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  1. Amazing! Stunning colour, mate! You don’t see many RCF’s in this colour
  2. A bit too much “filtering”, but very nice 😜😃
  3. Done RCF Interim Service and MOT at Lexus Cheltenham and it was £275+£39. If you ask me, it’s the best dealership in the country. And not far away from yourself. I can in put a good word for you if you want. PM me @The Bodyman 😉
  4. Queuing outside a market or a shop was a part of our life during communism for nearly 50 years in Romania. In the 80’s we had food rationing: half a bread/day, 1kg of meat/week if we got lucky, 1l of milk per day only if you had kids, etc. Electricity was switched of at 8pm every day. It was terrible. I hope we are not going back to that globally
  5. I think cancelling any large gathering is just common sense right now. It’s disappointing, I know, but I reckon it’s for the best
  6. @NothernDan Hi, matey! Nice to see you are back on track 😉 Hope all’s well I totally agree, weather will be nicer in June. Hope the attendees number will be higher next time. Are you doing the April meet?
  7. @hockeyedwards I even manage to read some books as a “Facebook-free man” 😂
  8. @hockeyedwards I am a free man at last! Gave up Facebook&Instagram 8 months ago. “The Great Hack” helped too 😃
  9. Hi, Graham! How’s de Android system on your car? Working fine? Do you recommend it? I was wondering if anything has changed sound quality wise. Or the Mark&Levinson sound amplifier is still being used?
  10. I got mine at 36, two years ago, pretty old, huh? 🤔
  11. At least my reply here stirred some interest for this meet 😂
  12. That would be great! 😃 Keep me posted, please @Womble72