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  1. I think what stopped them was the fact that they got covered in the entire contents of the engine coolant system. Got the exhaust welded and with other bits cost me a total of £336.
  2. Hi, just information for owners. Last Saturday night my car was parked in a car park in Retford and an attempt was made to steal the catalytic converter from my car. An angle grinder was used to cut through the clips and then the front exhaust but they also cut through the pipe containing the engine cooling system. Quote from Lexus for new exhaust and catalytic converter was £3800, luckily my Lexus Independent garage managed to weld the exhaust and the coolant pipe at a cost of £336.
  3. Advice into the car last night to drive home, the heating and ventilation is always set on Auto but the heating never came on even after turning the temperature up. After about 10 miles the engine overheating warning light came on. Stopped the car in pitch black in the countryside, had a look in the engine compartment but didn't notice or hear anything wrong. Got back in the car and carried on. The engine overheating light came on again after about a mile but was only about 3 miles from home so carried on but then the light turned off and temperature gauge returned to normal, but still no heating. Any help much appreciated as don't like travelling in a car at 0 degrees.
  4. Prices seem to be holding up well in the second hand market. I bought my 2011 RX450h 112,000 miles with FLSH 10 months ago for £11000 with a couple of small cosmetic issues.
  5. Hi everyone, just to let you know I have just had a 120,000 mile service carried out by LEX-TEC(can be found on Google) on my RX450h. Now this is the big one, replacing spark plugs and so on. Lexus main dealer quote is £750, LEX-TEC carried out the same service for under £500, carried out by an ex Lexus mechanic of 30 years experience. This garage I would highly recommend.
  6. Hi, just a heads up that I have found a Lexus Independent garage near Chesterfield/Sheffield. Run by a friendly and knowledgeable guy Dave who used to work at Lexus. If you live around that area give him a try, I am sure you won't be disappointed by his service and price.
  7. They replaced the right rear cluster as they said it wasn't working. Thank you for all the feedback. The auto electricians were Pete Wilson in Mansfield Woodhouse. The bill was £60 labour, £200 for the light cluster plus dreaded vat.
  8. My rear brake light did not work, so I took it to a well renowned auto electrical garage. They tested the fuses and swapped the light clusters around and told me one was not working and that I needed a new one. I don't have any problem with this, but I wondered if anyone else has had the same problem and have been given the same outcome. They have charged me £320 to sort it out.
  9. It could be my fault then. I replaced the rear light bulb in the cluster and had trouble getting it back in. If I have damaged the wiring, who is the best place to fix it..Lexus or any garage dealing with electrics.
  10. Can someone help please. My right rear brake light does not come on. After looking in the handbook and in the light cluster I cannot find a bulb to replace. How can it be fixed. Help.!!!!!!
  11. Thank you everyone for your input. Two days after posting this a Lexus RX450h came up for sale within 5 miles, 2012 plate, 110,000 miles with FLSH last one done at 107000 miles, went for a test drive and bought it for £11000.
  12. Hi everyone, I am new to this site although I have owned an IS250 and am now the owner of a CT200h. I am looking at purchasing a RX450H and am viewing one on Friday. It looks very good on the photographs on the website, but the reservation I have is that it has done 110,000 miles(2011 reg), but there is only proof of service for the first 50,000 miles(Lexus). Can anyone let me know what I should look for problems wise or should I walk away from it. The trouble is that they are quite rare cars and after looking for about a month it appears I may have to travel over 50 miles to purchase one and with having to p/x mine it would become a bit of a grind.