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  1. I don't know where it's comong from as I've yet to investigate properly, hence my asking if there's a common cause
  2. I have some water leaking into my nearside tail light fitting. It is not a huge amount and nowhere else seems to be affected. Does anyone have a definitive source of the leak and a fix please?
  3. I had exactly the same issue. One garage had several attempts at resolving it. I then tried an electrical and aircon specialist in Rotherham, who replaced many seals and O rings. That sorted it out
  4. I wanted a mk 4 for the added security of traction control, I don't know whether VVTi is much of an advantage, because they were always an outstanding engine. I don't know what year this car is but aren't the earlier engines non interference, so less of a problem if the cambelt breaks? As for the sat nav, I find it unusable because it is so dated. Roads have changed a lot since 1999. I use a Garmin
  5. I've been taking a casual look at Lexus LS 600h for sale ( a practice that often results in a purchase). I've looked at Ebay, Autotrader etc and there are none for sale with fewer than 50,000 miles. Where are all the newer used examples? Is the apparent shortage due to poor new car sales or are people just hanging on to them?
  6. At least the Germans have a car industry to be proud of. If our successive dimwitted, unimaginative, short sighted Governments had not subsidised our strategy of becoming car assemblers for Nissan, Toyota, Honda and Tata instead of encouraging British car manufacturing we would not have been kowtowing to these foreign companies for years and begging them not to leave the UK, which they are entitled to at any time. We sell off our assets and manufacturing has, relatively speaking, died a death. What cars do we actually make? We make Caterhams, with predominantly American and Japanese engines and gearboxes. We also make Morgans, which are made of wood, and even the ash frame is going to be imported, because we are running out of ash in the UK. I can't believe the fifth largest economy in the world has become so reliant on foreign countries. Honda is closing its plant in Swindon, Nissan will not be producing the new X Trail here, Toyota and Tata could move production anywhere in the world at a whim. We are bigger than South Korea but Kias seem to have taken over the world. I see Kias everywhere. The Koreans seem to be where the Japanese were 20 or 30 years ago. I am not an economist but it seems to me that you cannot expect to succeed economically unless you make stuff that people want. As well as the jobs and the turnover, it's a case of branding and national pride. We have a history of engineering innovation and excellence. We should be taking advantage of that. To quote a well known motoring journalist, how hard can it be? Someone should take the Honda plant, and create a new British car company
  7. I'm not averse to driving ordinary cars, in addition to my old LS 400 my daily workhorse is a Skoda Octavia 1.9, it is a fine car for what it is. However, I once test drove a Toyota Avensis estate and thought it was a hateful thing. It made sense in many ways including size, reliability etc. but it was so bland and horrible to drive it was morale sapping
  8. I meant to add that, in my humble opinion, buying a Lexus at any level is an intelligent and discerning choice. Lexus themselves showed a level of intelligence when they ditched diesel engines before their inherent problems and public perception changed for the worse. Perhaps your in laws are not at the same intellectual level as you and simply can't see the up side of owning such a car.
  9. Most unlike the Germans to impose their views on someone else. Their response sounds disproportionate, intrusive and rude (again, hard to believe). On the one hand, I might tell them that it's my money, hard earned and that it's f**k all to do with them. I might add that not in the too distant past, millions of men in Britain and elsewhere fought and died fighting fascism and won the right to have freedom of choice etc that we enjoy today (including their freedom to criticise, I suppose). On the other hand, I might explain that 70km is a significant commute and demands a level of refinement and comfort that only a large car can provide, and none can match the LS. I might add that reliability is of the utmost importance and that the Lexus is miles in front of the over priced pieces of s**t produced in Germany. I might also mention that the LS is one of the most aerodynamically efficient cars on the planet and is probably surprisingly economical over long distances. As for what a car says about you, who gives a crap? People criticise anyone over 45 for having an MX 5, which is bull****, they get the same level of fun out of them as anyone else.. Buy what suits you, life is too short. Either way, I would not stand for that crap and would politely put them in their place one way or another, or your life will be pretty miserable in the future. I can't think of a single relative or friend who would react like that.
  10. Thanks for the comments so far, I tried not to be lazy and did Google information on discharge rates. The battery is suspect because it discharged a couple of weeks ago quicker than I would have expected (about a week) after not using the car. I usually charge the battery periodically with my Ctek charger but it's not convenient where the car is currently located. I am guilty of having let the battery run flat at least a couple of times in the 2.5years I've had it, so it may be self inflicted, as sulphation may have occurred. There's nothing worse than not being able to trust the battery in an otherwise reliable car, so I may just buy another one and keep this one for a spare, assuming the main dealer batteries are not on an exchange basis
  11. Is this voltage drop excessive, i.e. is my battery rogered? Further to my last post about bad battery luck, I fully charged the battery with my CTEK charger and disconnected the battery to eliminate any parasitic drain from the car, I then took a voltage reading (almost ) daily, as follows Friday after charging 12.8 V Saturday 12.58 V Sunday missed Monday 12.53 V Tuesday 12.5 V Wednesday 12.49 V Thursday 12.47 V I know there's a lot of wisdom and experience on this forum, and would appreciate any opinions/advice
  12. I've disconnected the battery to eliminate any battery drain from the car. But should the voltage drop on a daily basis?
  13. I don't understand why the batteries were costing the dealer. I have been told that I had a 3 year warranty only, from the date of buying the first battery
  14. In 2014, I bought a new battery from Lexus for my LS 400, it became faulty in 2016 and was replaced FOC by Lexus. I suspect that this replacement battery is now not holding its charge. Lexus have said that my warranty is 3 years from the date of the original purchase, so I'm out of luck. I can understand that they do not want to be replacing batteries FOC ad infinitum, but that is two Toyota batteries which have failed at just over two years. Can anyone advise how much voltage drop I should expect in a battery that is not connected up? I have fully charged the battery and will be taking readings every day for a few days before committing to another new battery