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  1. They do check the fuel cap in the MOT. That in itself won't cause an error, but if it wasn't tightened back up correctly then that can cause an error.
  2. Personally I'd go for the 450h because I'd want the extra power, and better economy. But if those aren't a priority then the 300 sounds like a well looked after example and probably cheaper/more reliable long term for the reasons in this thread.
  3. ColinBarber

    ISF brake pads

    Indeed. Bembo use multiple different compounds. Just because it says Brembo, it doesn't mean it will feel like the OEM ones. Similar to tyres - Pilot Sport are different to Pilot Super Sport but are both Michelin.
  4. ColinBarber

    Just bought an IS2OO Sportcross - non starter.

    Cambelt must be in one piece if you got a compression 🙂 I assume the belt is correctly aligned? Belts can wear badly on the IS200 and it can jump a couple of teeth if it gets too thin before it eventually snaps.
  5. Imports from RockAuto are around £20 + shipping. Some kits also come with the hub, which obviously cost more.
  6. OEM isn't AGM, it is flooded with a 38 Ah rating. One improvement of the RX450h is they switched to AGM which has a better ability to deep-cycle and therefore holds up better when repeatedly leaving for a couple of weeks or more. There aren't too many options that will fit correctly. I replaced mine with a Bosch Battery S4 model 158 which has a higher 45 Ah rating and a 4 year guarantee. Managed to get it on sale for around £57, normal price is nearer £80.
  7. Dealers do it but I'm not sure Lexus GB condone it - worth complaining to them first. If you are purchasing a vehicle under three years old with services missing then the manufacturers warranty would be void, and they would be selling it as if it does have a warranty so definitely a trading standards issue.
  8. ColinBarber

    oil leak

    It depends where the fault in the gasket or head warp occurs. It could just fail between an oil passage way and the outside. Worth making sure the oil isn't coming from above and just settling there.
  9. It states full service history, it doesn't have to be full Lexus history though. I agree that most dealers seem to ignore this and 'approve' non-compliant vehicles, and Lexus GB never seem to check.
  10. Any vehicle owned by Toyota should have service history stamps. My IS300h was originally owned by Toyota press and traveled more than 10k miles in their year of ownership - Lexus GB serviced and stamped the service book mid-year. My GS was originally owned by Toyota press and hadn't traveled 10k miles in their year of ownership and so didn't need a service. When press vehicles go to the auction house that Toyota/Lexus use to sell on all their vehicles to Lexus dealers, that company services them at 12 months and stamp the service book. If a Lexus dealership owns a vehicle, either as demonstrator, loan, or pre-registered showroom, they would carry out services themselves and stamp the book with their stamp. Therefore there shouldn't be a case for services missing.
  11. If it advertised on Lexus' website and is an approved pre-owned vehicle with a Lexus warranty (not just an Inchcape or other franchise/third party warranty), then it should meet the conditions here, including a full service history:
  12. The dealer would have to post the book to each of the previous dealers that serviced the vehicle, something they probably can't be bothered to do. I'd insist they do it. For them to sell it as an approved used Lexus it must have:
  13. ColinBarber

    UX Road tests & Prices

    We will have to wait until next month to find out but every indication is that it will start from at least £30k, which is £5k more than a C-HR, and I expect a fully loaded one to reach just under £40k.
  14. ColinBarber

    Buying ct200h part s/h.

    I don't understand why an owner doing their own services wouldn't write the service book - I know if gives no proof but it would at least remind you when you next need to do it. I think it would have to be discounted below market pricing to take the risk - it is probably fine but you can just find another one with service history.
  15. How old is the vehicle? It sounds like the original book was lost but difficult to tell. The Lexus system isn't 100% reliable, especially 8 years back.