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  1. If you check through my previous posts from a while back you’ll find the thread for this car that was sold on eBay…. 🐀
  2. @Martyn76 Hi Martin She was mine prior to the RcF bought her from Lexus Sheffield with 30k miles on the clock and kept her for nearly 2 years ........never a spot of’s some pics for you starting with the day I picked her up.....9th January 2016. If you need any more info pictures and so on don’t hesitate to pm me. Click on each pic for full resolution image 🙂 🐀
  3. @PhoeNicks Thanks for that Nick picked it up this after it’s everything they said it would be...... previous member on her traded his IsF for an M4 Coupe from them 3 years ago and he still has’s the day he picked up and it’s been 100% reliable. I have now connection with them but wouldn’t hesitate to travel / let them source a car, this is what Dave did with his M4. 🐀
  4. @PhoeNicks Couldnt agree more it’s all about’s the window to the past ownership IMO.....there will always be another... my new partner has always been a performance Audi Girl 😉 Been looking for a well cared for Audi S5 Convertible for her .....and she’s picking this up tomorrow from the only second hand dealer I’m prepared to buy from...... 🐀
  5. @PhoeNicks Sorry Nick didn’t see your Saturday post......changed your mind about the Edinburgh car ? See that’s it’s back on sale... 🐀
  6. @PhoeNicks Nick Congratulations on becoming a dad, and of course the RcF you won’t be disappointed with either event 😂
  7. @PhoeNicks I’m good Nick thanks hope you and yours are as well, yes life has moved on ..... divorced ......moved 3 times since we last spoke....must stop buying and renovating wrecked houses 😂 That car does look good must be worth a look.....but you know what that means......😍 An exhaust is a must from the get go 👍 I shall watch with interest to see if you go for the car ..... 🐀
  8. @PhoeNicks Certainly was their demonstrator she was back in 2018 when sold by Edinburgh......
  9. Love that..... cold start for me was simply start engine select drive immediately and move off ☺️
  10. @BillNick Just to set your appetite that was a ‘ hot’ start cold is somewhat.......older 😂 🐀
  11. I don’t do eBay myself if someone on here does maybe they can contact the seller for more information... the car the wheel is leaning against is obviously an RcF .....who knows worth a try..... 🐀
  12. @Bluethunder Hi Nean I am thanx matey hope you and yours are good as well, thought it maybe be useful from all the pictures shouldn’t be difficult for an engineering company to knock up, I guess the space saver it’s attached to is from an IsF, it has a parts label number attached to it but I haven’t checked. Someone more knowledgeable than me on here should be able to verify @ColinBarber perhaps. Take care 🐀
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