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  1. Big Rat

    What Makes a Premium Car these days?

    I've got an extended loan nearly two weeks now on a CT 66 Plate Fsport, I think it's great put Β£40.00 in it and done almost 480 miles so far, admittedly I'm deliberately driving it like Miss Daisy. I think it's great well built quiet and loads of kit what's not to like.......... Mrs Rat........ you know you want one...........a Yaris GRMN.... you say....... 😫 πŸ€
  2. Big Rat

    Post your Pics

    @Yuss On its way...... πŸ€
  3. A reliable source has informed me that this particular GsF was used in the soon to be released MIB 4. Cant find any footage as yet but still a great looking colour combo IMO. On sale now I’ve noticed at Lexus Swindon, who as an aside have also got one of those rather nice Toyota Yaris GRMN a used one this, shame they don’t put them into production in numbers. Be great as a 2/3 year old second car if they did. πŸ€
  4. Big Rat

    Man Vs Food

    @NothernDan Cake coffee....... tea....... beer....... beer........ coffee........ beer...... did I mention 🍺 πŸ€
  5. Big Rat

    Post your Pics

    @Yuss Yuss I actually know your car I recognise it even without the number plate......😏 Ive some pictures and history of her during and before your ownership, don't worry nothing bad ! I can pm to you if you don't want on here........ πŸ‘ Big Rat
  6. @NothernDan Hey Dan as an old married man she can call me anything she wants....... πŸ€
  7. Big Rat

    Post your Pics

    @Yuss Thanx for that we all need a fix of something different now and again...... oh and the other two don’t look to shabby either πŸ˜‰ So is that 3 V8’s 😁 Big Rat
  8. @NothernDan Dan thats not the real Kitt she's sat on on the office desk pride of place, kindly gifted to me by @Rusty Crobar Big Rat
  9. Big Rat

    Post your Pics

    @Yuss I spy a White Rcf...... πŸ˜‰ More More.....πŸ˜‚ πŸ€
  10. So why we are talking exhausts....... @DAW @Cezar B @Womble72 I make no apologies for posting this twice I put on the LC forum but Lexus filmed this in the car park next to Mrs Rats office in Cabot Circus Bristol a few days ago, they knew about it but she forget to tell me πŸ™„
  11. Big Rat

    No LOC members to copy !

    I did hear about this being filmed by none other than Mrs Rat as her office is very close to this car park and saw the assembled film people and so on in the day, the car park is Cabot Circus Bristol City Centre. Big Rat
  12. I sometimes think if I'd gone for the exhaust with my isF in the beginning I'd still have it, something like the system that @emjay82 has on his car, sorry I don't have a vid of it but if he's reading this........ πŸ€
  13. Big Rat

    No LOC members to copy !

    @gdh300 Sure is matey he does the James Bond stunt stuff as well. Big Rat
  14. @Womble72 Paul is right to do the exhaust I know I'm always banging on - pun intended- about exhausts and so is @DAW these are great cars all of them but they are marketed as performance cars ! So they need the noise to put the cherry on the cake πŸŽ‚ πŸ€
  15. @Womble72 Paul I think this was the most here a while back, not as many as yours.......though I could be wrong 😊 Big Rat