start etc , just can’t work out why it’s doing this , it does drive smooth up and down through gears