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  1. They should just be inspected regularly after 5 years and replaced when deterioration occurs.
  2. CEL will clear after three engine start / warm up cycles without the fault. Disconnecting the battery will clear it straight away. If the light remains, so does the fault.
  3. Toyota/Lexus typically use three manufacturers for their audio and infotainment systems. The US systems have satellite radio, emergency assist, vehicle location tracking, remote vehicle information and service alerts, remote engine start/door unlocking etc. and are therefore quite different even if the same manufacturer is used. The European systems would need different software development to gain CayPlay or AA - I suspect the current systems are capable of offering such functionality - whether Toyota will commission it is another thing.
  4. The vehicles in the US have different systems so an update won't work on European models.
  5. two belts shown, depending on exact age of vehicle manufacture (not registration).
  6. The hot marks are the ones most accurate (cold is used as an initial basic guide if the engine isn't able to run etc.). With the engine running the fluid level should be at the Hot marker, if not you need to add more if under or remove some if over.
  7. Are you on flat level ground and the engine running at the time of taking the reading? Ideally you should slowly move through all the gear options and back to park before checking, that makes sure fluid is present throughout the valve body of the transmission.
  8. Battery charge light and no power steering indicates a problem with the drive belt, I suspect the aircon won't be working too as it is a single belt that goes around all of those three.
  9. Hardly pointless as it is positioned as a safety feature and it will warn you there is a problem before a pressure gets dangerously low.
  10. The last was around mid 2005, although don't know if that was a European model. Many vehicles that are in showrooms don't get registered for some time after manufacture. If viewing check the paperwork - I'm sure it is Lexus' records that are wrong but the VIN associated to that registration shows a Cyprus vehicle manufactured in 2002/2003 so potentially could be an import.
  11. All Lexus models have direct TPMS with valve wheel sensors, but that doesn't mean you will get individual readings - only a warning if one drops 20% below the pressure set when calibrated. I believe only the Premier grade on the GS is able to show the individual pressures on pre-face lift vehicles. All grades have the feature on the facelift models (2016 onwards).
  12. I'd like to think at 40k they would be more willing to cover this under warranty than at 100k. The main issue is that there is no preventative maintenance in the service schedule to stop this from happening.