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  1. I removed 7.5 amp under dash, also the 60 amp which is abit of a pain , lights still on so removed speedo cluster , took off glass and lour black electrical tape over the suspension warning lights . re the ride I did muck about with preload a few times , ride is a little harder but your going from a very expensive air system to coilovers
  2. Hi Chris have you managed to get your dash lights off and if so how
  3. Hi Chris I started by takeing tension off then winding it up by hand till it got tight , then puting the second lock ring up to the first one and then wound the top one up until the the supplied spanner fits between ( about 4mm) then locking the lower one, what height have you set all around the car
  4. No Chris the original drop links do go on to the coilovers mounts
  5. I just undid large centre nut and swapped complete plate over
  6. Hi Chris , top plates and lower mounts , also i elongated upper hole in rear mount, also keep the ten kg springs on front, I also put plate washers on top mount bolt locations
  7. Used are 180 upwards depending on condition for rear one , just over a grand knew
  8. Hi , has anyone dropped the rear diagrams out of an rx300 to replace it Mine has rotted around front runner mount locations and on rear cross brace I've been all over the underside checking floor ,sills and chassis and all are solid before going to expense of replacing diagrams ,can anyone give me any pointers as into the easiest way to do it
  9. Hi does anyone have a measurement from ground to wheel arch or centre of wheel to arch , front and back on low and normal Height setting that they could send me manythanks mike ps does any one no we’re I can get hold of a rear sub frame for a 2004 rx300 mcu35-r
  10. Hi Chris , yeah that’s the ones , and yeah you switch just dampers as you said , the ones with adjustable dampers are identical except for adjuster on top of each damper, to be far once you get these ones set they give a good ride quality, don’t forget you have to elongate the top hole in the rear mounts on coilovers and bring in the top late mounts on the front ones
  11. Chris go on eBay type in coilovers for 92-01 Camry , they are listed at £178