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  1. ColinBarber

    Portable jump starter

    It is probably actually safer than jump starting off another vehicle. There is a risk of a voltage spike from the alternator of the running vehicle which can damaged the electrics on both when jump starting. For a hybrid I wouldn't actually start the engine of the vehicle being used to provide the voltage - as the hybrid vehicle doesn't require high energy to get it 'Ready' there is no risk of flattening the other vehicle's battery so no need to start it.
  2. ColinBarber

    Portable jump starter

    That would be the on very rare occasion that the hybrid battery had completely discharged, at which point the only thing the AA would be able to do is transport your vehicle to a Lexus dealer. If you have a flat 12v battery then the procedure is no different than any other vehicle with a 12v electrical system, other than you don't need to really worry about large duty cables as the current drawn to get the vehicle 'Ready' is very low.
  3. ColinBarber

    Warming up the car

    Toyota don't believe the climate in the UK warrants the extra cost. The series II Prius in the UK never had the big vacuum flask that stored all the coolant in overnight to keep it warm, the IS300h doesn't have a shutter on the radiator intake to stop airflow in winter as other European markets do, the older Yaris didn't have a cooled EGR etc. etc.
  4. It depends on the brake design, but of models affected I'd say 90%+ will see the issue - it is extremely common. However it only really starts to become an issue after 5 years. Possible should be part of the 60k mile service as preventive maintenance (40k on hybrids as the brakes aren't used as much).
  5. They go to Germany, not Belgium, but they will come to you too.
  6. On the Lexus UK portal, the oldest IS250 manual you can get is for 2011 - probably not too different from your 2007. I've uploaded to dropbox which I'll leave for a couple of days:
  7. No they are telling the official line and want to kept their franchise. They don't typically have codes to unlock the Lexus vehicles on their diagnostic equipment and parts catalogue. It somewhat depends if the Toyota dealer also has a Lexus franchise.
  8. unfortunately the hybrid health check does not help you here as it only provides a warranty for the battery, not the inverter, motors, pumps etc.
  9. ColinBarber

    Speed Camera Warning

    No, the maps have no camera positions in France, whether the vehicle is sold in France or anywhere else in Europe.
  10. There is no reason why only a Lexus dealer should perform the service, you just need to decide how much resale value would be affected if you lost full Lexus service history - and that would depend somewhat on how long you intend to keep the vehicle. If you get a hybrid health check performed then your convenience point goes our the window as you will need to travel 60 miles to get that done. I've never seen the hybrid health check T&Cs - there may be something in there about full Lexus servicing or continuous coverage. If possible I'd only get it done after the vehicle is five years old - very, very unlucky to have a battery issue before then (if at all) - but the T&Cs may prevent that approach.
  11. I'd check the wiring / connectors / earthing / battery before replacing the sensor. If you can determine the sensor is at fault then get a Denso replacement - either Toyota/Lexus branded or just OEM Denso, as whilst the downstream sensors aren't as critical as the upstream air/fuel ratio sensors, cheaper ones do seem to trigger these types of errors.
  12. That's not entirely true as Panasonic co-develop and manufacture Telsa's batteries.
  13. ColinBarber

    Warming up the car

    US models have a completely different Infotainment systems. Sat. radio, GPRS/3G data connection for remote app, concierge service, auto emergency services calling in an accident. Replicating the same in Europe is quite a challenge. Different languages, different laws, different carriers for data agreements, low sales volumes etc.
  14. ColinBarber

    Warming up the car

    Enform is not available in the UK.