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  1. @Jgtcracer Marcus that’s a good phrase isn’t it so here I am overstyled chunky short builder...... With fashion head gear when ice falls off roof onto your head 😂 Wounded Rat
  2. @DAW With latest one it's the rear to my eye it's absolutely gopping, over styling and heavy looking, I'm not surprised they don't sell to well except to the diehards.......... maybe they say the same things about us and our choices...... Big Rat
  3. @DAW in the very unlikely event I bought one it would have to be latest for me as I’d want the indy rear suspension 🤓 🐀
  4. Cracked Manifold

    @ComedianAbsolutely an engine bay is a very hostile environment and any external component is going to start showing its age no matter the quality.......... bit like me really over 45 years of being outside in muddy holes or up high..... sooner or later bits start to fail...😳 Big Rat
  5. Cracked Manifold

    @Flytvr Yes I see the supporters are in somewhat in a hurry to leave at the end as well......... Big Rat
  6. @DAW David great right up on the. ‘R’ I am to old..... aren’t I...... am I....surely I am......oh bloody hell I used to be indecisive 🤷‍♂️ 🐀
  7. @FTBBCVoodoo I get your point Ive owned some munters in the past had a Focus Rs 5pot before the isF certainly no oil painting but as you say 20-25k is one thing 35+ for the Honda........ noooooooo. Again as you say 20k that's another matter........ after all I could say it's Mrs Rat's car just taking it for a service......... or......... filling it up with fuel....... or......... you get my drift 🤡 🐀
  8. The Honda is a great car no doubt about it, with many fine attributes........ but looks IMO is not one of them, why would a volume car manufacturer with a successful vehicle on its hands alienate such large numbers of potential buyers design in some much stupid pointless add ons to the exterior. Ive ridden in one of the latest ones many times it's a fine car and would have considered one but I'm to old........ ☹️ Big Rat
  9. @ColinBarber I believe you are correct had e-mails back now fro Lexus Perth WA who confirm this as when trying to order for Australian customers the RC wheel with these part numbers turns up and DOES NOT FIT, they have been instructed not order in future when requested. Big Rat
  10. @Jgtcracer I know I knows 🤡 🐀
  11. The parts for these car are not cheap they never have been after all as we all know it was a 60k when new so the running costs are the same now as they were then.......more or less. I do agree with @Mark G synopsis of the future for these cars buy it.... look after it..... keep it..... this one came on sale today many of us know it and it is a nice car still on its previous LOC members private plate as well....... New&onesearchad=New&radius=1500&make=LEXUS&postcode=ba11rj&model=IS F&sort=sponsored&page=2 Ive some pictures of the car from a meet a while back here's one....... Big Rat
  12. @mike m I understand if you can't say but there is a dealer of prestige motors not that far from you and one of the guys who has some involvement with the dealership is on his on his 2nd or 3rd isF, I don't believe he's on here but if you go on YouTube he goes by the name of ' nevertolateinav8' loads of footage on road and track both here and abroad in his is'Fs. Just wondering........... Woukd you be welcome back in an LC no probs as far as I'm concerned, after all not like it's a Volvo is it Big Rat
  13. @mike mCar trade funny old business always has been always will....... now us builders much simpler trade to deal with and in my case emphasis on the word simple As regards the isF got a cracking price for mine some weeks ago at a Lexus dealership, and if I may be so bold so did @Warrington guy Dave at a non franchise dealership at about the same time so many factors come into play....... and you know what the best one from the sellers perspective is if you don't like what you hear you simply walk away....... Big Rat
  14. @Toothy David that's fantastic thank you 😊 🐀
  15. To all fired off an email to Tim at Lexus Cheltenham yesterday with all the point you've raised regarding times parking etc will report back as soon as I receive a reply. Big Rat