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  1. I'm not aware of this issue. What happens? Is it possible on the LS 400?
  2. I may stop being a bloke and go and dig out my handbook
  3. ECP list d2r and h4 bulbs for my car. Am I right in thinking that h4 are halogen and D2r are xenon? If xenon bulbs were originally fitted, wouldn't H4 bulbs be a retrogade step? The D2r bulbs are very pricey. my lights are not bad, I just feel they could be better. Bold claims are made for some of the H4 bulbs and there seem to be many variations of the Osram Nightbreakers
  4. Thanks all for the responses so far
  5. I'm also interested in a bulb upgrade for my series 4 LS 400. I'd be grateful if anyone could advise on what bulbs will fit and what sort of improvement to expect
  6. I had this issue on two tyres, until I replaced all four tyres, mentioned the slow leakage and the tyre fitter applied sealant around the rims. It seems to have cured it
  7. I have a 400 and have been reluctant to move on to more modern models. They may be as well made and the quality may be the same, but they come with a lot of additional technology, which may potentially be problematic / expensive to fix. Just my take on it.
  8. If you are near Sheffield, I recommend Dave at Lex-tek, based near Rother Valley Country Park. He is honest, reasonable and very knowledgeable (ex long term Lexus technician. http://www.lex-tekautos.com/ i have no connection other than being a satisfied customer
  9. Just replaced both of mine, CR1616 3v, I don't know if there's any difference between these and DL1616
  10. Plus one for Dave at Lex Tek, not far from Rother Valley Country Park. Recommended
  11. Is it me, or have RX 450h prices shot up in the last few weeks? I've been looking at 2015 onwards for a while and my perception is that they've risen sharply. If I'm right, is this likely to be due to impending winter?
  12. Not sure if it makes any difference, but this survey is from 2013. I'm also not sure I agree with some of the findings. I drove a Golf 1.6 petrol hire car over 300 miles in 2010 to pick up my new Skoda Octavia Scout TSI. The Golf was so much more refined than the Scout, dramatically so. I value quietness in a car and was very impressed with the Golf. I didn't keep the Scout long, too flawed in several areas
  13. harrylime

    SC430 Insurance

    I just tried Adrian Flux, who came in at over £100 more than my existing classic car renewal for my Lexus, and for lesser cover (my existing policy includes recovery). It's usually better to shop around at renewal time, but that's not me experience with my classic car cover.. Adrian Flux gave me a quote bit said " if it's not competitive our underwriters may be able to do better. Who the hell is going to faff around like that, when you already have a better quote. Give me a competitive quote up front, or please don't bother.
  14. This was part of the reason for my post, I am a also a Jag man through and through and have a mk 2 in my garage awaiting a full restoration. I would love an x350, last of the proper Jags in my opinion, but can't (yet) reconcile myself to the prospect of more problems than I'm likely to encounter with my LS 400. The corrosion problems on some of the newer models are shocking, as is the response by Jaguar, and are a further deterrent.