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  1. Hi N18KRS thats very helpful and interesting to know. I’ve suggested the roof rail before now. Keep us posted I really hope it’s sorted your problem out. will let you know our out come in due course.
  2. Hi N18RKS we have the same problem in our 450RX and it’s been back 4 times to the Lexus dealers it’s only 5 years old. they are saying it’s the amount of water when we put the hosepipe on and the slope of our drive, which is not steep, it’s a small slope. It rained all day Saturday night and Sunday morning the towel we put on the floor was soaking. back with a them and they said there’s no blockage with pipes. The rails on top of car have never been removed. No roof box ever used. We are at a loss and it’s extremely frustrating. how are you getting on? oh, it only happens when the front of car is parked facing down the slope!
  3. Charlieboy3

    How Do I Change My Display Name

    Hi Steve Can you amend my Display name as I cannot find anywhere in edit profile to do so myself? Thanks
  4. Hi did you ever get to the bottom of the leak problem?