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  1. @Tfp Tim I know we’ve had the long chats about it the very best of luck for your undoubted recovery take very good care of yourself. Just as soon as your ready we’ll find you that GsF 👍 Paul
  2. Big Rat

    RC-F Road test

    Gotta love that 😂
  3. Big Rat

    RC-F Road test

    @Martin F Martin I post like that on here all the time for free 🤫 🐀
  4. As @Comedianmentioned my philosophy was simply that preserving the machine face under the easily removed matt black paint I like the black but accept it’s a personal decision. Im not convinced about machine faced wheels and lacquer in our climate and agree with @olliesgrandad observations on it. But I do like the the look of the wheels as standard if...... I lived in Miami 🐀
  5. @B1 RMA I’ve missed out so much on the Japanese cars mentioned on this thread so much great stuff has clearly gone before. 🐀
  6. @Flytvr Now that’s just the kind of measured constructive response from someone who has many in my opion admirable qualities and that is meant sincerely. I simply want to spread my wings ‘ noting your latest avatar’ with others around the forum and the country and not just one group and be left to do that, so as regards something on my chest that’s it. It wasn’t for me about the Welsh blast group it was about you none of the others I realised there was an increasing personality clash between you and me and have distanced myself on that basis. I hope it now stays this way, this Is a great forum with plenty of opportunity for people to express themselves in reasoned debate and angle of interests and banter of course but not some of the things that have happened of late. Nuff said Big Rat
  7. Big Rat

    Post your Pics

    @emjay82 Afghan...... hope you checked it properly for poppy residue 😊 🐀
  8. Big Rat

    Post your Pics

    @emjay82 I’m guessing that’s the car you had when your exhaust was fitted, nice bronze alloys 😂 🐀
  9. Big Rat

    Post your Pics

    @Cezar B Looks great like the colour as well, nice straight six is it ? Big Rat
  10. @Flytvr Simple really Davi it’s time for you to stop and leave it alone the silly avatars the attempts to goad me into a situation on here just won’t work I’m bigger than that. If you want to put a line under this feel free to contact me and discuss it in an adult way...... Big Rat
  11. Flytvr Club Post Guru Gold Member 2,473 2,528 posts Name: Dav Lexus Model: Opel Kadett 1196 Year of Lexus: 1989 Location: Other/NonUK Report post Posted September 6 Shouldn’t this be moved to the Club Meetings section?
  12. @tomRCFcarbon Noooooo stop it its to early.....🤓Filth MODS better step in now....... 🐀
  13. @B1 RMA That’s some Japanese car past, alas I’m very late to the party with just the isF and Rcf to show for it having been a repeat German buyer for more years than I can remember, still I’m here now, yes that price 🤔 Big Rat
  14. @Peter P18 Great response Peter they really are up there for desirability a thing of beauty and a hard act to follow but at least an attempt is being made. I take your point about parts, see I was being misty eyed still be worth the effort though as each time you opened that garage.......🙂 Big Rat
  15. So who would have this as a toy over the new one out later, we’ll im old and misty eyed about these things so this would be my choice..... Similar price to used Rcf’s Big Rat