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  1. not bought anything as yet luckily they gave me a nx for few days, just suprises me they bought it off me way under value and instead of sending for further investigation there going to send it off to auction, the pic of it on aa truck is when the gear box alsodecided to lock up at the dealership and it took them bout an hour to get it off..... and they wondered why i had issues about its safety, something doesnt add up to me CA57A1FF-F92E-4495-A96A-B8963919231D.MOV 8FE588EC-9C9E-4A77-B6BA-C2E68C690635.MOV
  2. hi untill today i owned a 2013 is300h, 75k on clock full lexus history, i had owned it for 18 months. last christmas my parking sensors failed which got repaired under extended lexus warranty, but for the past 5 months my audio system kept braking 4 times it had new amps and few speakers, also my hybrid battery keeps fully charging, lexus insisted there was no fault, then 2 weeks ago my audio went again, followed by crackling noises in the dash and a bit of smoke near the pedals, followed by a warning saying hybrid system has stopped, engine cut out steering lock came on, luckily i wasnt going fast. lexus fixed the stereo but said could not find any error messages, they sent the car back without my will and as it arrived the electric windows and central locking went crazy. i was left with 2 options a sell for a lower than retail price back to lexus or drive it till it locks up again so had no choice but to sell. has anyone else had these issues
  3. my is300h failed on me the other week whilst driving whole car cut out lexus couldnt find the fault i was unwilling to drive car again have ended up having to sell it back to lexus way under market value