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  1. Posted in wanted section anyway thought I’d put here as well 😊 If anyone has a full set knocking about tyre condition immaterial. Big Rat 🐀
  2. As per title if anyone has a set of alloys for a Rx400h drop me a pm tyre condition is immaterial. Big Rat 🐀
  3. @BlueJ If you want to drop me a pm I’d be happy to speak with the MD at Quicksilver Paul is a really genuine guy, no harm in me asking. 🐀
  4. @Rompy Glad it’s gone to a good home John nice to meet you and your family, looks great on the car 👍 🐀
  5. @BlueJ Matey if you want peace of mind contact @DAW off of here and he has full information as regards Lexus UK. And I have access to another Quicksilver system that was on a car for one day then reboxed, if mine gets snapped up you have an option let me know if interested 🐀
  6. @V8ORBUST No probs matey he will fill you in.......metaphorically speaking 😁 🐀
  7. Yep that’s correct the insurance for the wheels and exhaust was zero extra, same finance used. All worked on by Lexus Cheltenham 🐀
  8. @V8ORBUST No probs you must do what you’re comfortable with, you may want to clarify if your using a Toyota finance it’s not an issue I did ! You enjoy her if you want more pics just ask 👍 🐀
  9. @V8ORBUST Congratulations ! Yes she was mine and great car that I miss 🙁 I still have the exhaust here picked it up a couple of days ago if you want to chat about it contact @Womble72 Paul and he will give you my number and so on, I’m quite happy to take it back to Cheltenham for you it’s only about an hour from me. The is fully endorsed by Lexus UK as long as it’s fitted by a Lexus dealer. New they are just under £2.5k here it is being fitted to ‘your ‘car last April..... If your wondering the wheels powder coated Semi Matt black by Lexus the original callipers had a paint issue and Lexus agreed to replace them and all and the pads £5.5k 😳They are the GsF colour but are the same part number it’s just the paint code that differs. Paul 🐀
  10. @F.A. Right my bad my inbox is full so no messages I’ll sort It tonite 👍 🐀
  11. @F.A. Hi fella personal circumstances dictate I’m an infrequent visitor on here now, some would say that’s a good thing....🤡 Happy to help pm the reg number and I’ll take a look and get back to you. 🐀
  12. @V8ORBUST Congratulations on your intended choice, as others have mentioned the only real shortcoming is the subdued exhaust, I have a Quicksilver system that Lexus Cheltenham have just removed from mine that will be up for sale very soon. Many on here have the system fitted to their Rcf’s and It is simply epic value. Big Rat
  13. I know that car Bob I’ve seen it at various events being driven ............’spiritedly’ 😳 Big Rat
  14. @Sully-K Really pleased for you Matey, you can get back enjoying her now 👍 🐀
  15. @doog442 & @Martin F The Black car I also know have photos driven it a number of times a while back it was a press open day event test drive car. The spec and exterior/interior colour is exactly like mine and therefore is lovely 😂 Abd it’s now reserved until May 26th 🤔 🐀