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  1. Cool, @NothernDan! Real badass looking car! 😎
  2. It was really nice meeting you guys today. Here are a couple of photos I did today
  3. I think I heard something similar... 😛 Sounds impressive, mate!
  4. I am not sure when I will leave from home. If I leave late I will meet you at Beaulieu. We should do a Whatsapp chat group, easier to communicate. If you like the idea, my no is 07497788629
  5. We will be fine, the cars will look better all wer 🥴
  6. It’s pretty straightforward to fit, the wiring for the valves will be a bit tricky to do, though
  7. You fitted a GTHAUS too? Cool 😎 Any videos of it? 😁😋
  8. B1RMA, I changed my mind 😄, didn’t sell yet
  9. Hi, guys! How many attending? Fancy one more RCF with crazy exhaust sound? 😜
  10. Graham @mr2lad, do a video with your new exhaust system, please 😁😎