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  1. I had my 1999 ls400 done at the main dealer. It is a sealant in a tube rather than a gasket. It took longer than they anticipated, I think they had to manipulate the suspension to get it fitted
  2. Anyone seen this before, I never knew it existed? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lexus-Allard-P4-Prototype/292564345977?hash=item441e31a479:g:RBIAAOSwcB5ZD-CM
  3. My 1999 400 has only ever failed one MOT, on a blown rear fog lamp bulb, in 2010, before I owned the car. MOT histories can make interesting reading and are perhaps a better indicator of some aspects of reliability than JD Power surveys. Find used Jags for sale and check their MOT histories, and then find some Lexus of the same age and check theirs. I am a big jaguar fan but not based on this exercise
  4. I remember the radio under the blanket as well, more enjoyable because it was not allowed after a certain time. I think Ride a White Swan is one of the greatest songs ever recorded, it also stands the test of time.
  5. Radio 2 varies so much, I don't think they've worked out who their target demographic listeners are. I like Ken Bruce, Jeremy Vine is OK, apart from the unbelievably daft questions he sometimes asks. Steve Wright thinks he's on Radio 1 and only plays fluff and disco music, I can't even listen to him any more, he's beyond irritating
  6. Hi I have my favourite stations all set up, but when I first turn the radio on it goes to classic fm as its default setting. I want to change this so that it goes to radio 2 when I turn it on.
  7. Can anyone please tell me how to set the default channel on the radio on my series 4? Since I disconnescted my battery to charge it, a different station comes on when i turn on the radio. It's not a massive inconvenience but it's a bit of an unnecessary faff finding the right station again
  8. I use my LS 400 very little nowadays, preferring my Octavia 1.9 tdi as a workhorse /local hack. However, I took a rare day off today and had a day trip with the family and two dogs to Scarborough, total driving time of over 4.5 hours in the Lexus.I have today been reminded again that if I sell the Lexus, and I have been considering it due to lack of use, what on earth do I replace it with? I am always looking at cars and I can afford something very nice if I do decide to replace the 400,. I kept eyeing up various cars on the road trip. I can honestly say that I did not envy any other driver, or lust after any other car, because I did not see anything I considered better, including Range Rovers. I saw a nice BMW 335D, but had a BMW 33oD from new, which cost £5000 in repair bills before it was two years old, under guarantee fortunately. Plus, it does not have the "luxury " of a spare wheel, and runflats are a disastrous idea in my view.My car has only 67000 miles on the clock and although it is 20 next year, I had utter confidence that it would reliably get us to the coast and back, in almost complete silence, and in great comfort. It's barely moved for months but never missed a beat. The trip was so much easier and more pleasant than in an "ordinary" car, and all was serene, even in the inevitable occasional traffic jam, which usually stress me out. My Octavia is a good car, but cars like the Lexus make a difference to the whole experience of driving on modern roads, in modern traffic, they just do. The dogs also approved, and slept most of the time. Even with mpg just the wrong side of 30 mpg (very hilly roads across the Wolds), based on what the car cost me,in terms of overall economy / cost of ownership, nothing comes close. The LS 400 does fall down on techie stuff, such as Bluetooth, infotainment system, cameras etc, which many reviewers now seem to focus on, rather than the things that really matter, like reliability, ride comfort, refinement etc. Blind spot monitors are nice, but I have mirrors, and am blessed with a neck that seems designed to swivel, to check for traffic in my blind spot. I agre that the LS 400 was a top car in its day. In my opinion, it still is.
  9. Interesting question, I keep looking at these. The horrific depreciation makes them a hell of a used buy, but expensive if they go wrong, I think. I'm also interested to hear if anyone has one
  10. I have a Lexus LS 400, and am thinking about changing to a RX 450h (maybe four years old) I'm undecided about spending a grand on an extended warranty. I'm drawn to the Lexus because of its reputation for reliability, as opposed to a Jag or a BMW. A grand is a lot of money and if I'm to spend that, I may as well exclude reliability as a criterion in my decision making process.
  11. I've never bothered with any of that on my 99 model, and was unaware there is a procedure. I usually disconnect my battery to charge it, and the only issue I get when I reconnect is the check VSC message coming on. It usually disappears when the car's been restated a couple of times
  12. The Standard size for DHPs is 245/50/17, Pirelli Asymmetrico., around £240 each I just replaced all 5 of mine due to age, with Kumho Ecsta 235/55/17s, which make minimal difference to speedo rates. I managed to get all 5 replaced for £484 all in. They are the correct W rating , are extremely quiet, and the car rides even better. I wanted Avon ZX&s, as I have a soft spot for Avons, but they are designated a SUV tyre
  13. It's passed the last 12 MOTs. has a few advisories
  14. I love my LS400 but I'm a Jag fan as well. I've been looking around for an XJ, but have been comparing MOT histories for older jags for sale compared to older Lexuses (or Lexii according to Alan Partridge). There is a tremendous difference. My 1999 LS 400 has failed once, before I owned it, for a blown foglight bulb. Other than that, it's never even had an advisory.
  15. I had this on two of my tyres until I fitted new tyres all round last week. I haven't checked the pressures yet but they don't seem to be visibly going down as they were (touch wood). The tyres I removed were all over ten years old with 5mm plus tread left, but I changed them due to age. After they were removed, the perishing/cracking on the sidewalls were more evident, so I'm glad I invested in new ones