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  1. Chipsaway

    Someone I know was quoted £120 for quite a small scratch. I've been quoted £220 for a 2 inch scratch and dent on an A pillar. Both of these were for indoor repairs, possibly with access to a courtesy car - the good franchises won't do outdoor repairs.
  2. There were three grades. LS 460, LS 460 SE, and LS 460 SE-L. The SE adds ML audio system, power boot lid, rear audio controls, rear cool box, air-con and powered rear seats, powered rear sunshades, and sunroof. The SE-L has everything the SE has plus better quality leather, parking assist, safety pack, 19" wheels, and a keycard. What is odd is that nearly all the additional features could be added as options, so you can have the situation where a 460 is better spec'd compared to a 460 SE.
  3. Chipsaway

    Probably around £150.
  4. Jump leads: which size?

    You really don't want that to happen. As stated above you shouldn't leave the vehicle for months without charging up the hybrid battery every couple of months. The battery charge indicator in the vehicle isn't the true state of charge - there is quite a bit more in reserve - so it isn't a problem in normal situations.
  5. There isn't a specific one for ML - it is contained within the standard owners manual and Premium Nav manual.
  6. LS430 stuck in 3rd gear

    Make sure you use the correct procedure, and the correct fluid for your transmission. The procedure attached above I believe is for the 6-speed transmission fitted to the later LS430s which uses WS fluid. The older 5 speed need T-IV fluid and has a different procedure.
  7. Reasonably accurate. Remember they are in Euros and add VAT.
  8. Jump leads: which size?

    If you make sure the auto lights and wipers don't come on you could get away with 10A. All the 12v battery is for is to power up the control systems until the hybrid inverter is able to start generating power and the vehicle becomes 'Ready', at which point the inverter takes over providing 12v to the vehicle and starts charing the 12v battery. There is no starter motor, the hybrid motor is used to turn over the engine to start it - which is all powered by the hybrid battery, not the 12v battery.
  9. New owner

    Welcome Glyn
  10. LS430 stuck in 3rd gear

    No! You drain the pan using the drain plug, and put back in the same amount through the dipstick tube. There is no level plug on the side. You need to check the level using the dipstick markers whilst hot and the engine is running, having selected all the gear positions.
  11. Jump leads: which size?

    30A would be more that enough for the 400h. Don't use your 400h to jump another vehicle.
  12. Wouldn't be the first salesman to not know what he is talking about. How about a review on Lexus' own website that state air suspension is standard on the Premier: These is a pinned post at the top of the RX forum with the equipment levels on the different grades. 2009-2012 SE-L and SE-L Premier, and 2012+ Premier models all had air suspension as standard. It was the series II 400h that never had air suspension, whereas some of the series II petrol models did. I've not heard of series III air suspension issues, however given there age you wouldn't expect to - only time will tell if they remain reliable.
  13. New member

    Welcome Neil
  14. Cracked Manifold

    Unlikely unless it got very bad.
  15. To buy or not to buy 2017 CT 200h Sport Plus

    All CTs have the same performance. The F-Sports have a modified suspension that makes them handle slightly better but that's it.