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  1. The RC F 😀 The LS460 may have the same physical size front pads as the GS F, but because the friction material is different the part codes are different. Same applies to the rear so cannot tell just by the part codes if they are the same physical size or not 😞
  2. A Lexus dealer is the obvious answer. Ideally you want the key stolen to be removed from the system, so if you go to an independent make sure they can do that. Is there a way for your vehicle/address to be determined from what was stolen? Possibly you should think about the mechanical locks being changed too.
  3. Not sure on the NX but some models do have a range adjustment, but it is a dealer / Carista / TechStream setting rather than being available via the vehicle set up interface. Might be worth asking your dealer.
  4. I don't believe this is possible to tell the difference between a factory fitted belt and a genuine spare - same part, same markings.
  5. Correct. In fact the key isn't programmed, the vehicle ECU is programmed to the key. Try holding down the unlock button for 20 seconds.
  6. Lexus are within their rights to refuse warranty as there is no service history / stamp in the book.
  7. A deposit has been paid yet the vehicle is still advertised for sale. Why would someone pay £500 for an independent service when it would be cheaper at a Lexus dealer? The spoiler has been wrapped by the look of it - or a cheap one replaced the damaged original. The carbon should look exactly the same as the rear spoiler. No service history, and I doubt it has had the fuel pump recall done - Get your refund back and WALK AWAY.
  8. How do you find them compared to the OEM ones?
  9. Looks nice. States two keys but there should be two normal keys and a keycard.
  10. Exactly the problem then. They are designed to improved handling, with the ability to lower the vehicle, meaning they are stiffer which will compromise ride quality and noise. Even 'comfort' coilovers are harder than Lexus stock suspension.
  11. Dealkent was referring to Tesla, not Lexus.
  12. I think it makes a bigger difference on a saloon but still isn't that much in it compared to good quality OEM sprung suspension. What coilovers did you use - it is those, rather than being non-air, that has compromised the ride and increased noise.
  13. Assuming a Toyota/Lexus hybrid system then 5+ years is fine. 10+ years is where I draw the line, only for the fact that I don't want the hassle of getting a battery pack repaired if a cell were to fail.