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  1. @Ashrez Welcome to the forum fella, if you want to pm me with details I’ll have a look at my data list for you. Mind you some pictures of her as it’s a need to look at the these cars... 😊 Big Rat
  2. @N88RPT Pedro welcome to you be good if you could make the Kemble meet 👍 Big Rat
  3. From Pistonheads...... The Supra guy tells the story.......😁 🐀
  4. @AndyHooper Welcome Andy be a nice little run out for her..... they are capable of 35mpg as well...... soon get bored of that..... Big Rat
  5. @foxy-stoat And the problem with small people is.......... they tend to make much better drivers........ and anyway I'm 5' 8 and 5/16ths but with my rigger boots on I' I have a premonition that @emjay82 will be along with a certain photograph as regards my lack of......😂 🐀
  6. @Stuno1 Tint the windows ....... not with my eyesight can hardly see out of them now......😂 🐀
  7. @Zoot1948 Thanx for that didn’t realise there was an arc black edition I’ll enq about the trim prices I’m sure they will only be a few pounds........ 🐀
  8. I’m in a pub with @Warrington guy we’re a......... won’t reply proper just yet 😂 🐀
  9. @Bluethunder Hi Nean I’m just considering the chrome 2 piece strips across the top of the side glass, wrapping is probably most cost effective I guess🤔 🐀
  10. @The-Acre I really appreciate that matey most kind......please feel free to call in....... no need to leave them in the car my dog house is vacant at the moment for the mutt..... And I’m sure Mrs Rat would be more than happy to divulge all to Mrs Acre while you attempt to get some semblance of sense out of me.......🤪 🐀
  11. @Flytvr I used to be I’m not so sure 🤔 🐀
  12. Big Rat

    ISF coilovers

    Don’t forget these guys they have loads of ISF parts listed and they ran there own modified ISF for some time. Big Rat
  13. Big Rat

    Got my 'F' Back

    @FTBBCVoodoo Thanx Lee I’m pleased, the dechrome has been mentioned, a little permanent for me unless I can get the parts from a friendly dealership for a reasonable amount...... and get them smoked....... Or maybe like this...... ok maybe not....... the music would drive me insane. 🐀
  14. Love to have a play with it though.....
  15. I agree with @noby76 and @NemesisUK perhaps @Peter P18 could shed some light advice ? 🐀