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  1. I've decided to go with the summer tyres, I don't think there will be any snow in Central Europe anytime soon
  2. Just had a look. They have a really large variety of tyres and the prices seem alright. Did you aver order from them @PCM?
  3. I need to travel to Europe late October. I guess fitting a set of winter tyres would be a good idea. Any experience with that? I can’t seem to find the right tyre size for most of the brands.
  4. The valves were shut, that’s why you’ve heard just a faint burble 😃
  5. It was me, mate. Just been in South Wales for a day trip. Apologies for the late response 😉🤗
  6. Hi @Comedian Music performance the same, it’s only a screen swap with an Android Operating System working in parallel with the OEM Mark and Levinson.
  7. @V8ORBUST those are exactly my thoughts too! I am keeping the car so it doesn’t matter what I do to it. Feel free to contact my any time if you have any queries. I will gladly help with everything I can.
  8. It shouldn’t bother them, @V8ORBUST Only the screen it’s getting changed, everything else stays with the car (the Mark&Levinson system, satnav, etc). You can swirch to the OEM factory system in parallel at a touch of a button
  9. £598.85 35% Off | Car Radio Android 9.0 GPS for Lexus RC F RCF RC200T RC350 2013 2014 2015 Car bluetooth head unit multimedia Premium Navigation https://a.aliexpress.com/_dT1n045 I can provide fitting and the unit at a discounted price. PM if interested
  10. @The Bodyman, yes, it is touch screen and Lexus controls work as well, including trackpad. You can also connect and external Bluetooth computer mouse to the system, I tried it and it works pretty well.