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  1. Interesting question, I keep looking at these. The horrific depreciation makes them a hell of a used buy, but expensive if they go wrong, I think. I'm also interested to hear if anyone has one
  2. I have a Lexus LS 400, and am thinking about changing to a RX 450h (maybe four years old) I'm undecided about spending a grand on an extended warranty. I'm drawn to the Lexus because of its reputation for reliability, as opposed to a Jag or a BMW. A grand is a lot of money and if I'm to spend that, I may as well exclude reliability as a criterion in my decision making process.
  3. I've never bothered with any of that on my 99 model, and was unaware there is a procedure. I usually disconnect my battery to charge it, and the only issue I get when I reconnect is the check VSC message coming on. It usually disappears when the car's been restated a couple of times
  4. The Standard size for DHPs is 245/50/17, Pirelli Asymmetrico., around £240 each I just replaced all 5 of mine due to age, with Kumho Ecsta 235/55/17s, which make minimal difference to speedo rates. I managed to get all 5 replaced for £484 all in. They are the correct W rating , are extremely quiet, and the car rides even better. I wanted Avon ZX&s, as I have a soft spot for Avons, but they are designated a SUV tyre
  5. It's passed the last 12 MOTs. has a few advisories
  6. I love my LS400 but I'm a Jag fan as well. I've been looking around for an XJ, but have been comparing MOT histories for older jags for sale compared to older Lexuses (or Lexii according to Alan Partridge). There is a tremendous difference. My 1999 LS 400 has failed once, before I owned it, for a blown foglight bulb. Other than that, it's never even had an advisory.
  7. I had this on two of my tyres until I fitted new tyres all round last week. I haven't checked the pressures yet but they don't seem to be visibly going down as they were (touch wood). The tyres I removed were all over ten years old with 5mm plus tread left, but I changed them due to age. After they were removed, the perishing/cracking on the sidewalls were more evident, so I'm glad I invested in new ones
  8. Ridiculous, it's not even the more desirable (to most ) series 4
  9. I have posted a couple of times about changing the Pirelli 245/50/17 tyres on my 99 Ls 400 DHP wheels, as they are very expensive. Having considered changing the tyre size (which would cost me 5 new tyres to get a matching spare), I have found an alternative tyre that seems to fit the bill, with a 99Y rating. It is a General Altimax Sport, which comes in the original size. It is the only tyre to do so, other than runflats or winter tyres. Has anyone got any experience of these tyres please? I am struggling to find independent reviews, I believe they are American, but I have seen General tyres on some decent cars on TV, e.g. on the Fantomworks programme. I’d be very grateful for any feedback ( I’ll try to make this my last post about tyres)
  10. I'm still deciding what tyres to put on my LS 400 17" dhp wheels, I need all five as I'm changing to a different size, due to expense and the age (2007) of my existing tyres. As usual I'm doing my research re noise , handling etc ( I probably overdo the research at times ) It occurred to me that I do low mileage (currently on 69000), so the next replacements may be needed due to age rather than mileage. I contacted Blackcircles and asked whether I could specify tyres with a very recent date (DOT number), to ensure that I get the maximum lifespan. Their response explained that they could not guarantee recent tyres, as they obtained tyres from many suppliers. They also explained that tyres sold as new can be up to five years old, by law. It seems to be the luck of the draw, but your new tyres may have been manufactured a month ago, or 59 months ago. Obviously, much depends on handling and storage (exposure to sunlight etc), but I imagine the process of perishing starts immediately. I'd bet this is not common knowledge. it probably is not an issue for people who do greater mileages, but for me, it could be.
  11. Hi How do you find the Bridgestone Potenzas?
  12. I got a quote from Costco for tyres for my 17" DHP wheels, for 235/55/17 tyres to replace my 245/50/17 Pirellis. My 99 car does not appear on their database. For LS 400s in general , only 15 or 16 inch wheels are shown. Because I have 245s on at the moment they refuse to do the job, as they will only change like for like, because fitting anything different would be a modification. I explained that the next LS 400 owner they get might have 235/ 17 inch wheels, or even 225 17s. As they have no idea what was fitted originally, I would have thought the decision should be mine, with some sort of disclaimer if they think it necessary. Bizarrely, he was of the opinion that V rated tyres would fine, although I told him that top speed was limited to 155 mph, so I probably should have W rated as a minimum. I understand their position, if something went wrong etc etc............ However, on the speed rating, he is applying common sense, and acknowledging the fact that I am never likely to exceed 149 mph, whereas on the size issue, he is sticking rigidly on their policy of no modifications, whilst having no idea what should be standard. Such is modern life, too complicated, with little evidence of common sense.
  13. Not local to you, but I can recommend Lex Tek Autos near Sheffield. ex Lexus technician
  14. Falken tyres seem to be well regarded on this forum. Can I ask which Falken tyre is recommended? The Falken Ziex ZE914 Ecorun has a poor review, the testers believe they have focused on eco issue rather than ability in the wet etc. This is the only tyre listed by Blackcircles that has the correct speed rating and is not designed for SUVs. I'm fitting 235/55/17s and would appreciate some advice
  15. When I look closer at the Blackcircles website, it does mention they are for SUVs. Designed more for weight than speed, perhaps, although a 130 mph rating seems more than adequate