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  1. New Lexus's

    Lexus Europe have decided to only offer hybrids (expect for the LC and Fs). 200t has been dropped across all models due to poor sales and their marketing decision to be all hybrid. Year to date, Lexus GB has seen a market share increase, the first time for a few years, because of the decline in diesel sales and move towards hybrids. You could therefore argue their strategy is correct, they just don't cater for people who want semi high performance cars or manual transmissions which some people here seem to be upset about. I'm not use the 450h package can fit in the RC. Even if it could it doesn't warrant the investment as the RC350 satisfies that space in the US, which is their main market.
  2. New Lexus's

    Tested in 2006, before the F-Sport existed and clearly states manual transmission. 0-60 7.1 sec, 0-62 is therefore around 7.4 sec.
  3. I'd assume polycarbonate as it is more impact resistant, and a reason why they yellow.
  4. Overall performance/speed

    and that is what I got for my wife over a CT. I like the CT but the current series IV Prius is faster, smoother, quieter, better economy, easily better ride quality and is more practical. The TNGA platform handles well to. It is just odd to look at. Unfortunately Lexus haven't upgraded the CT chassis or hybrid drivetrain since it launched because the Auris hasn't had those upgrades yet and the CT is based on that. That all happens later in the year.
  5. New Lexus's

    I haven't driven one for quite some time but when I had a couple as courtesy vehicles I was shocked at the amount of road noise. I was driving a GS430 at the time so it was always going to be noisier but the amount was significant. Maybe at the time Lexus was using a particularly poor tyre model. Official figures are substantially different. 0-62 mph times are 7.0 vs 8.4 (or 8.1 for manual transmission). People always state the IS250 is faster than the official figures, that is true but so is the IS200t. Car and driver tested figures are 6.5s vs 7.1s 0-60 mph, with the 7.1 being achieved by the faster manual IS250, as they didn't test the auto. Street start is more real world and shows a greater different due to the lack of low end power of the IS250 engine - 7.6s vs 8.4s for 5-60 mph.
  6. NX300h Luxury 2018

    2 - should be possible. Road sign assist and the Nav are two independent systems. 3 - some settings will be greyed out unless the vehicle is in it's 'Ready' state with the transmission in park.
  7. If the headlights have been stripped of their protective coating then you either need to keep polishing them every couple of years or apply a clear coat - take a look at this video:
  8. Check VSC = VSC 51

    If it is the same heater fault as in the link above from Mark then that is always a sensor failure. Easy for any garage to change, just make sure they use a Denso sensor of the correct type and not a 'compatible' one.
  9. New Lexus's

    I'm not sure where the belief that the 200t was positioned as a high performance car comes from? It was positioned as having better performance than the 300h and was a replacement for the IS250. The turbo is really there for emissions and low end torque. If they wanted performance that would have given it more boost and 280 bhp. The 200t is substantially quicker than the series II IS250. Maybe it doesn't feel like it because it doesn't have the dreadful road noise the series II produces because it is better insulated.
  10. New Lexus's

    Are people actually debating this? A series III 200t vs series II 250, there is no comparison. The 200t has quite a bit more power, a lot more torque which is available from much lower revs, has a much faster gear changing transmission and has more ratios too which keep the engine within maximum power for longer and with lower first gear for better initial acceleration. The vehicles weight about the same, the 200t very slightly heavier. Once you get to bends then it gets even worse for the 250. The series III chassis and suspension set up massively out-handles the series II.
  11. I believe there two dedicated circuits for the two, labelled CIG and Power outlet See here for location:
  12. Hi and help!

    Their used prices are always the highest in the country and trade ins never that great either. However in this case you could do well, that GS F hasn't been with them for long so there is probably quite a lot margin they can negotiate with as they haven't had to reduce the asking price month on month.
  13. Hi and help!

    You will do well to get a good deal, the Surrey tax will be in full force.
  14. Rare for any Toyota engine to use oil, unless there is a specific fault.