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  1. You don't need to alter the brake pedal on the CT200h. Plenty of members here have already done this, either themselves or their local dealer - all discussed in this thread.
  2. None of those part codes appear to be used on UK/European vehicles. Where are you based? You may get better assistance from one of our sister sites.
  3. same as every other Lexus currently being sold. Quite disappointing that this issue has been known about for years now and they haven't bothered to fix the problem 😞
  4. Excellent, not too bad a price. Just make sure you get it in the correct colour 😉
  5. Nope. Schedule attached. 679c3a1bfb4d49209fcead05bef5b673.pdf
  6. If the battery is full then amount of charge can be controlled. Going downhill the engine can be used as a load, being turned over but no fuel used. The simulated gears are achieved because the electronic control of the transmission can make the engine run at any speed it wishes - the engine isn't directly connected to the wheels. here is a fun demo of how the transmission works: There are many videos on the subject, the second half of this video is shows the physical components being rotated to give a good understanding (components are a slightly different design in the 3rd Gen system used on the IS300h but technically work in a similar way):
  7. It seems the sensor ECU is the same part for models with and without front sensors but it is unlikely that the wiring is in place. 99% of the time it is impossible/cost prohibitive to retro-fit factory equipment in any Toyota/Lexus vehicle. The dealer will fit a aftermarket system, hence it won't link into the display.
  8. Always better to remove. Worth checking with your dealer, they are available as spare parts, pre-sprayed. In the states you can get them for $45 which might be the cheapest option, but knowing the UK it will be double that and cheaper to just get your one resprayed.
  9. Welcome Ian 🙂
  10. 1 year additional warranty on just the hybrid battery.
  11. That is no longer the case but was when the series 3 RX came out. VW, BMW, Vauxhall etc. now have them as well as Ford and some of its previous companies such as Volvo, Aston Martin etc. Some are a slightly different design but achieve the same thing.
  12. No that isn't how power is distributed. There is a clutch but it is permanently engaged at the flywheel as a protection device but that wouldn't normally slip and wear. The transmission fluid should be inspected every 40k miles - mainly for level in case there is a leak but quality should be checked too. There is no interval for it to be changed. If you run the 'severe' maintenance schedule then the fluid should be changed every 60k miles.
  13. It is linked to the drive mode selector on the centre console. If you put in in Sport+ it will stiffen the suspension - there are only two modes. In either mode each corner is constantly adjusted depending on the road surface and conditions automatically.