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  1. No, definitely the odometer, thanks for the suggestion though
  2. Thanks Phil, I live in Yorkshire so I'm hoping to find someone not too far away
  3. Some months ago my garage put my car on charge, we think there was a power surge and my instrument panel went dark. I disconnected the battery, left it a while then reconnected, then everything then worked perfectly, except for one problem. My odometer has "lost" 60,000 miles. It should show around 71300 miles, but actually shows around 11300 miles. My concern is that the MOT is due next week, and the radical change in mileage could look a bit sketchy. I only do around 3000 miles and this is clear on the MOT history but a sudden drop to 11000 miles could be a problem, particularly as I'm toying with the idea of selling the car. i spoke to a local chap who does mileage corrections and he tells me that he can't do a mileage correction on my car because it is "old school and needs pulsing up technique to change the mileage. he doesn't have the equipment. Has anyone experienced anything similar, or have you had a mileage correction successfully done? It's not illegal to change the mileage and I want only to return it to where it was.
  4. I've used the downshift to fourth frequently since I've had my 400, I agree the car seems to want to launch itself forward , it must be a very slippery shape. Just recently I've started downshifting to third for sharp bends, I like the feel of the additional control
  5. Mosesgate has closed, with a proposal to strike off at companies house, Stellar Motor co was created in June of this year, Each company had one director only, different first names, both with the surname Khan. I would be a bit careful about who actually owns the car, in case it's an asset of the old company (not sure whether this would be a problem, or not)
  6. Some really good points have been made here. I know nothing about trade sales or "car sold for spares or repair", and it's tempting to think that this is all wrong, therefore the buyer must have a good case. That stamp is pretty damning evidence, but as someone suggested, was the buyer duped into signing the agreement? Beyond that, regardless of the terms of the contract, is the seller duty bound to inform the buyer of any known defects? For such serious faults to occur so soon after purchase in what is an inherently very reliable engine, it is hard to believe that the seller was not aware. I'm not even sure a "trade sale" is permitted to private customers, I would have assumed that trade sales occur between two traders.My first step would be a conversation with Trading Standards, they are experts in this field and I believe the service is free. This company may already be known to Trading Standards because this seems like very dodgy practice to me. They may be able to exert pressure on the buyer's behalf. If I decided not to take this to court based on advice given, I would contact the company and request a refund promising them that in the event of a refusal, I would resort to wielding the only power available to me as a consumer. I would distribute a factual account of my purchase, naming names in, every motoring, consumer forum and social media outlet, especially in their geographic area but also nationally, and would make it my life's work and repeat this everywhere for the next two years or three years, to share my experience and spread the word, hopefully to prevent other people going through the misery I have experience whilst dealing with them. This LS is the most expensive car among their stock. They sell cheap cars but many are the type of cars that might attract petrolheads, who tend to look at these sites before buying. I don't imagine this reputational loss would take long to cost them more than what this car is worth. Sticking to the facts, there is nothing this company could do about it.
  7. The increasing use of management speak like "asymmetric information" was one of the reasons I retired early. I couldn't put up with the bull**** any more, usually from people trying to convince others how intelligent and hip they were.. The seller will always know more about a car than the buyer. They have more time to evaluate it properly. The rest of your comments make complete sense, and I agree, this chap has the worst of all worlds. He's bought one of the most complex cars in the world, on the basis that it's for spares or repair. I've made a few mistakes buying cars, but nothing o that scale. I would have run a mile.I like to buy cars privately (almost impossible nowadays because the trade has the car market wrapped up in one big monopoly). You get the opportunity to speak to the owner, and it's a bit easier to judge how a car has been treated. Sadly, maybe one car in a few hundred may be for sale privately, usually at the same price as dealers charge
  8. There is one suggestion how it can be done in this thread If I had keyless entry my preference would be to disable it. Have we really got to the point at which pressing a key fob is so inconvenient?
  9. I've been looking on Ebay and compatible blades don't seem to match these sizes
  10. I have a 1999 LS 400. Can anyone please confirm whether the wipers fitted are the correct size ?, they are 21" and 15". Also, the fitting on the driver's side looks unnecessarily complicated. Can anyone advise how the wiper arm comes off, what position the wiper must be in etc. thanks in advance
  11. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201808159517286?postcode=s637sp&radius=1500&advertising-location=at_cars&model=LS%20600H&make=LEXUS&sort=price-asc&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly%20New&onesearchad=New&page=1 This is the cheapest one on autotrader, the rear suspension looks a bit low to me? having said that at 336000 miles it still looks good
  12. I see you are based in Sheffield. If you want an aircon specialist I strongly recommend Maltby Electrical Services (they are in Rotherham, not Maltby). They sorted out my LS 400 and really know what they are doing. If you want a Lexus specialist to keep labour costs down, I strongly recommend Lex Tek Autos of Sheffield, very knowledgeable chap, ex Lexus technician
  13. I had my 1999 ls400 done at the main dealer. It is a sealant in a tube rather than a gasket. It took longer than they anticipated, I think they had to manipulate the suspension to get it fitted
  14. Anyone seen this before, I never knew it existed? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lexus-Allard-P4-Prototype/292564345977?hash=item441e31a479:g:RBIAAOSwcB5ZD-CM
  15. My 1999 400 has only ever failed one MOT, on a blown rear fog lamp bulb, in 2010, before I owned the car. MOT histories can make interesting reading and are perhaps a better indicator of some aspects of reliability than JD Power surveys. Find used Jags for sale and check their MOT histories, and then find some Lexus of the same age and check theirs. I am a big jaguar fan but not based on this exercise