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  1. If the SE has the Nav option then yes. This is just phone connectivity though, no streaming music.
  2. There is a TSB in the UK on the RC F to get the pads replaced with ones that don't squeak. CP-0027L-0416. Go to a different dealer if they aren't helpful or incompetent to find it. Unfortunately for me the GS F isn't included, even though it has the exact brake system as the RC F and suffers the same problem 😞 CP-0027L-0416_IR.pdf
  3. Welcome Simon 🙂
  4. If you cannot leave the vehicle for two weeks or less without the battery going flat then replace it as it has lost capacity, which only gets worse each time you flatten it. If you regularly leave your vehicle for more than two weeks then consider fitting a larger battery, or get a solar charger to help out. If you only make short journeys then you aux battery may never get fully charged so worth giving it a charge before you leave it for a long period. Check your insurance policy before you leave it with a disconnected battery/no alarm.
  5. I wasn't commenting on that, but yes that is nonsense.
  6. The IS is very good in its class for comfort and refinement, but it is no LS. Your expectations may be very different from traditional IS owners and therefore I'd advise you test drive one or two - ideally a 24 hour test drive from Lexus.
  7. It does sound like that. The transmission should be correctly mapped to the engine so it does change down correctly rather than let the engine struggle. Seems that it could be a simple fix in software if enough owners complained. Unfortunately the number of 200T vehicles sold in the UK was very low. The RX200t sold less than 100 before it was withdrawn.
  8. I also doubt the gains however the above isn't technically correct. The VVT system uses oil pressure to mechanically alter the timing but the oil is controlled electronically by the ECU via an oil control valve and actuators. It is therefore possible to remap the timing system - typically via a piggyback ECU as the stock control unit isn't reprogrammable. The engine/intake also contains an ACIS valve which shortens the length of the intake manifold, and this does suddenly close which causes some sort of kick and change in noise - this feature is common to many Toyota engines since 1980s.
  9. The best performance is obtained by having the transmission in auto mode and letting the CVT keep the engine at a constant rpm at the peak power - which is 6,000 rpm. The torque curve is flat between 4,200 and 5,400 rpm so try and keep to at least above 4,200 if in manual mode.
  10. They should just be inspected regularly after 5 years and replaced when deterioration occurs.
  11. CEL will clear after three engine start / warm up cycles without the fault. Disconnecting the battery will clear it straight away. If the light remains, so does the fault.
  12. Toyota/Lexus typically use three manufacturers for their audio and infotainment systems. The US systems have satellite radio, emergency assist, vehicle location tracking, remote vehicle information and service alerts, remote engine start/door unlocking etc. and are therefore quite different even if the same manufacturer is used. The European systems would need different software development to gain CayPlay or AA - I suspect the current systems are capable of offering such functionality - whether Toyota will commission it is another thing.
  13. The vehicles in the US have different systems so an update won't work on European models.
  14. two belts shown, depending on exact age of vehicle manufacture (not registration).
  15. The hot marks are the ones most accurate (cold is used as an initial basic guide if the engine isn't able to run etc.). With the engine running the fluid level should be at the Hot marker, if not you need to add more if under or remove some if over.