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  1. ask them to have a good look around too - could be a leaking water pump.
  2. If you have a volt meter measure the voltage across the battery - that will give you a good indication of whether you need a new battery or not. I highly suspect you do.
  3. The NX seems to rev up the engine a bit more than the CT/Prius so can be a little noise. The current gen Rav (2019 onwards) has a better engine and hybrid system compared to the older generation system in the NX but interior materials are nicer in the NX.
  4. Sunroof/Pano roof were optional on the Premier grade rather than standard as with the Takumi grade.
  5. I'm sure Lexus will put a stop to that soon or take their franchise away 😞 They don't like people discounting.
  6. your battery is looking a bit discharged - you may get the opportunity to test out your new installation soon 😉
  7. I get very intermittent issues now - clearly a problem with the backend servers being available. However I had all sorts of problems when I had a complex password - simplified it and it has worked for years on the IS300h and now my GS without issues. Not that I really use it - just for up to date traffic info but even then I normally just use Apple maps or Waze on my phone.
  8. Certainly looks like salt corrosion. Are you getting your vehicle serviced by Lexus? I would like to think they would have told you about this before it got that bad.
  9. There is an essential minor and major service, just like there is with the standard servicing. The essential major service includes a brake fluid change and should be done every two years. The essential servicing does miss out a few things, e.g. doesn't replace the key fob battery on the major service and only inspects the pollen filter rather than replacing (replacing if needed is an extra charge) but most things are the same - all critical things. The list of what is done, on standard and essential servicing, is all documented on the Lexus website.
  10. Worth all ISF owners replacing their radiator, which means you are then good for another 8 years +. Transmission cooler within the radiator failure, allowing coolant into the transmission, is a problem that affects the LS430 too - several transmission failures because of this.
  11. The temperature switch sensor in the radiator is for the cooling fans. Disconnect the wiring and short the two pins in the plug - the fans should come on (with ignition on). If they don't then you have an issue with the power to the fans - check the FAN fuses and the fan relays. If the fans come on then you know the power to the fans is ok and the fault is with the temperature switch on the radiator.
  12. They have the 200t which came out at the same time as the 300h so I'd assume that pricing. The person updating the website probably assumed the IS 300h was already covered by the IS 300 - the website has been full of errors like that over the years. They don't seem to add vehicles to essentials until around 6 years old - they seem to assume you would get the 5th service done before it is 5 years old and you don't need another for 12 months.
  13. ??? Really, I didn't believe any UK Lexus has, or has had, that feature.