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  1. No idea on price, quite a limited market these days. They are very rare as many 10" wheels have cracked through impact damage and they have been out of production for many year now.
  2. Lexus dealer only as the hard drive software needs to be updated. Double check here:
  3. That isn't normal. Once all the systems have completed powered down (some say it can take up to 30 mins after ignition turned off, but at least 10 mins) you shouldn't get more than 50mA drain. I'd start to pull interior fuses one by one to see which circuit is consuming all that power. The audio amp has been known to go faulty in the SC430 which causes excessive battery drain so start there.
  4. Provided your power meter stays within the regen section using the 'brakes' you won't be using the mechanical ones - get to the end of the scale and the mechanical brakes will also start to come into play. Using the gears, depending on speed etc, will be achieved by the same thing - the system will apply electrical regen to simulate engine load in a lower gear. So there really isn't a difference.
  5. I'm not sure the CT has that type of conventional switch because the gear selector doesn't stay in the R position, it will instantly move back to the home location so there isn't a switch that is held closed to complete the circuit all the time you are in reverse. I'd definitely replace the bulb/check bulb connector for corrosion before looking further afield
  6. My car is 8X1 - it doesn't look like that RX under any lighting condition.
  7. No. The vehicles has no direct internet connection, it needs a bluetooth/wifi hotspot to connect to, so there are no remote status/actions available.
  8. I suspect that if you are at the point where those bushing are failing you are long passed optimum performance of the shocks so all should be replaced.
  9. this gives some info: It isn't that great. You get up to date traffic, you can send journeys from the Lexus website to the vehicle to download, you can look up a few things. The Lexus nav system isn't as good as what you could achieve on your smart phone. Get the premium system for the better audio, not the online features.
  10. Certainly a possible cause. Normally everyone would jump to the conclusion of a head gasket but given the intermittent power it certain could be the turbo and the variable vane mechanism. Have you fitted the new turbo yet?
  11. First thing to check is your 12v aux battery. If it is partially discharged you can get all sorts of errors. If you have a sunroof then make sure the drain holes are clear. Open the roof and pour some water in the channel, it should run out under the vehicle on both sides.
  12. It is very very unlikely that your key is cloned - that is hard to do. It is possible that another key is programmed to your vehicle - a lost one else someone would have needed access to the vehicle with a master key to program in another one. In that case there is a way to delete all keys from the system and just add back the ones in your possession. Procedure varies on different Lexus vehicles but it should be available on a google search - normally you don't need Techstream or a dealer, there are button sequences to follow.
  13. Gaseous emissions You must inspect vehicles with spark ignition engines first used on or after 1 August 1975. You do not need to check: L category vehicles hybrid vehicles - with electric and combustion engines