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  1. Just need to get this old cottage finished and on the market matey.....give you a shout for a natter.....nice road trip by the way 👍
  2. @doog442 @Womble72 Yes it is quieter without me around but as Paul knows and Sean @Comedian I’m still alive and kicking but when I want to make some noise I press the right pedal on my newish toy....hi to you all 😊
  3. @finchy40 As others have mentioned not around these parts anymore....... I have looked at the reg number and unfortunately I have nothing on this particular car.....but in the area you mentioned this was around there some years ago but according to DVLA number never issued ?
  4. This may interest some found it in my archive......... the elusive 🐀
  5. Morning Men Sorry for the lack of Rat Responses 🙄 Ive pm’d a few this morning who had some potential purchase questions.... Thankyou all for the kind words yes I’m mourning the lack of an ‘F’ in my life but hey ho see what the future may bring..... I’ve not left the Lexus fold..... this beast is my mobile armchair at the moment...... So all you naughty V8 petrol guzzling .....environment poisoning .....need to realise that this is the future.....I’ve always said this.....🤥🤥🤥......and it was only the likes of that @Flytvr who forced to buy these things🙈🙊🙉😂
  6. @Comedian Looks good in my opinion, wouldn’t work on a black one though 😔 🐀
  7. @Hadrian Know the Kinema well fantastic little place in my childhood town......55 years ago 😳 🐀
  8. Guys I don’t have either of these cars in my database, but have added them now, this picture may help some of what an isF exhaust looks like from ‘the inside’...... Big Rat
  9. @Lydiamight Thanx for the heads up Ray, I’ll make contact, sorry for the late reply. 🐀
  10. @ComedianWell I never liked those anti social V8 things there....😇 🐀
  11. @Flytvr No matey they fitted it to my car prior to selling it last week 🐀
  12. @Comedian Only joking no just want a set for winter tyres........ she looks like this and is staying that way.......☺️ 🐀
  13. @Comedian I’ve reached this stage with it I guess I may as well...... 🐀
  14. Posted in wanted section anyway thought I’d put here as well 😊 If anyone has a full set knocking about tyre condition immaterial. Big Rat 🐀
  15. As per title if anyone has a set of alloys for a Rx400h drop me a pm tyre condition is immaterial. Big Rat 🐀