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  1. I'd be worried. I'm no good with car electrics but my only suggestion would be to remove it, (or cut it in a convenient location so that it can be reconnected), and find out what, if anything, doesn't work any more.
  2. I don't know if these are available anyway but thinking outside the box, it occurred to me that it may be possible to get some made by someone with a 3D printer, copying one you already have? I have no idea whether this service exists anywhere but if its feasible, you could then paint all centre caps to match? Just an idea
  3. Does anyone know definitively what type of blade fuses are used in my 1999 LS 400? I have searched online and there are various types such as mini, micro2, micro3 etc with little to choose between them. I want to buy a couple of spares. Thanks in advance
  4. Can any kind soul please let me have a copy of a wiring diagram for my 1999 LS 400? I already bought a workshop manual on CD but there's very little on the wiring systems. I would like to investigate my parasitic drain, having narrowed it down to the circuits covered by two fuses, Radio 1 and MPX-B. Any help appreciated
  5. ECP almost always have discount codes going. My battery was cheaper from Costco, even though ECP had 45% off batteries at the tiime
  6. I know this has been discussed before, but having requested advice on various issues, I thought I'd put a recommendation on that someone may find useful. Having had two genuine Toyota batteries fail after around 3 years, my current one just out of warranty, I thought it was time to shop around. It's been said on this forum that only a Toyota battery will fit properly, this is not true. After some research, looking at spec, branding, warranties and price, I decided I wanted a Bosch battery , the S4 series with a 4 year warranty. I just fitted a Bosch S4 026 battery and it is a perfect fit. The spec matches my Toyota battery exactly, with 630A and 70 Ah. So I have a new battery, same spec with 4 year guarantee instead of 3, and it was cheaper. For those with a Costco card, they sell them at the lowest price (it may be a special order and take a couple of days, although I was lucky, they had one in stock), without the potential faff and expense of buying online and potentially having to return a heavy battery by post if a fault develops. If you get one, the correct battery is the S4 026, not the S4 027, which is identical except the terminals are the wrong way around, don't ask me how I know. Hopefully, someone may find this useful. For those of you with a cynical bent, I have no connection with either Bosch or Costco, it's just a recommendation
  7. I agree Graham, and one of the reasons I ried to buy from ECP was my assumption that they are a major player and probably sell a lot of batteries. Perhaps this battery is an oddball size. It does not come up when I search on ECP under my registration number, as fitting my car, but the outputs of 630A and 70aH and dimensions seem to be spot on.
  8. Having just ordered a new Bosch car battery from Europarts, I turned up at the Barnsley branch to collect it, The battery was behind the counter and looked anything but new, and when I examined it (something the assistant seemed reluctant for me to do)I I could see that the label was dated 2018 (the month was not legible). As it is now 6th September it is likely that the battery is at least 9 months old. I am aware of what extended discharge periods can do to a battery so I refused to accept it. They produced another battery (from which the same label had mysteriously been removed). When I buy a battery I want a relatively new battery, I'm funny like that. I wanted to buy it from Eurocarparts for simplicity of returning it in the event of a fault, but mu trust in them has been severely dented. It's an 04 27 with 4 year warranty and seemed a decent buy at around £88
  9. I have a slight electrical issue, which in terms of fault finding, is my worst nightmare. I believe my battery problems stem from a parasitic drain, which has been there since I bought the car six years ago. My battery is usually flat within a week. I have a CX 5 charger but for various reasons, it is not always in place. I have trawled the forum and I'm clearly not the first to have this problem. Following guidance on the internet, I have tested for a current drain, while removing fuses one by one. The two fuses that seem to be the culprits are the 20a fuse- Radio 1, and the 10 amp fuse - MPX-B. I then realised that I have not "put the car to sleep" by bypassing the bonnet latch, which may explain the high reading. I am waiting half an hour or so, and will then check the current drain again. If I am reading my tester correctly, the drain is in excess of 1 amp, which seems excessive 1. The bonnet latch thing, is it just a case of pushing the centre of the latch down and then inserting a small screwdriver into the hole that appears at the right hand side of the latch, to open the circuit? I'm assuming this deactivates the alarm? 2. If the car is functioning properly, how long does it take to reduce the drain on the battery? 3. My rev counter does not seem to be working, any obvious/easy fixes for this? I'm getting a bit frustrated with what is otherwise a very reliable and enjoyable car, so would appreciate an input.
  10. Thank you, that's the one I've decided on. Around £88 from euro car parts
  11. The EB705 does look like a good buy, but the cold cranking amp figure is 540 as opposed to 620 of the original, a significant reduction?